Ch.277 Flesh Cannon

Ch.001 The Black Swordsman(Dark Horse Version) Ch.002 The Brand(Dark Horse Version) Ch.003 The Guardians of Desire (1)(Dark Horse Version) Ch.004 The Guardians of Desire (2)(Dark Horse Version) Ch.005 The Guardians of Desire (3)(Dark Horse Version) Ch.006 The Guardians of Desire (4)(Dark Horse Version) Ch.007 The Guardians of Desire (5)(Dark Horse Version) Ch.008 The Guardians of Desire (6)(Dark Horse Version) Ch.009 The Golden Age (1)(Dark Horse Version) Ch.010 The Golden Age (2)(Dark Horse Version) Ch.011 The Golden Age (3) Ch.012 The Golden Age (4) Ch.013 The Golden Age (5) Ch.014 The Golden Age (6) Ch.015 The Golden Age (7) Ch.016 The Golden Age (8) Ch.017 Sword Wind Ch.018 Nosferatu Zodd (1) Ch.019 Nosferatu Zodd (2) Ch.020 Nosferatu Zodd (3) Ch.021 Nosferatu Zodd (4) Ch.022 Master of the Sword (1) Ch.023 Master of the Sword (2) Ch.024 Assassin (1) Ch.025 Assassin (2) Ch.026 Assassin (3) Ch.027 Assassin (4) Ch.028 Precious Thing Ch.029 Departure for the Front Ch.030 Engagement Ch.031 Casca (1) Ch.032 Casca (2) Ch.033 Casca (3) Ch.034 Prepared For Death (1) Ch.035 Prepared For Death (2) Ch.036 Prepared For Death (3) Ch.037 Survival Ch.038 Campfire of Dreams Ch.039 The Battle For Doldrey (1) Ch.040 The Battle For Doldrey (2) (Fixed) Ch.041 The Battle For Doldrey (3) Ch.042 The Battle For Doldrey (4) Ch.043 The Battle For Doldrey (5) Ch.044 The Battle For Doldrey (6) Ch.045 Triumphant Return Ch.046 Moment of Glory (Fixed) Ch.047 Tombstone of Flame (1) Ch.048 Tombstone of Flame (2) Ch.049 One Snowy Night Ch.050 The Morning Departure (1) Ch.051 The Morning Departure (2) Ch.052 The Morning Departure (3) Ch.053 Knight of Skeleton (Fixed) Ch.054 Start of the Everlasting Night Ch.055 The Fallen Hawk Ch.056 Demise of a Dream Ch.057 Arms Tournament Ch.058 The Fugitives Ch.059 The Fighter Ch.060 Comrades In Arms Ch.061 Confession Ch.062 Wounds (1) Ch.063 Wounds (2) Ch.064 Sparks From A Sword Tip Ch.065 Infiltrating Windham (1) Ch.066 Infiltrating Windham (2) Ch.067 Festival's Eve (1) Ch.068 Festival's Eve (2) Ch.069 Thousand-Year Fiefdom Ch.070 Reunion in the Abyss Ch.071 A Way Through Ch.072 Bakiraka (1) Ch.073 Bakiraka (2) Ch.074 Flower of the Stone Castle Ch.075 Devil Dogs (1) Ch.076 Devil Dogs (2) Ch.077 Devil Dogs (3) Ch.078 Devil Dogs (4) Ch.079 Roar of the Wild Beast Ch.080 Forest of Tragedy Ch.081 Mortal Combat (1) Ch.082 Mortal Combat (2) Ch.083 Armour To The Heart Ch.084 The Flying One Ch.085 The Immortal Once Again Ch.086 Requiem of the Wind Ch.087 The Warriors of Twilight Ch.088 Back Alley Boy Ch.089 Eclipse Ch.090 The Promised Time Ch.091 Advent Ch.092 fixed Ch.093 The Castle Ch.094 Parting Ch.095 The Feast Ch.096 Storm of Death (1) Ch.097 Storm of Death (2) Ch.098 God of the Abyss Ch.099 Lifeblood Ch.100 Quickening Ch.101 Birth Ch.102 Afterglow of the Right Eye Ch.103 Escape (LQ Version) Ch.104 Awakening to a Nightmare Ch.105 The Sprint Ch.106 