Hayate the Combat Butler

Ch.438 Attention, Please

Ch.000 Oneshot Ch.001 Santa's Red Is A Blood-Colored Hell (Fixed) Ch.002 "Unmei" In English Means Destiny Ch.003 Explain The Situation, And I'll Consider Making A Maid Outfit Ch.004 Sanzenin Nagi And Her Secret Room Ch.004.5 Radical Dreamers Ch.005 Even Though You Will Be A New Type, The More You Open Your Mouth, The More Likely You Are To Put Your Foot In It Ch.006 Good kids shouldn't copy these!! No, bad kids and even adults should never copy either!! Ch.007 It's not like I'd scream love from the centre of the Earth, but how should I say it, the beast dictating at the top of the hierarchy Ch.008 Hellbound Because of Nekomimi Mode Ch.009 In the language of flowers, the St. John's worts, in full bloom in the garden, mean revenge Ch.010 Incinerate it to Ashes at Midnight on a Moonlit Night Ch.011 The Mystery of Why Old Men Play Shogi Under Tsuutenkaku Ch.012 The New "Boktai" Ch.013 Quest of the Avatar Ch.014 How Much is Your Life? Ch.015 How to Lose a Golden Feather Ch.016 Careless Kindness Brings Forth Misfortune Ch.017 Giving Up After Non-Stop Bad Endings Ch.018 Nurse Angel Will Save You From A Cold, Even If Your're an Idiot!! Ch.019 Employee's Night Ch.020 When I Look Back I Recall the Start of My Misforturnes Ch.021 A Man's Battle Ch.022 Tokyo Underground Ch.023 Kingdom of Ambition Ch.024 I was so Frustrated from Losing to the Kids in Town that I Won. But I don't Regret it. Ch.025 Peter Pan is Annoying Ch.026 Who thought of that "Kapon~" Sound? They're Amazing. Ch.027 I´ve Never Gone Through the Hardships of Popularity Ch.028 I Wanted to See Someone Challenge the Super Shuffle Ch.029 When Ojou-Sama Wasn´t There Ch.030 Sway my Heart Ch.031 I Hope My Voice Reaches You Ch.032 Hayate the Combat Butler! Ch.033 If this was an Anime, the Opening Theme would have Changed! Ch.034 If Sensei Told You to Die, You would Die wouldn't You!? Ch.035 It's Not Like Idiots, Smoke and Cats Like to Ascend to High Places Ch.036 The Power Not to Revolutionize the World Ch.037 In the Old Days, We Were Taught that Being a Space Detective Isn´t all There Is to Youth! Ch.038 The One Who Controls the Summer Will Likely Control the Exam Ch.039 Funny Bunny Ch.040 First-Class Butlers Like Curry Ch.041 Samurai, Bushido, Van Damme on the Move. Ch.041.5 Extra - Radical dreamers Ch.042 Maybe I'll Lose, but it's Just Kendo Ch.043 I'll Never Forget the Voice Actor from Ryuuko no Ken Ch.044 Arresting the Night School's Glass Breaker Ch.045 Elohim Essaim Frugativi Et Appelavi! Now Recite this Incantation! Ch.046 Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! Why a Frog? Ch.047 I Love Books, so I can't Become a Paper Envoy Ch.048 Song of the Sea Goddess's Palace Ch.049 Saki-san's Minor Business [National Edition] Ch.050 Raging Waves Ch.051 Titanic Episode 4 With a Vengeance Ch.052 Nagi - Andalucia Dream Ch.053 Good Luck with Special Training, Nagi! Ch.054 Winning or Losing Depends on the Runner... Ch.055 Running to Win...Tululu! Ch.056 Tiger of Money Ch.057 Because of Densha Otoko, Parents know what goes on at Comiket, which causes Problems for many Children Ch.058 Distance Ch.059 "Thump! ☆ My crush is my butler?!" The first chapter of a new shoujo manga publication Ch.060 Redder Than The Twilight And Flowing Blood Of Nightstalkers Ch.061 The Vagabond's Ordeal — The Mysterious Dungeon for Dropout Butlers Ch.062 Hayate and the Colossus Ch.063 Then, He Doesn't Become A Legend. Ch.064 Maria-san's Lesson- Sugar-coated Poison Ch.065 You have to get Through the Snowfields, like in D-Shoku 2 Ch.066 St. Valentine's Day SIDE CLASSMATE "Shining ☆ Days" Ch.067 St. Valentine's Day SIDE HOUSE "You Kinda Look Like