Hatarakanai Futari (YOSHIDA Satoru)

Ch.599 First Sunrise

Ch.001 The Siblings' Morning Ch.002 Sunday Night Ch.003 Elite NEET (El-Neet) Ch.004 Hair Cut Ch.005 Mother and Daughter Who Are Having A Hard Time Ch.006 Expensive Store Ch.007 A 40,000-yen Coat Ch.008 Mom's Anger Ch.009 An Encounter Ch.010 A So-so Day Ch.010.1 Sequels to Previous Chapters Ch.011 Isn't It Good to Be A Human Being? Ch.012 Evil Onii-chan Ch.013 Vs. Papa Ch.014 Diet Time Ch.015 Mikan (Citrus Unshiu) Ch.016 Studying English Ch.017 My 1,000-yen Bill Ch.018 Ninomiya Kinjiro Ch.019 An Idle Man Ch.020 Big Brother's Glasses Ch.021 Gossips on the Two of Them Ch.022 Othello Ch.023 Pickled Plums, Part 1 Ch.024 Pickled Plums, Part 2 Ch.025 Holiday Ch.026 Betting Ch.027 Lightning Ch.028 New Game Release Ch.029 Milk Ch.030 Global Warming Ch.031 Apology, Part 1 Ch.032 Apology, Part 2 Ch.033 Game Night Ch.034 A Worried Father Ch.035 Horror Game Ch.036 Before Sunrise Ch.037 Playing Video Games after Waking up Ch.038 My Girl Got So Excited, She Wet Her Pants Ch.039 Who Is Most Troubled? Ch.040 Thank You Ch.041 Normal Ch.042 Chirping Like A Bird Ch.043 Believe It or Not! Ch.044 Level Ch.045 Takoyaki Ch.045.1 The Police Has Come Ch.045.2 A Morning Scene Ch.045.3 The Siblings' Childhood Ch.046 A Friend's Girlfriend Ch.047 The Ideal Range of Annual Pay Ch.048 Bad Influence Ch.049 Six Pack Ch.050 Celebration Milk Ch.051 Haruko's Birthday Ch.052 Neighbor Ch.053 Reading Scripture at A Horse's Ear Ch.054 Honey Toast Ch.055 Maruyama's Fashion Ch.056 How to Say "Thank You" in Multiple Languages Ch.057 Today's Greeting Ch.058 Dowsing Ch.059 The Neighbor's Mistake Ch.060 How to Dodge A Greeting Ch.061 Maruyama-kun loves women Ch.062 Shiritori (word game) Ch.063 Laundry Ch.064 Skin Care Ch.065 Something to Cheer Up Ch.065.1 Telepathy Ch.066 Rubber Band Ch.067 Y-shaped Balance Ch.068 Band-Aid Ch.069 Evil Hour Ch.070 Haruko and A Fly Ch.071 Double Negative Ch.072 Home Shoppin Ch.073 Future Gadgets Ch.074 Mismatch Ch.074.1 The Siblings' Childhood Ch.075 Twitter Ch.076 Someone You Love Ch.077 The Hottest Game Ch.078 Envious Neighbor Ch.079 The Luxury Working People Can Afford Ch.079.1 Ch.079.2 Nearby Ramen Vendor Ch.079.3 Shinkansen Ch.079.4 Omelet Rice Ch.080 Stick Ch.081 Onigiri (Rice Ball) Ch.082 What People with Jobs Can Pull Off Ch.083 Ch.084 Ch.085 Ch.086 Ch.087 Ch.088 Ch.088.1 Ch.089 Ch.090 Ch.091 Ch.092 Ch.093 Ch.094 Ch.095 Ch.096 Big Brother's Time Waster Ch.097 Dad's Consideration Ch.098 Take-out Ch.099 Pizza Ch.099.1 Part 10 Extras Ch.110.1 Part 11 Extras Ch.121.1 Part 12 Extras Ch.132.1 Part 13 Extras Ch.132.2 The 10,000 Yen Man Ch.132.3 Big Brother's Boast Ch.132.4 Typhoon Ch.132.5 Eye of the Storm Ch.132.6 Gaming Weather Ch.132.7 The Siblings' Childhood Ch.132.8 