Vow of Retaliation Ch.107 Demon Infant Ch.108 Armament Ch.109 He Who Hunts Dragons Ch.110 The Black Swordsman, Once More Ch.111 RetributionLost Children-Elves from the Misty Valley Ch.112 RetributionLost Children-Jill Ch.113 RetributionLost Children Flying In Ch.114 RetributionLost Children Pretty Insects Ch.115 RetributionLost Children Queen Ch.116 RetributionLost Children Will O' the Wisp Ch.117 RetributionLost Children Pirkaf the Red-eyed Ch.118 RetributionLost Children Childhood Memories Ch.119 RetributionLost Children The Land of Wings Ch.120 RetributionLost Children Guardians (1) Ch.121 RetributionLost Children Guardians (2) Ch.122 RetributionLost Children Pursuers Ch.123 RetributionLost Children Misty Valley (1) Ch.124 RetributionLost Children Misty Valley (2) Ch.125 RetributionLost Children Cocoons Ch.126 RetributionLost Children Monster Ch.127 RetributionLost Children Evil in the Air Ch.128 Fresh Blood in the Evening Sky- The End Ch.129 RetributionLost Children Devil and Man in Close Quarters Ch.130 RetributionLost Children Firefly Ch.131 RetributionLost Children The Road Home Ch.132 RetributionLost Children Elf in the Blue Sky Ch.133 RetributionLost Children Beast of Darkness Ch.134 RetributionBound in Irons Knights of the Holy Iron Chain 1 Ch.135 RetributionBound in Irons Knights of the Holy Iron Chain 2 Ch.136 RetributionBound in Irons Hollow Icon Ch.137 RetributionBound in Irons Blind Woman Ch.138 RetributionBound in Irons Miracles of the Evening Ch.139 RetributionBound in Irons Coming and Going Ch.140 RetributionBound in Irons Morning Truth Ch.141 Retribution the Birth Rite Revelation(1) Ch.142 Retribution the Birth Rite Revelation(2) Ch.143 Retribution the Birth Rite Revelation(3) Ch.144 Retribution the Birth Rite Crack in A Sword Ch.145 Retribution the Birth Rite Weak Fire Ch.146 Retribution the Birth Rite Holy Ground(1) Ch.147 Retribution the Birth Rite Holy Ground(2) Ch.148 Retribution the Birth Rite Kushan(1) Ch.149 Retribution the Birth Rite Kushan(2) Ch.150 Retribution the Birth Rite Tower of the Shadow(1) Ch.151 Retribution the Birth Rite Tower of the Shadow(2) Ch.152 Retribution the Birth Rite Children of the Shadow Ch.153 Retribution the Birth Rite Fanatic Ch.154 Retribution the Birth Rite The Inner Sanctum Ch.155 Retribution the Birth Rite Witch Ch.156 Retribution the Birth Rite Evil Road (1)(fixed) Ch.157 Retribution the Birth Rite Evil Road (2)(fixed) Ch.158 Retribution the Birth Rite Pillar of Flame Ch.159 RetributionThe Birth RiteBlack Swordsman on Holy Ground(fixed) Ch.160 RetributionThe Birth Rite Stray(fixed) Ch.161 RetributionThe Birth Rite Ambitious Boy(fixed) Ch.162 Retribution the Birth Rite Evil Cave(fixed) Ch.163 Retribution the Birth Rite Meeting Again(fixed) Ch.164 Retribution the Birth Rite Ambush(fixed) Ch.165 Retribution the Birth Rite Cliff(fixed) Ch.166 Retribution the Birth Rite Captive(fixed) Ch.167 Retribution the Birth Rite