Me" Ch.068 Priceless Ch.069 She's not a Child Prodigy, but She's a Genius Teacher! Ch.070 Go, Go, Student Council Rangers! Ch.071 Welcome, Isumi Demon Hunter Ch.072 A Worry More Grave Than World Conquest Ch.073 Heart to Heart Ch.074 Sis is a First-Class Consultant Ch.075 Good, or Don't Be Ch.076 Your House Ch.077 Nagi's Angel Full Throttle Ch.078 Elevator Action Won't Ever be Feautured in Newtype Ch.079 Jealousy and Freshly-Baked Ja-Pan Ch.080 Running to the Horizon Ch.081 Rondo- Revolution- Ch.082 Why do I always watch the Rebroadcasts of Princess Mononoke? Ch.083 Project Isumi~ Challengers Tonight The Story of Girls Wearing Skirts Ch.084 130cm Dandie and protect my earth, Darling! Ch.085 When I was little, I thought fishing like "Idiotic Fishing die-show" was normal. Ch.086 Unpretty woman. Ch.087 Riding on a MTB Gone Shopping Ch.088 Successful Mission Ch.089 I Will Ch.090 I Expected more from you Ch.091 Moment Ch.092 Mistake~ Before Hermioni's Debut Ch.093 Magical Love's Hayate Ch.094 The Leader of the Teope Union said "Love and Hate is the Same" Ch.095 A Cruel Idiot's Thesis - A Play on a Song Called 'A Cruel Angel's Thesis' by Yoko Takahashi Ch.096 Alone Between Heaven and Hell Ch.096.2 Bonus Chapter Ch.097 Mind Education Ch.098 The Heady Feeling of Freedom Ch.099 Saki-san's Ambition Ch.100 Celebrate! Its the 100th chapter! But its actually the 99th week of serialization because the first and second chapters were released simultaneously Ch.101 You Lack Kung Fu Ch.102 Sure Amuro Had A Place To Return To, But... Ch.103 Hotaru-Chan Said A Person Who Uses Someone Else Is Being Used himself Ch.104 Stress relief with You-Tobe's media Ch.105 I Felt Sorry, So Give Me Money! And a PS3 and Xbox360 as a Set! Ch.106 If I Saved Up All The Money I Used For Sister Princess I Could've Bought A Car Ch.107 One's Own War Ch.108 © Aoyama Gosho Ch.109 The Saginomiya Family Ch.110 Sanzen'in Rank Kingdom! Is a Ralf, a mecha or a monster Ch.111 GirigiriChop! A Punch to an End Kick! And an Uppercut to finish!! Ch.112 Wistful Railway Ch.113 If you aren't sure try painting it red Ch.114 Run for it even if you aren't an honest person Ch.115 Run Together Ch.116 More Dream-like Than A Dream Ch.117 Thrilling Last Boy Ch.118 The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Ch.119 Sazen'in Nagi's Little Star Wars~Stardust Memory~ Ch.120 'Just Boiled Egg Skin' Momo Heard~ Ch.121 Goodbye Humans (Alone) Ch.122 The Voices Of The Stars Ch.123 Believe Me...Some Day Ch.124 Spiderman's Everyday Life Isn't About Fighting Movie-like Monsters, It's About Saving Civilians. A Butler's Everyday Life is Similar to That. Ch.125 What's an Item that You Don't Want to Buy But Would Make You Happy if You Recieved It? Would it be Hard to Find? Ch.126 If You Go There, You Can Make Any Sort of Cookies. Everyone Might Want to... Ch.127 Butte-Fly Ch.128 Counting Future Secret Club Ch.129 That's like the Flute Sound of Path Ch.130 "The Determination to Live is Stronger Than Anything" Was Said By a Wanderer From Somewhere... It's Quite... Ch.131 Does the saying, 'A smile's worth 0 Yen' still exist? Ch.132 Better Luck ☆ Aspiration Shrine. The Katsura sisters will not appear. Ch.133 Grasp a Dream of Bubbles with These Hands Ch.134 If I Were to Die, Destroy the Hard Drive's Contents Without Looking at Them! Ch.135 Rozen Maid. A Maid Created by Rozen. I Won't Turn it Into Junk for You. Ch.136 Whatever, My Cat Is The Cutest Ch.137 Someone is connecting faster than ADSL or Optical Fibre Ch.138 Keep On Dreaming Ch.139 Nerima's and Suginami's Family Restaurant Is Full of Mangaka, Editors and Animators Ch.140 The Maid Saw and Was Seen Ch.141 Regardless of how absurd the behavior