3D Kanojo

Ch.047.5 Extra

Ch.001 The manner in which I met you Ch.002 The Kiss Ch.003 My Chastity Is Being Changed Ch.004 The Case of the Witch and Me Ch.005 The Case of the Search for the Lost Me Ch.006 The Case of My Hypothesis of Reality Ch.007 The Case of My Disappearing Flag Ch.008 The Case of My Dark Period Ch.009 The Case of My Male Friend and I Ch.010 The Case of My Summer Memories Ch.011 The Case of My Apology(Fixed) Ch.011.5 Special Spring Fever Ch.012 The Case of Two Girls and I Ch.013 The Case of A Misunderstanding And I Ch.014 The Case of Camping And I Ch.015 The Case of Relationship Being Too Complex For Me Ch.016 The Case of Ships Passing in the Night Ch.017 The Case of My Receiving a Confession Ch.018 The Case of the Greatest Strategy in History and I Ch.019 The Case of My Happiness Ch.020 About Me and the Mysterious Ikemen Ch.021 About the Case of My Love Form Ch.022 The Case of Me Worrying About My Best Friend's Love Life Ch.023 Ch.023.5 About the Case of Ishino-san's Date Ch.024 The Case of the Ending Love of My Best Friend Ch.025 About the case of the troubles related to the cultural festival Ch.026 About the case of the essential role at the cultural festival Ch.027 Ch.028 The case foreshadowing my family's future Ch.029 The case of resolving my family's crisis Ch.030 The case of the similar situation between me and my father Ch.031 The case of mom and dad's untold love story Ch.032 The case of the obstacles on my best friend's path to love Ch.033 The case of my friend Ishino-san and her rush with love Ch.034 The case of Ayado-san's new Love Concern Ch.035 The case of my friend's concern that he couldn't tell me Ch.036 The case of my concern about her invitation Ch.037 The case of The Careful Preparation for Our Trip Ch.038 The case of my promise with her brother Ch.039 The case of the Hidden Emotions in me that I'm about to face Ch.040 The case of The Goal I'm aiming at in the future Ch.041 Ch.042 The case of my thoughts about life's mysteries Ch.043 Ch.044 The case of me and my promise with her Ch.045 The case of my Unforgotten Past that I wanted to share with you guys Ch.046 The case of an Adult who's still crying in his age, me Ch.047 The case of me, my friends and a happy future up ahead [End] Ch.047.5 Extra
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