Iron Maiden(fixed) Ch.168 Retribution the Birth Rite Blood of the Dead (1)(fixed) Ch.169 Retribution the Birth Rite Blood of the Dead (2)(fixed) Ch.170 Retribution the Birth Rite Spider's Thread(fixed) Ch.171 Retribution the Birth Rite In the Sky,On the Ground(fixed) Ch.172 Retribution the Birth Rite Hell's Angels(fixed) Ch.173 Retribution the Birth Rite Forgotten Man Underground(fixed) Ch.174 Retribution the Birth Rite The Threatened(fixed) Ch.175 Retribution the Birth Rite A Sign(fixed) Ch.176 Retribution the Birth Rite Martyr(fixed) Ch.177 Retribution the Birth Rite Collapse(fixed) Ch.178 Retribution the Birth Rite Shadow of An Idea (1)(fixed) Ch.179 Retribution the Birth Rite Shadow of An Idea (2)(fixed) Ch.180 Retribution the Birth Rite Shadow of An Idea (3)(fixed) Ch.181 Retribution the Birth Rite Chougyo(fixed) Ch.182 Retribution the Birth Rite Ghostly Priest (1) Ch.183 Retribution the Birth Rite Ghostly Priest (2) Ch.184 Retribution the Birth Rite One Who Depends and One Who Struggles Ch.185 Retribution the Birth Rite Tsunami of Darkness (1) Ch.186 Retribution the Birth Rite Tsunami of Darkness (2) Ch.187 Retribution the Birth Rite Resonance Ch.188 Retribution the Birth Rite Descending from Heaven Ch.189 Retribution the Birth Rite Dawn Ch.190 Retribution the Birth Rite Arrival Ch.191 Retribution the Birth Rite Determination and Departure (Fixed) Ch.192 Millennium Falcon Crusaders the Tattered World Ch.193 Reunion on the Hill of Swords Ch.194 The Beast Swordsman VS The Black Swordsman Ch.195 Immutable Ch.196 Preface to the War Ch.197 Kusharn Assault Ch.198 Wind of Time 1 Ch.199 Wind of Time 2 Ch.200 Snow and Fire (Prologue) Ch.201 Snow and Fire (Conclusion) Ch.202 Winter Journey 1 Ch.203 Winter Journey 2 Ch.204 Scattered Time Ch.205 Fangs of Ego Ch.206 Wilderness Reunion Ch.207 Evil Battle Ch.208 The Banner of the Flying Sword Ch.209 Wings of Light and Darkness Ch.210 The Night of Falling Stars Ch.211 Like A Child Ch.212 Trolls Ch.213 The Witch Ch.214 Mansion of the Spirit Tree, Part 1 Ch.215 Mansion of the Spirit Tree, Part 2 Ch.216 The Astral World Ch.217 Magic Stone Ch.218 Elementals Ch.219 Enoch Village Ch.220 Ambition and Reflection Ch.221 Troll Raid Ch.222 Magic Sword Ch.223 Mirror of Sin Ch.224 Magic Ch.225 The Arcana of Invocation Ch.226 Evil Horde, Part 1 Ch.227 Evil Horde, Part 2 Ch.228 Raging Torrent Ch.229 Shaman Ch.230 Qliphoth Ch.231 Taint Ch.232 Retribution Ch.233 Redemption Ch.234 Vicinity of the Netherworld Ch.235 Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea Ch.236 Companions Ch.237 Claw Marks Ch.238 The Blaze, Part 1 Ch.239 The Blaze, Part 2 Ch.240 The Berserker Armor, Part 1 Ch.241 The Berserker Armor, Part 2 Ch.242 Fire Dragon Ch.243 The Depths of Hellfire Ch.244 Departure of Flame Ch.245 Demon City Ch.246 Dread Emperor Ch.247 The Daka Ch.248 Demon Knights Ch.249 Demon God Ch.250 The Sleeping Princess Awakens Ch.251 The Sound of the