is, it is a guy's duty to answer the expectations of a girl Ch.142 Having your identity exposed and being treated like an animal, if I think about it, this setup is scary Ch.143 Our Direction Ch.144 Even in historical dramas, seeing a shower of cherry petals makes you honest. Ch.145 Distance ~ Even if it is close Ch.146 Distance ~ Even if it is far Ch.147 Hayate's Past Ch.148 The strange fact that kids who don't think about the fact that they'll have a new class in the new term looks cute at the end of the previous term Ch.149 I want to go hiking. I really want to go. More like, I want to get out of my workplace Ch.150 Lost child. I'm lost so I'm a lost child. I am a lost child in life. He-lp-me... Ch.151 Wild Life, The Animals Won't Forgive Me Ch.152 Undesired moe and desired courage Ch.153 The sun falls on a faraway mountain, I fall into a ravine Ch.154 A shaking heart! A burning heat! Well something like that Ch.155 Saki-san's minor business (Military General Records) Ch.156 I can't sleep at 2AM, I'll destroy the door because of a splinter Ch.157 I can't live hidden in the darkness Ch.158 High school life is very different from the ideal Ch.159 Danger is Walking Ch.160 A kotatsu is best during a cold winter Ch.161 It's true that my New Year's gifts have disappeared. but my memories will never disappear. Ch.162 There's DS game for smiling exercise right? Just use that! Ch.162.5 Volume 15 Omake Ch.163 Calamity Will Just Turn Out To Be Calamity Ch.164 Magical Labyrinth Ch.165 Lost in the Path of the Otaku Ch.166 I Can Fix that for You Ch.167 There's a Limit to Unforgettable Memories Ch.168 When You're Tired, Take A Nap. Then Try Your Best. Ch.169 Even if You See it, It's Better to Leave it Alone Ch.170 'Asano-san, You Meant That in a Good Way, Right?' 'Of Course!' Misunderstandings Tend to Occur, Kami☆Star! Ch.171 Snakes Come Out When Bushes Are Poked at. Corpses Among Other Things Also Appear. It is Not a Good Thing Ch.172 The Plan is Yet To Be Determined Ch.173 For Now We'll Try Talking With Body Language Ch.174 Even if the Law Says You Can't, You Still Want to See It Ch.175 You Bump into Everyone You Need in Life Ch.176 Because She's a Hero, She Can't Show Anyone The Sweat and Tears Beneath Her Mask Ch.177 It's a Machine that cuts out a Piece of Time using Light Ch.178 The End of the World Ch.179 The End of the World The castle where Gods rest Ch.180 The End of the World Miniature Garden of The Sun Ch.181 The End Of The World Reach The World With Your Voice Ch.182 The End Of The World Omen At The End Ch.183 The End Of The World The Will For Power Ch.184 The End of the World The Love Oath on the Left Hand Ch.185 The End Of The World The Birth Of The Lord Of Hatred Ch.186 The End Of The World Don't Call Me Anymore Ch.187 The End Of The World Someday, When The Rain Ceases Ch.188 The Moment for Arranging the Vacation Plan is the Most Enjoyable One Ch.189 The person who is loved is the one who is worried. Also, the holy god is said to be dead Ch.190 The lively couple in a so-called "date". It'll be nice if no awful thing like a disease called stomachache occurs. Ch.191 A date is fun. Or rather, I mean going out with a girl is basically fun Ch.192 Who would say a joke that he likes a girl who is full of opens? Ch.193 Ah...At any rate, even the Prime Minister said he wants money, right? Ch.194 Quiz Magic Hamdemi Ch.195 I Wanna Know Because I Don't Know. Now I Don't Know But I'll Know Later. That's The Quiz Game Life Ch.196 Suffocation - Explosion - Adventure Ch.197 If You Feel Like You Have Become A Little Greater When You Wake Up Early In The Morning... Then You Are Imagining Things. Ch.198 The Strongest Halberd and The