Hakase to Suraimu-chan

Ch.073 Raid

Ch.001 That which was born Ch.002 I’m a slime Ch.003 I should be able to win someday if I stay alive Ch.004 I eat and drink Ch.005 I want to try talking Ch.006 To go from ___ to 2 Ch.007 Ch.008 Fish à la meunière Ch.009 Solo Party Ch.010 You’re a sea monster Ch.011 What’s important to you Ch.012 Rising after a fall Ch.013 Melting point Ch.014 What to wear Ch.015 Ch.016 The day I am born and die Ch.017 Me and master Ch.018 Ch.019 Ch.020 A professor and a slime Ch.021 The old man's rules Ch.022 Slime Lime Slime Ch.023 Costume day Ch.024 Ch.025 Did the food turn out good? Ch.026 Ch.027 The plan to rescue the person I’ve yet to meet Ch.028 Bathroom escape Ch.029 Dissolving and Hardening Ch.030 Escape and Capture Ch.031 Escape Game Ch.032 Lime's Memories Ch.033 Will you be Revived? Ch.034 The Boundry Between Humans Ch.035 Do you want to see the girl from the picture, Professor? Ch.036 With Lime Ch.037 Emma and the House of Monsters Ch.038 Kousuke and the House of Monsters Ch.039 Until we meet Again Ch.040 Lime's Memories 2 Ch.041 Becoming a Professor Ch.042 Short Ch.043 Before/After Ch.044 Please Be Good to Me Ch.045 Half-Body, Half-Mind Ch.046 Been a While, or a Minute? Ch.047 Half-Body, Half-Mind Ch.048 Where is This Kid From Ch.049 Lime Moisturizer Ch.050 The Professor Ch.051 Hair Ch.052 Welcome Back Ch.053 Transformation Ch.054 A Request Ch.055 Let's Go to an Amusement Park Ch.056 Attractions Ch.057 Where are You? Ch.058 Candy and Wisdom Ch.059 What You were Looking For Ch.060 Apologies with Dad Ch.061 Reunion Ch.062 Opened Eyes Ch.063 Return and repatriation Ch.064 Ch.065 The Two Kousukes Ch.066 When You were Gone Ch.067 The Two Failures Ch.068 Which Emma is this Ch.069 Union Ch.070 Invasion Ch.071 Lime vs. Fukayama's Sister Ch.072 Guide? Ch.073 Raid Ch.074 Something that Only Lime Can Do Ch.075 Together [END]
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