Afterword Ch.146.1 Part 14 Extras Ch.164.1 Part 15 Extras Ch.177 The Siblings' Fight Ch.177.1 Part 16 Extras Ch.178 Kanji of the Year Ch.179 Presents Ch.180 Heartwarming Birthday Ch.181 Pattern Ch.182 Revolution Ch.183 Year-end Diet Ch.184 Countdown Ch.185 Otoshidama Ch.186 The Invincible Maruyama Ch.187 Kindred Spirit Ch.188 The Days with the Siblings Ch.189 Winter Rain Ch.190 The Older Brother's Glasses Ch.190.1 Part 17 Extras Ch.190.2 Renkon Ch.190.3 Living up to the Image Ch.190.4 Pedometer Ch.190.5 The Siblings' Childhood Ch.190.6 Afterword Ch.191 Snowy Day Picnic Ch.192 Dodging Brother Ch.193 A Meal on a Hill Ch.194 Popsicle Diet Ch.195 Suit Ch.196 Valentine's Day Ch.197 Cats' Quarrel Ch.198 Cat Toys Ch.199 Just One Bite Ch.200 Housewives' Gossip Ch.201 Suspicion Ch.202 The Box Ch.203 The Box (cont) Ch.203.1 Part 18 Extras Ch.204 Because It's Winter Ch.205 Long Wallet Ch.206 Out of Line Ch.207 Junior Ch.208 A Dare Ch.209 Present from Your Daughter Ch.210 Newspaper Sword Ch.211 The Cow Thing Ch.212 Pretending It's Actually Hot Ch.213 Nails Ch.214 Hay Fever Ch.215 Ch.216 Ch.217 Ch.218 April Fools' Ch.219 Spring Fashion Ch.220 Flower Print Ch.220.1 Part 19 Extras Ch.221 A Walk Ch.222 Disenchantment Ch.223 Compensation Ch.224 Dream Ch.225 Ch.226 Antimicrobial Power Ch.227 Model Home Security Guard Ch.228 Skateboarding Ch.229 The Mysterious Siblings Ch.230 Ch.231 Ch.232 An Encounter Ch.233 Golden Week Ch.234 Mashing Contest Ch.235 Bananas Ch.236 Vision Test Ch.236.1 Part 20 Extras Ch.237 Mosquito Ch.238 Mother's Day Ch.239 Marriage Ch.240 Rainbow Ch.241 Mayonnaise Ch.242 The Same? Ch.243 An Adult Ch.244 The Rumored Girlfriend Ch.245 Living in a Game World Ch.246 Blessing in Disguise Ch.247 Haruko's Room Ch.248 The Gap Ch.249 Putting It into Practice Ch.250 Cool Guy Ch.250.1 Part 21 Extras Ch.250.2 Curry Ch.250.3 Fried Rice Ch.250.4 The Siblings' Childhood Ch.250.5 Afterword Ch.251 A Message From Home Ch.252 Card Tower Ch.253 Invisible X Ch.254 Morning Downpour Ch.255 n the First Place Ch.256 Bread Crusts Ch.257 A Nice Watch Ch.258 Bad with Salespeople Ch.259 Regret Ch.260 Endou's Girlfriend Ch.261 The Cost of a Day Off Ch.262  Payback Ch.263 Tag Ch.264 Normal Person Ch.265 Hide and Seek Ch.266 Rival Ch.266.1 Extras Ch.267 Mamoru Wants to Spook Ch.268 Déjà Vu Ch.269 Beans Ch.270 The Newspaper and Ads Ch.271 A Priest's Form of Transportation Ch.272 Today's Dinner Ch.273 A Bad Phone Call Ch.274 Pride and Joy Ch.275 Yuki-chan Ch.276 Persistent Yuki-chan Ch.277 To the Clothes Shop Ch.277.1 Extras Ch.278 Three Second Rule Ch.279 Emotional Turmoil Ch.280 Round Two Ch.281 Cheap-shot Maruyama Ch.282 Buying a Watermelon Ch.283 Watermelon and Salt Ch.284 Inamori Returns Ch.285 A Proper Adult Ch.286 The Barbecue Ch.287 