Generation's Queen Ling

Ch.073 2-27 A Battle between Wives

Ch.001 The Lowly Slave is Promoted to Imperial Consort?! Ch.002 The First Night of Service (First Wedding Night) Ch.003 Ch.004 Ch.005 Ch.006 Murderous Intent Ch.007 Cherished Ch.008 The Tears of a white-haired Man Ch.009 Breaking the Deadlock Ch.010 Treading on thin Ice Ch.011 I shall not give in Ch.012 Ch.013 Ch.014 Ch.015 Ch.016 Ch.017 Ch.018 Ch.019 Ch.020 Ch.021 Ch.022 Ch.023 Ch.024 Raid Ch.025 Ch.026 The Gift Ch.027 A Gift to break one's Heart Ch.028 The Law of Club and Fang Ch.029 Helplessness Ch.030 Set alight Ch.031 Officially promoted to the Rank of Consort Ch.032 Ascend and Fall Ch.033 The Reality of Genocide Ch.034 The elusive Gleam of a Sword Ch.035 Consort Huan's Defeat Ch.036 Genocidal Enemy Ch.037 Your Lies Ch.038 The Dame of the Sun Ch.039 Abdication Ch.040 A perfect Curtain Call Ch.041 Reappearance Ch.041.5 Saving a little Girl Ch.042 Kingslayer Ch.043 A Monarch losing the Battle Ch.044 Betraying an Alliance Ch.045 The Struggle for imperial Power Ch.046 2-0 Prologue. Searing Snow to unify the Souls Ch.047 2-1 Advent of the Snow King Ch.048 2-2 Let Me take You back Home Ch.049 2-3 Secrets of the Bedchamber Ch.050 2-4 The Snow King's Confession Ch.051 2-5 Childhood Sweetheart Ch.052 2-6 Honey-covered Fangs Ch.053 2-7 The Power of Evil Ch.054 2-8 Inborn Despicability Ch.055 2-9 We suffer from a Heart Disease Ch.056 2-10 Hungry Children Ch.057 2-11 The Human World (Part I) Ch.058 2-12 The Human World (Part II) Ch.059 2-13 A Girl's Flight Ch.060 2-14 A Battlefield for Women Ch.061 2-15 Vicious Dog Ch.062 2-16 Nobodies Ch.063 2-17 In the Name of Profit Ch.064 2-18 Fighting Side by Side Ch.065 2-19 A Beauty Capable of Collapsing Nations Ch.066 Ch.067 Ch.068 Ch.069 Ch.070 Ch.071 Ch.072 2-26 In the Name of the Empress Ch.073 2-27 A Battle between Wives Ch.074 Ch.075 Ch.076
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