AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei

Ch.120 Break the Rule

Ch.001 Special Edition Ch.002 The Sparkling Star Is... Ch.003 100x100 Ch.004 The Divine Drink Ch.005 The Hydrangea's Color Is... Ch.006 The Sun Ch.007 Gari Gari-kun Ch.008 My Sun Ch.009 Typhoon Ch.010 To Be A Man Ch.011 Love and Dreams Ch.012 A Reasonable Price Ch.013 Team K Ch.014 Salad Dressing Ch.015 Kenkyuusei Spirit Ch.016 Under & Under Ch.017 Teamwork Ch.018 Heart Racing Ch.019 Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl? Ch.020 Ghosts Ch.021 10 Seconds Ch.022 Minori Fan Ch.023 That's a Fan! Ch.024 Light and Shadow Ch.025 Impossible Ch.026 Trouble Ch.027 Takamina Ch.028 A Sense of Unity Ch.029 The Night Before the Battle Ch.030 Showtime Ch.031 Start Ch.032 Trust Ch.033 Sudden Call Ch.034 Minoru/Minori Ch.035 Butterfly in a Chrysalis Ch.036 Star Ch.037 The Value Is... Ch.038 Date!? Ch.039 Regular Member Ch.040 Future of AKB Ch.041 Refusal to Transfer Ch.042 True Path of an Idol Ch.043 Are You AKB? Ch.044 Dreams and Talents Ch.045 Resolutions and Beliefs Ch.046 And so the Maiden... Ch.046.5 Ch.047 Ch.048 Senbatsu Election Ch.049 Bedless Idol Ch.050 Chance Ch.050.5 OFFSHOT - Mariko from the stomach Ch.051 Compensation Ch.052 The Feeling of Saying Goodbye Ch.053 Countdown Ch.054 An Idol's Part Ch.055 A-Tan Ch.056 Toilet God Ch.057 The Unreasonable Job Ch.058 Prince of Passion Ch.058.5 EXTRA CHAPTER - SKE48 - A Miracle 15 year old Ch.059 Composer Ch.060 Miku Ch.061 Ban Revoked Ch.062 Okabe Ai Ch.063 Wagon Sale Guy Ch.064 Decline Ch.065 The Loving AKB Ch.066 I Want to Know about Kisses Ch.067 1600 Yen Ch.068 Promotion Ch.069 Where It All Began Ch.070 The 4 Million Woman Ch.071 How to Make a Monster Ch.072 40 Ch.073 The Start of the Party Ch.074 Stolen Stage Ch.075 Senpai's Orders Ch.076 A Battle We Can't Afford to Lose Ch.077 The Entertainment World's Setup Ch.078 A Girl's Grudge is the Strongest Weapon Ch.079 The Strongest Enemy Ch.080 Reading Girl Ch.081 January 10th Ch.082 January 11th Ch.083 Showtime Ch.084 Uta-Sute Ch.085 DEAD Ch.086 Invitation Ch.087 The Day Before The Battle Ch.088 On The Stage Ch.089 Sunrise Ch.090 2nd Song Ch.091 3rd Song (1) Ch.092 3rd Song (2) Ch.093 Encore [1] Ch.094 Encore [2] Ch.095 For Someone Ch.096 Nobuko Ch.097 Gekokujyou Ch.098 Return Wave Ch.099 The Calm Before the Storm Ch.100 AKB48 Ch.101 The Two Pillars Ch.102 Maeda Atsuko's AKB Ch.103 Clumsy Ch.104 General Election Surprise Ch.105 The Seed of the Center Ch.106 The Burden She Carries Ch.107 The Shooting Star of Opportunity Ch.108 It Will Definitely Come Ch.109 Choice Ch.110 Surprise Ch.111 Decision Path Ch.112 Sprout Ch.113 First Contact Ch.114 Arisu Ria Ch.115 Piggy Back Ride and a Bear Hug Ch.116 Looking For Sympathy Ch.117 Sakae Nagoya Ch.118 Big Mouse Ch.119 SKE's Dream Ch.120 Break the Rule Ch.121 Baptism Ch.122 Wasted Effort Ch.123 Park Debut Ch.124 Slump Ch.125 Whip of Love Ch.126 The Color of One's Hair Ch.127 Wiz Nerd Ch.128 Rebellion at Nagoya Castle Ch.129 Breath Ch.130 Hundredth Time's the Charm Ch.131 Center Hiroko Ch.132 Bars After The