Sea Ch.252 Proclaimed Omens Ch.253 The Boy in the Moonlight Ch.254 Familiars Ch.255 Supernatural Fog Ch.256 Sea Beast Ch.257 The Roar of the Sea Ch.258 Superhuman (Jnanin) Ch.259 Navy Yard Ch.260 City of Humans Ch.261 The Kite and the Owl of the Wharf Ch.262 Bloodshed Ch.263 Warrior Ch.264 A Meager Supper Ch.265 Homing Ch.266 Vandimion Ch.267 In the Garden Ch.268 The White Lily of the Field Ch.269 Mother Ch.270 The Ball Ch.271 The Colonnade Chamber Ch.271.1 Duel Ch.271.2 Suzerain of the Religious Domain Ch.271.3 Enchanted Tiger Ch.271.4 Intrusion Ch.271.5 The Rusted Birdcage Ch.271.6 A Proclamation of War Ch.271.7 Demon Beast Invasion Ch.271.8 Divine Revelation Ch.271.9 City of Demon Beasts, Part 1 Ch.272.1 City of Demon Beasts, Part 2 Ch.272.2 Scorching Bay Ch.272.3 Blaze Rod Ch.272.4 Sword Beast Ch.272.5 Paramarishia Senani Ch.272.6 Eastern Magic Ch.272.7 The Coiler Ch.273 Explosive Flame Ch.274 Thunder Emperor Ch.275 Invasion of the Demonic Forces Ch.276 Cloud Cluster Ch.277 Flesh Cannon Ch.278 Setting Sail Ch.279 The Great Invasion (1) Ch.280 The Great Invasion (2) Ch.281 Incoming Flight Ch.282 Bursting Battlefield Ch.283 Fierce Gale Ch.284 Midland Regular Army Ch.285 Hero Ch.286 On Board Ch.287 Bubbles Ch.288 Sea Battle (1) Ch.289 Sea Battle (2) Ch.290 Howl from the Darkness Ch.291 Foretelling Dreams Ch.292 Mist of Death Ch.293 Quiet Darkness Ch.294 Exodus Ch.295 Ungod Ch.296 Roaring Heaven Ch.297 The Blindness of the Great God Ch.298 Demonic Release Ch.299 Battlefield of the Inhuman Ch.300 The Maiden of the Hawk Ch.301 Confusion Ch.302 Soar Ch.303 Backlight Ch.304 Fissure Ch.305 Foundation Ch.306 Fantasia Ch.307 Falconia Ch.308 Phantom Shirep (1) Ch.309 Phantom Shirep (2) Ch.310 Phantom Shirep (3) Ch.311 Solitary Island Ch.312 The Girl in the Howling Shoals Ch.313 Beings of the Wicked Ocean Ch.314 Human Tentacles Ch.315 Tentacle Ship Ch.316 Full Moon (1) Ch.317 Full Moon (2) Ch.318 Bestial Warrior Ch.319 The Sea God (1) Ch.320 The Sea God (2) Ch.321 The Sea God (3) Ch.322 The Heart Ch.323 Call of the Deep Ch.324 Merrow (1) Ch.325 Merrow (2) Ch.326 Sirens Ch.327 Surfacing Ch.328 The Spring Blossoms of Another Day 1 Ch.329 The Spring Blossoms of Another Day 2 Ch.330 The Spring Blossoms of Another Day 3 Ch.331 Shooting Star Ch.332 Caravan Ch.333 Paradise Ch.334 City of Men Ch.335 Divine Right Ch.336 Pandaemonium Ch.337 Bridge of Parting Ch.338 Death Visits at Dusk Ch.339 Moonlit Capital Ch.340 Struggle in the Dark Ch.341 Soaring Flight Ch.342 Elf Island and Onwards! Ch.343 Blazing Puppet Ch.344 The Witches' Village (Evil Genius Ver.) Ch.345 Archmage Ch.346 Elfhelm Ch.347 Flowerstorm King Ch.348 Ch.349 Ch.350 Memory Fragments Ch.351 Forest of Corpses and Needling Pines Ch.352 Ch.353 Ch.354 Ch.355 Ch.356 Ch.356.5 Jötunn (Part Two) Ch.357 Triumphant Return by Dawn Ch.358 Ch.359 Ch.360 Cherry Tree Garden Ch.361 Ch.362
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