Someone I Want You to Meet Ch.288 A Friend Ch.289 Koushien Ch.290 Walking Accessories Ch.291 Way Too Tasty Curry Ch.292 Sneeze Ch.292.1 Extras Ch.293 First-time Karaoke Ch.293.1 Extras Ch.299 Key Dowsing, Round Two Ch.300 Unrelenting Ch.301 First Win Ch.302 What It Takes to Be Popular Ch.303 Worrywart Brother Ch.304 Whack-a-Mole Ch.305 Not Even Scary Ch.306 Hardworking Yuki-chan Ch.307 Strategy Meeting Ch.308 Yuki-chan the Knight Ch.308.1 Extras Ch.308.2 Haruko and Yuki-chan Ch.308.3 Afterword Ch.309 Trap Ch.310 What Others Can't See Ch.311 Floor Swimming Ch.312 Heroic Deeds Ch.313 The Hangover Ch.314 Employment and Bugs Ch.315 Shy Ch.316 Ch.317 Impending Doom Ch.318 Prank Ch.319 Dragonflies Ch.320 Peaches Ch.321 A Cobbler Should Stick to His Last Ch.322 Pumped Up Ch.322.1 Extras Ch.323 As Noisy as You Want Ch.324 Film Festival Ch.327 His Type Ch.329 Fashion Item Ch.330 Capable Man Ch.331 Warning System Ch.332 Twitter (cont.) Ch.333 Underwear Ch.344 Sneakers Ch.349 Completely Empty Ch.350 Miyamoto Musashi Ch.351 Romantic Drama Ch.357 Failure Ch.358 Sparkle Sparkle Ch.359 Hand-knit Ch.362 Kuraki-san's First Shrine Visit Ch.365.1 Extras Ch.370 Department Store of Techniques Ch.372 Halloween Attack Ch.375 A Pretty Boy Appears Ch.376 Denkianma Ch.377 Modesty Ch.378 Wide Open Ch.378.1 Extras Ch.379 Alley-oop Ch.380 Knock Ch.381 Setsubun Costume Ch.382 Braids Ch.383 Kind Brother Ch.384 Specialty Category Ch.385 Body Fat Ch.386 Yuki-chan's Foot Massage Ch.387 Yuki-chan Reaches Too Far Ch.388 Piggyback Ride Ch.389 What Are You, a Girl? Ch.390 Lined Up Ch.391 Direct Ch.392 Helium Ch.393 Heroic Entrance Ch.394 Merciless Mom Ch.395 Dried Persimmons Ch.396 "Hey, It's Me" Scam Ch.397 Psychological Test Ch.398 Turtleneck Ch.399 Yuki's Dad Ch.399.1 Extras Ch.400 Aroma Ch.401 Dreaming About Mom Ch.402 The Crab's Here Ch.403 Rock Paper Crab Ch.404 Rhythm Ch.405 Particular Ch.406 Massaging Chair Ch.407 Photography Ch.408 Friendly Trio Ch.409 Fuguri Ch.410 Frills & Dinner Ch.411 Kendama Ch.412 Sharp Ch.413 Number Three Ch.414 Nice and Big Sweet Potatoes Ch.415 Noise Ch.416 In the Nick of Time Ch.417 Better Not Ch.418 Out of Shape Ch.419 Gandhi Ch.420 Still Dummies Ch.421 Balloons Ch.421.1 Extras Ch.422 Flower Petal Catch Ch.423 To the Lingerie Shop Ch.424 Eroero Ch.425 10 Percent Ch.426 The Absolute Worst Ch.427 Reward Ch.428 Full Tank Ch.429 Walnut Ch.430 Cute Picture Ch.431 Rubber Ball Ch.432 Darumaotoshi Ch.433 Wrath of God Ch.434 Patching Things Up Ch.435 Clippings Ch.436 Six Seconds Ch.437 Whoaaargh Ch.438 Lesser Evil Ch.439 The Girl From the Album Ch.440 Putting on Airs Ch.441 Killing Intent Ch.442 You?! Ch.443 Evacuation Ch.443.1 Extras Ch.444 The Same Farts Ch.445 Plant Power Ch.446 Russian Chocolates Ch.447 NEET Sugoroku