Boku wa Mari no Naka

Ch.030 I Look At Mari

Ch.001 Ch.002 Ch.003 And then, to school Ch.004 A Female High School Student's Sanctuary Ch.005 Searching for Mari Ch.006 Who Are You!? Ch.007 The Real Mari Ch.008 Prove 'Who I Am' Ch.009 A Promise with Yori Ch.010 A Time of An Agonizing Torment Ch.011 Home Tour Ch.012 Ch.013 A Family's Table Ch.014 Yori's Monolgue Ch.015 Somehow Positive Ch.016 'I' Burst Open Ch.017 The Price of Pleasure Ch.018 A Time of Conflict Ch.019 Mari's Daily Life Ch.020 'The Eye' Speaks Ch.021 Expulsion from Her Peer Group (Version 2) Ch.022 Stuffy Air Ch.023 Coming Out Ch.024 I'm Isao Komori Ch.025 Mari's Message Ch.026 I Face Myself Ch.027 Mari In that Instant Ch.028 Enjoying Ourselves Ch.029 Dinner At the Yoshizaki House II Ch.030 I Look At Mari Ch.031 Mari Is Searching For Me Ch.032 What I've Been Searching For Ch.033 I'm Mari Ch.034 High School Sanctuary II Ch.035 Best Friends? Ch.036 We Are Friends Ch.037 I'm Inside Yori's Room Ch.038 The Undeniable One Ch.039 I Look At Myself Ch.040 My Life Ch.041 Even When Dawn Breaks Ch.042 Read Online Ch.043 It's All True Ch.044 First Confession Ch.045 Who the Hell Am I? Ch.046 Yori Has It Rough Ch.047 Stay Out of This! Ch.048 "This is Mari..." Part Two Ch.049 Everyone is Thinking About Mari Ch.050 Use of Force Ch.051 Flashback Ch.052 Fumiko Ch.053 Thinking of Yori Ch.054 What Was Bottled Up Ch.055 The Moment Someone Falls In Love Ch.056 The Sky At Sunset Ch.057 Premonition Ch.058 Ferris Wheel Ch.059 Cute! Ch.060 Who...Are You? Ch.061 I'm Going to Disappear Ch.062 Facing Reality Ch.063 Let's Stop Doing This Ch.064 Be Honest Ch.065 Who Is Fumiko? Ch.066 Cute Name Ch.067 Ch.068 Don't Disappear Again Ch.069 This Way Forever Ch.070 Kakiguchi-San Ch.071 Disappear Ch.072 What Are You Going To Do? Ch.073 Changing Seasons Ch.074 Making a Move Ch.075 My Memory Ch.076 Komori's Journal Ch.077 Ch.078 Let's Go Ch.079 We Are Together Ch.080 I'm Inside Mari
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Boku wa Mari no Naka contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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