Darkness Ch.133 Alice's Gamble Ch.134 SKE's Heart Ch.135 Seeing Stars Ch.136 Seeing Stars Ch.137 A Strong Person Ch.138 1000=1 Ch.139 No Worries (Version 2) Ch.140 Kami-sama (Version 2) Ch.141 Human Ch.142 Together Ch.143 Number 8 Ch.144 Regular Program Ch.145 1% = 1 Million Ch.146 Dead Air Improvisation Ch.147 The Country of Namba’s Death Game Ch.148 Please Slider Ch.149 Boxer Shorts, a Man and a Woman Ch.150 A Man's Woman and a Woman's Man Ch.151 A Perfect 8 Out of 8 Ch.152 Against Idolism Ch.153 Order of an Inch Ch.154 The Lost Kitten's Road of Love Ch.155 The Smiling Face's Sunday Punch Ch.156 The District of Namba’s Number 8s Ch.157 Viewers' Marionette Ch.158 Steak Incident Ch.159 Dawn's Reply Ch.160 Home Ch.161 Don't Call It Like the Moon Ch.162 Taken Care of by the Fake Ch.163 Am I an Idol? Ch.164 Chabu Chabu (Bathtime) Ch.165 What Those Days Gave Us Ch.166 Please, To This Chair Ch.167 The Way to Use Two Hands Ch.168 Repaying the Favor Ch.169 A Magical Wind Blows Through That Door Ch.170 Chance of Darkness Ch.171 A Wish Made to the Stars Ch.172 Zetsu Metsu Kurokami Shoujo (Nearly Extinct Black-Haired Girls) Ch.173 Nagiichi Ch.174 Stage Curtain Ch.175 The Goddess of Victory Doesn’t Smile Ch.176 NMB49 Ch.177 Magnitude 8 Ch.178 Ain't No Way Your Dreams Will be Fulfilled Ch.179 The Final Catharsis Ch.180 Loved by the God of Idols Ch.181 Party ga Hajimaru yo (The Party is Starting) Ch.182 Start End Ch.183 Group Encounter #6 Ch.184 Idol of Misfortune Ch.185 Daughter of Hakata Ch.186 Secret Ch.187 Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara (Because I Love You) Ch.188 Its Floriography is ‘Full of Lies’ Ch.189 HKT48 Ch.190 Heart Gata Virus (Heart-Shaped Virus) Ch.191 Skirt, Hirari Ch.192 A Prompt Report Ch.193 The B-4 Sized Murder Weapon Ch.194 Houshun Cannon Ch.195 I Love You Ch.196 "Partying" Disease Ch.197 Tears and Smiles Ch.198 Namida Surprise Ch.199 10Nen Zakura Ch.200 Renai Kinshi Jourei Ch.201 Starting Bell Ch.202 A Blank Love Letter Ch.203 Cinderella and her Sparkly Coat Ch.204 Cinderella Boy Ch.205 One Step Ch.206 Just Smile!!! Ch.207 Knights with High Heels Ch.208 Idol Coliseum Ch.209 Breathtaking Moment Ch.210 I Will Always Be Here Ch.211 Future Ch.212 Just Believe Ch.213 You, the Rainbow, and the Sun Ch.214 Burnt Out Syndrome Ch.215 Graduation Trip Ch.216 1% Ch.217 Kayak Panic Ch.218 A Lifetime Supply of Idol Power Ch.219 Minori News Ch.220 Hydrangea Blossom Ch.221 Crushing the True God Ch.222 Center on the Sky Ch.223 Turtle & Rabbit Ch.224 Innocence Ch.225 Royal Straight Flush Ch.226 Yoshinaga's Dog Ch.227 World Debut Ch.228 Celebrity in Las Vegas Ch.229 Yoshinaga Worries Ch.230 Same Mind Ch.231 Ch.232 Ch.233 Ch.234 Ch.235 Ch.236 Ch.237 My Secret Ch.238 Ch.239 Ch.240 Guinea Pig Trap Ch.241 Ch.242 Ch.243 Ch.244 Ch.245 The Wind is Blowing Ch.246 We Won't Fight Ch.247 Graduation Ceremony of Unrequited Love Ch.248 Ch.249 Ch.250 Ch.251 Vapor Trail Ch.252 The Stained Truth Ch.253 Ch.254 Ch.255 Ch.256 Ch.257 RIVER Ch.258 Opening Day Ch.259 Ch.260 Ch.261 Ch.262
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