Ch.448 Sound Effects Ch.449 Daily Routine Ch.450 Aloha Ch.451 Art Gallery Ch.452 Rushing Over to Him Ch.453 Kuraki-san's Studies Ch.454 Maruyama Family's Bento Ch.455 Duck Face Ch.456 Fated Person Ch.457 Going to a Public Bath Ch.458 Martian Ch.459 Size Ch.460 Outside the Tub Ch.461 High Temperature Bath Ch.462 Allowable Length Ch.462.1 Extras Ch.462.2 The Siblings' Childhood Ch.462.3 Afterword Ch.463 Prime Specimen Ch.464 Decluttering Ch.465 Curry Udon Use Ch.466 A Brother's Kindness Ch.467 A Tacky Man Ch.468 Father's Day Present Ch.469 Position of Power Ch.470 A Man's Influence Ch.471 Habits of Popular Guys Ch.472 Butt Pass Ch.473 Talented Ch.474 Tamagoyaki Ch.475 Putting It Off Ch.476 Haruko Can't Refuse Ch.477 Back and Forth Ch.478 Kuraki-san's Image Ch.479 Thirty Million Ch.480 Unoccupied Father Ch.480.1 Extras Ch.481 Bonus Ch.482 Cheerful Mom Ch.483 Upside Down Game Ch.484 Sushi Ch.485 Another Meeting Ch.486 The Unoccupied Man Returns Ch.487 Something Funny Ch.488 Dull Ch.489 Yuki's Amazing Dad Ch.490 Candles Ch.491 Crayfish Ch.492 Ch.493 Ch.494 Ch.495 Ch.496 Ch.497 If You Believe You Can Fly Ch.498 Yell Ch.498.1 Extras Ch.499 Ch.500 Ch.501 Ch.502 Ch.503 Ch.504 Ch.505 Ch.506 Formation Ch.507 Something Summery Ch.508 Unsurprisingly Ch.509 Tasty Coffee Ch.510 Ch.511 Ch.512 Ch.513 Ch.514 Ch.515 Ch.516 Ch.517 Getting Fireworks Ch.518 Fully Prepared Ch.519 Smoke Bomb Ch.520 Summer Memory Ch.520.1 Extras Ch.521 Summer Mochi Ch.522 Huge Ice Cream Ch.523 Nutritional Drink Ch.524 Peel Power Ch.525 Jump Ch.526 A Man's Sneeze Ch.527 Manliness Ch.528 Milk With Sweet Things Ch.529 Sixth Sense Ch.530 Natto Ch.531 Beautiful Skin Ch.532 Instant Meeting Ch.533 Still Hot Even If You Don't Know Her Ch.534 Lucky Ch.535 Playing Ninjas Ch.536 Secret Muscle Ache Ch.537 Yuki-chan's Grandpa Ch.538 Huge Balloon Ch.539 Slimmed Haruko Ch.540 Go Fart Outside Ch.541 From Behind Ch.542 From Behind (cont.) Ch.542.1 Extras Ch.542.2 Ch.542.3 Afterword Ch.543 False Joy? Ch.544 Communication Skills Ch.545 The Usual Greeting Ch.546 White Rice Ch.547 Where Are You Looking At? Ch.548 Wasn't Ch.549 The Smell of Curry Ch.550 Chocolate Ice Cream Ch.551 Now We're Here Ch.552 Premium Ice Cream Ch.553 Dreaming Tomoharu-kun Ch.554 Passing By Ch.555 Optical Illusion Ch.556 Traitor Ch.557 Nose Wax Ch.557.1 Ch.558 Going to the Bath with Everyone Ch.559 Sensitive Alien Ch.560 A Man? Ch.561 Shitty Ch.562 Sumachin Ch.563 Dorayaki Ch.564 By a Mile Ch.565 Discount Ch.566 Scary Woman Ch.567 Probably Ch.568 Big Sister Invasion Ch.569 Shared Worry Ch.570 Actually a Good Guy Ch.571 Letter to Your Father Ch.572 Ultra Spicy Diet Ch.573 Blazer Ch.574 Blog Ch.575 Mom's Prank Ch.575.1 Extras Ch.576 Putting Your Athleticism to Use Ch.577 Combination Ch.578 Curry Shop