Hakase no Kimagure Homunculus

Vol.01 Ch.022 Kids Have It Rough

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Name Is Ryuuchin Vol.01 Ch.002 My Sweet Honey Vol.01 Ch.003 Colour Correction Vol.01 Ch.004 Roboko's Invasion! Vol.01 Ch.005 Infinite Hunger Vol.01 Ch.006 Homunculus ?2? Vol.01 Ch.007 A Doting Parent's Rebellion Vol.01 Ch.008 Roboko's Counterattack Vol.01 Ch.009 Having a Break With Coffee Vol.01 Ch.010 The Homunculus Have Arrived! Vol.01 Ch.011 Of course, She has also arrived here too! Vol.01 Ch.011.5 Bonus ch Vol.01 Ch.012 Robo Department's Strongest Assasin Vol.01 Ch.013 All The Things You Don't Know Of Vol.01 Ch.014 Food Time! Vol.01 Ch.015 Homunculus no. 3?! Vol.01 Ch.016 I can fly Vol.01 Ch.017 Listen and Be Surprised! Vol.01 Ch.018 To Aru Yousei no Index (A Certain Fairy Index) Vol.01 Ch.019 Tada! A Master Painter~! Vol.01 Ch.020 Beyond infinity! ...Are we really going?! Vol.01 Ch.021 Watch Out! Huge Trouble?! Vol.01 Ch.022 Kids Have It Rough Vol.01 Ch.023 Even though the journey is short, run towards the sunset ... Vol.01 Ch.024 Sayonara Bye Bye? Vol.01 Ch.024.5 Bonus Vol.01 Ch.025 ... I'm Here Vol.01 Ch.026 Yesterday's enemy is today's...? Vol.01 Ch.027 Surfing Fairies Vol.01 Ch.028 Peach Colour Vol.01 Ch.029 This Is My First Love Vol.01 Ch.030 Revision Project Vol.01 Ch.031 Vol.01 Ch.032 Vol.01 Ch.033 Vol.01 Ch.034 You can't change what's cute! Vol.01 Ch.035 Christmas has arrived this year again (Tremble in fear) Vol.01 Ch.036 Vol.01 Ch.037 I hope to get along with you this year too Vol.01 Ch.038 Thank you for the wait! Homunculus no 4! Vol.01 Ch.039 Let My Love Song Reach You! Vol.01 Ch.040 If It Hits, It Breaks Vol.01 Ch.041 We saw ooo inside the wicked bio department's room! Vol.01 Ch.042 Muscles Come Suddenly Vol.01 Ch.043 Oh Yeah, Let's Go To The Onsen Vol.01 Ch.044 Beauty, Funny, Strong Heart Vol.01 Ch.045 Vol.01 Ch.046 The Final of Hakase No Kimagure Homunculus END
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