Big Order

Ch.054 Epilogue All The Best, Everyone

Ch.001 World x Me Ch.002 Domination and Submission Ch.003 The Source of the Wish Ch.004 Showing the Karma of the World Ch.005 Drama at the Outpost Ch.006 The God of Stone and The Shrine Maiden Ch.007 The Yamaguchi Invasion Plan Ch.008 The One this Fist is Fighting For Ch.009 Guilty Ch.010 Being Protected is the Body, Being Attacked is the Principle Ch.011 The Awakening of Sena Ch.012 Mortal combat on Hiroshima Ch.013 Operation Rescue Ch.014 Attack of a Natural Enemy / Joker Ch.015 The King Controller Ch.016 I'll Call You Eiji, So ...! Ch.017 And I'm Getting Even Closer to You, So... Ch.018 Add On Ch.019 The Hoshimiya Agency Ch.020 Light vs. Ogre Ch.021 The Victors Ch.022 The conditions of a bastard Ch.023 Operation Pentagram - In progress Ch.024 A Pentagram Stands Upside Down Ch.025 Sena Vs. Gennai Ch.026 Giving Up Is Not An Option! Ch.027 The Night Before The Deciding Battle Ch.028 Ascending Memories Ch.029 Sena's U-turn Ch.030 Deception Ch.031 The Truth Ch.032 Together Forever Ch.033 On Shaky Ground Ch.034 Apology Ch.035 A Mess Of Emotions Ch.035.5 Miss Iyo's Concern Ch.036 Missing Ch.037 Love is... Ch.038 Dice and Corrupt Touchstone Ch.039 The Entangled Ones Ch.040 Fuji Pursuit Battle 1 Ch.041 Fuji Pursuit Battle 2 Ch.042 Siblings Showdown Ch.043 Row of the Dead Ch.044 Sleeping Holy Ground Ch.045 The World and Myself Ch.046 1st Hoshimiya Research Facility Pursuit Battle Ch.047 1st Hoshimiya Research Facility Intercept Battle Ch.048 The Day of Ruin Ch.049 Ch.050 At the Heart of Lies and Atonement Ch.051 Dominator Zero Ch.052 Wish Ch.053 Hero Ch.054 Epilogue All The Best, Everyone
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