Challenge Ch.579 A Burglar at the Senos' Ch.580 Hamburg Curry Ch.581 Of the Year Ch.582 Loose Pants Ch.583 Our Time Ch.584 Popular Clothes Ch.585 How to Spend 300 Million Ch.586 Kaleidoscope Ch.587 Karintou Ch.588 Roles Ch.589 Penalty Ch.590 Scumbag Ch.591 Nasty Trio Ch.592 Big Brother's Girlfriend Ch.593 Party Poppers Ch.594 White Christmas Ch.595 Bath Salts Ch.596 Expressionless Ch.597 Painful Brother Ch.597.1 Extras Ch.598 Still a Girl Ch.599 First Sunrise Ch.600 Relieved Mom Ch.601 Pounding Mochi Ch.602 Mexican Style Ch.603 Shouting Ch.604 Confiscation Ch.605 First Dream Ch.606 Fortune Slips, Round Two Ch.607 Bother Ch.608 Sales Ch.609 Skinny Jeans Ch.610 Fashion Show Ch.611 DOUJIN EVENT Ch.612 HARSH Ch.613 PURCHASE Ch.614 THE BEST POSSIBLE PERSON Ch.615 Manga Retreat Ch.616 Instant Remeeti Ch.616.1 Extras Ch.616.2 Middle School Yuki-chan Ch.616.3 Mamoru and Kondou-san Ch.616.4 Afterword Ch.617 Ch.618 Ch.619 Ch.620 Ch.621 Ch.622 Ch.623 Ch.624 Ch.625 Ch.626 Ch.627 Ch.628 Ch.629 Ch.630 Invasion of the Black Ships Ch.631 Playing With the Foreigner Ch.631.1 Extras Ch.632 Ch.633 Ch.634 Ch.635 Ch.636 Ch.637 Ch.638 Ch.639 Ch.640 Ch.641 Ch.642 Ch.643 Ch.644 Ch.645 Ch.646 Ch.647 Ch.648 Ch.649 Ch.650 Ch.651 Ch.652 Ch.653 Ch.654 Ch.655 Ch.656 Ch.657 Ch.658 Ch.659 Ch.660 Ch.661 The Allure of Maruyama's Place Ch.662 Going Over to Maruyama's Ch.663 Eavesdroppers Ch.664 Pleased Mom Ch.665 CG Ch.666 Doesn't Count Ch.667 Way Back Ch.668 Horror Story Ch.669 Bright Future Ch.670 Surprisingly High Ch.671 To the Other Side Ch.672 Exaggerating Kuraki Ch.673 Yuki-chan's Case Ch.674 Slam Dunk Ch.675 Inaccurate Ch.675.1 Extras Ch.676 Ch.677 Ch.678 Ch.679 Ch.680 Ch.681 Ch.682 Ch.683 Ch.684 Ch.685 Ch.686 Tempura Ch.687 Let's Dance Ch.688 Body Temperature Ch.689 The Kanji for Human Ch.690 Clubbing Ch.691 One O'clock Eating Ch.692 Thousand-armed Ch.693 Already Happening Ch.694 What Are You Drinking? Ch.695 Glad Ch.695.1 Extras Ch.695.2 Yuki's Dad and His Disciple Ch.695.3 Afterword Ch.695.9 Extras Ch.696 Premium Ch.697 Wasabi Ch.698 Unsure Yuki-chan Ch.699 Ch.700 Mirror Effect Ch.701 A Bit Above Ch.702 Golden Time Ch.703 Mad Scientist Ch.704 The Middle Ch.705 Strongest Vegetable Ch.706 Morning Walk Ch.707 Ch.708 Ch.709 Ch.710 Ch.711 Ch.712 Floats Ch.713 Ch.714 Ch.715 Ch.716 Ch.717 Ch.718 Ch.719 Ch.720 Ch.721 Ch.722 Ch.723 Ch.724 Ch.724.1 Ch.725 Ch.726 Pose Ch.727 Ch.728 Ch.729 Ch.730 Ch.731 Ch.732 Ch.733 Ch.734 Ch.735 Ch.736 Ch.737 Ch.738 Ch.739 Ch.740 Ch.741 Ch.742 Ch.743 Ch.744 Ch.745 Ch.746 Ch.747 Ch.748 Ch.749 Ch.750 Ch.751 Ch.752 Ch.752.1 Ch.753 Ch.754 Ch.755 Ch.756 Ch.757 Ch.758 Ch.759 Ch.760 Ch.761 Ch.762 Ch.763 Ch.764 Ch.765 Ch.766 Ch.766.1 Ch.766.2 Ch.766.3 Ch.766.4 Ch.766.5
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