A "Dimwitted" Monk fell from Heaven

Ch.031 I'm going to gobble you up!

Ch.001 There's a monk in my bathroom?! Ch.002 Idiot monk hide yourself! Ch.003 What is this thing? Ch.004 I didn't think the landlady also had a pious heart Ch.005 Why are you washing your clothes in the middle of the night! Ch.006 Are you pregnant, monk? Ch.007 Repay me with your body, ok? Ch.008 This isn't how I expected things to play out?! Ch.009 Yan landlady is REALLY angry! Ch.010 Yan landlady there's nothing in your future... Ch.011 Love rival appears Ch.012 Monk receives animosity Ch.013 What would you do without me? Ch.014 What is up with you today monk? Ch.015 Likes me? There's no way Ch.016 Yan landlady never fear, the monk is here! Ch.017 It never rains but pours Ch.018 The legendary "hand dryer"?! Ch.019 For Landlady's sake, I can occasionally make exceptions too Ch.020 Why doesn't the monk like it? Ch.021 Ch.022 Ch.023 Ch.024 Monk is leaving? Ch.025 Qiqi, you're being raised by monk! Ch.026 Cousin, this is your boyfriend? Ch.028 I am Yan landlady's...man Ch.029 Monk is... actually leaving!? Ch.030 I'm sorry, I am leaving...... Ch.031 I'm going to gobble you up! Ch.032 I-I will sleep monk! Ch.033 I-I will sleep monk! Ch.034 Little pig, do you know something? Ch.035 In the end he came looking for us after all Ch.036 Another one!? Ch.037 Good thing you didn't leave... Ch.038  Does monk really not know or is he faking it? Ch.039 Ch.040 I think I've fallen for Monk... Ch.041 A melodramatic plan Ch.042 Begin operation Ch.043 Wait a minute, this wasn't in the script Ch.044 Monk is fighting!? Ch.045 Confession Ch.046 Thump Ch.047 Parting Ch.048 Longing Ch.049 The two that are separated Ch.050 Turmoil Ch.051 Heartless monk Ch.052 Who cares about some Buddhistic rules Ch.053 Collapse Ch.054 Monk's choice Ch.055 To stay or go Ch.056 I've finally met him Ch.057 Farewell Ch.058 As long as I have you, it's enough Ch.059 Dimwit don't go
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