Strongest Shield Are Made to Fight Each Other Ch.199 Nothing will happen as you expect it to!! Nothing!! That's just your delusion!! Ch.200 Gravity Can Draw Souls in But People Can Fly From Narita Ch.201 No matter what they say, people want to be loved more than to love! Ch.202 "In A Love Comedy, A Bathroom Is A Battleground. You Will Die If You Come Unprepared." Ch.203 It's more profitable not to gamble Ch.204 "I Caught A Cold... My Throat Hurts..." Ch.205 You are not supposed to say "funny you should mention that. It's not a dream!!" Ch.206 A free guy is strong, unreasonably strong. Ch.207 ''There's no way to ensure victory on a spinning roulette. There is if you don't spin it, though'' Ch.208 Not winning at gambling can cause all sorts of problems Ch.209 Limited Edition Goods Are A Pain For The People That Make Them Too. Ch.210 That's The Memory Of A Kiss Ch.211 "Radical Deamers Real Side" Ch.212 To Wish Upon a Star, To Pray Ch.213 A Push Towards Making Things Even More Triangular Ch.214 Door Towards the Myth Ch.215 Mykonos Labyrinth Medley Ch.216 The Seal of the Labyrinth Ch.217 Love Labyrinth Ch.217.1 Omake Volume 20 Ch.218 The Stone of Bonds Ch.219 We are not Innovators! Our minds cannot be transmittted to each other well. Ch.220 The Time to Forget your Troubles has Come Ch.221 Because You Got to go to the Beach, There's Something You Have to Do Ch.221.5 Hayate Masterpiece Theater Ch.222 "Love Makes People Run in Odd Directions. And Then They Want to Die." Ch.223 "Winning and Happiness are Equal but Not Linked" Ch.224 "Getting a Girl into a Good Mood is Difficult. But It's Important." Ch.224.1 Limited 1 Ch.224.2 Limited 2 Ch.224.3 Limited 3 Ch.224.4 Limited 4 Ch.224.5 Limited 5 Ch.225 And Yet I Shouldn't Be Doing It Ch.226 The living things known as girls are naturally strong Ch.227 Like the shadows piling up in the setting sun Ch.228 Memories Transcend Time Ch.229 No matter when or how many times Ch.230 "I'm Doing It That Way" Ch.230.5 Revolve Ch.231 Beyond The Bounds Ch.232 Beautiful World Ch.233 Dearest Ch.234 I Would Remember Even After a Thousand Years Ch.235 To the Waning Moon in the Sky Ch.236 I Can't Figure It Out From Incomplete Information Ch.237 And Night Once Again Comes Ch.238 I Can't Put It In Words Ch.239 Silky Heart Ch.240 My Feelings for You Ch.241 The Shield of Aegis Ch.242 Feelings in the Night Ch.243 Thinking of your sleeping face thats full of love Ch.244 Even though I love you... Because I love you Ch.245 Love Me Tender Ch.246 The Strongest vs. The Invincible Ch.247 The Power of the Distant Land Ch.248 Her Choice Ch.249 The Final Decision Ch.249.5 Volume 23 Omake Ch.250 The Beginning of the Final Day Ch.251 Shining in the Night Ch.252 From Now On Ch.253 Proof Ch.254 And the Final Confrontation Ch.255 One Word Ch.256 Question At Me Ch.257 Someone Loves You Ch.258 For Eternity, For You Ch.259 ~ Fly High ~ Ch.260 Eternal Wind Ch.261 Flirting and Flirting Ch.262 The End of the World Ally of Justice Ch.263 The End of the World Final I Give You a Smile Ch.264 The Toll of the Bell Rings into the Future Ch.265 Leaf Bud Breeze Ch.266 And it Becomes a Smile Ch.267 The President has Donkey Ears Ch.268 The Long Story is Over. How About You Read The Story From Here On, Too? Ch.269 When we were Young, we were Shocked when we Learned... Ch.270 Every Building and Old Man has a History Ch.271 Wearing the maid uniform does not make you a maid. You wear... Ch.272 Shonen Manga Romantic Comedies Often Have Incidents That Occur In The Bath!! Ch.273 "Doki! The Plan To Get A Maiden's Heart Beating! Or Something Like That." Ch.274 Meow Meow Meow Meow Meoooow Ch.275 Meoow Meoow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meooow ? Ch.276 Miaooow ? Ch.277 Family Ties and Other Connections Can Be Found Here Ch.278 Dreadful Power of Privileges Ch.279 I Want to Meet Someone Who Has Looked upon Me Kindly Ch.280 It's DESTINY Ch.281 My Birthday is October 19th. I'm a Libra Ch.282 Happy Birthday to Me Ch.283 Most Effort Is for the Sake of Staying with Someone Ch.284 Trouble, Shock, Suspense Ch.285 No Matter How Far You Go, You Will Never Be High End, But... Ch.286 She Has Come to Steal Something Precious of Mine Ch.287 Mask Ch.288 Challenge at 13 Years Old Ch.289 I'd Like for You to Think That All Manga Artists Are Like This! Ch.290 If I Sought After the Gandhara Kingdom, I Could Go Far Far Away Ch.291 Anyone Worries When They Are Out of Sight of Others Ch.292 I Meet You Ch.293 change Ch.294 Renaissance Passion Ch.295 As the Coincidences Pile Up, People Will Run into Someone Else? Ch.296 Luca? Ch.297 You & Me Ch.298 Idol Master? Ch.299 Don't Stop! Dreamer on the Road! Ch.300 The Return of the King? Ch.301 A Child Can Be the Bond Between Two People. Even if They Haven't... Ch.302 Come to My Place? Ch.303 An Ordinary Life That KyoAni Wouldn't Turn into an Anime? Ch.304 That River Next to Akihabara is the Kanda River? Ch.305 You Meet a Lot of People Marriage Hunting When Drawing Storyboard... Ch.305.5 Volume 28 Omake Ch.306 It's an Option That Comes Default on Little Blonde Girls Ch.307 I Want to Become an Oil Magnate Ch.308 Carelessness Means Acting Carelessly in Careless Moments Ch.309 The Honorific "Onee-san" Is Filled with Romance Ch.310 Strong Feelings, Strong Love. Are These Feelings Real? Ch.311 Nobody Wanted to Lie Initially Ch.312 Karaoke Is Enjoyable Even if You're Singing Alone Ch.313 It's Not That I Wanted to Fool Her. When I Think about Her, It Ma... Ch.313.5 V26 Omake Ch.314 Overlapping Lies and Life Ch.315 The Problem Is That I Love Him Despite That Ch.316 Don't Move Another Step Ch.316.5 [Omake] Ch.317 If It's Important, Keep It with You Ch.318 Sign Ch.319 Crappy Adviser Ch.320 Let's Do Our Best in Various Ways Ch.321 High Spec Adviser Ch.322 The Next Thing I Knew, I Has up to My Waist Ch.323 Heaven Is a Place on Earth Ch.324 How the Maid Kills Time Ch.325 An Artisan's Technique, Seasoning with Salt Ch.326 After Having Done It Ch.327 Goodbye Happiness Ch.327.5 Volume 30 Omake Ch.328 We Still Haven't Received the Pay for the Assistant Work We Did T... Ch.329 The Trick to Waking up Early Is Getting to Bed Early? Ch.330 I Want to Shout Out That I Love You? Ch.331 It's as Quiet as 200 Million Years Ago, Isn't It Ch.332 A Genius' Strategy Ch.333 Something Special Ch.334 Identity Crisis Ch.335 Santa's Lesson Ch.336 Rock over Japan Ch.337 The Bad Timing of a Maid Sulking Is Intentional Ch.338 Continuing Steadily on Day by Day Is Important Ch.338.5 Volume 31 Omake Ch.339 A Single Yen Can Make One Laugh or Cry Ch.340 Hinagiku-san's Wish Does Not Seem as if It Will Be Granted Even i... Ch.341 A Maid Will Not Be Found for Isumu-san until 23Rd Century Ch.342 Thus Spoke Tsurugino Kayura Ch.342.5 Ruka's Doujinshi Ch.343 Thus Spoke Tsurugino Kayura 2 Ch.344 Thus Spoke Tsurugino Kayura 3 Ch.345 You All Need to Be Careful, Too. The Next Thing You Know, You... Ch.346 And the Butler Made Them Ch.347 Are You a Magnet or Something!? Ch.348 Chef Maria's Summer Vegetable Special Round 1 Ch.349 I Don't Want to Think about Getting Fat Anymore Ch.349.5 Volume 32 Omake Ch.350 I Don't Have Many Memories of My School Life Ch.351 Do I or Do I Not Need to be Able to Just Do This Kind of Thing to... Ch.351.1 [Special] Ch.351.2 [Special] Ch.352 Illness Begins in the Mind. That Means You Will Get Sick If You N... Ch.353 "He Caught a Cold Because He Is No Longer an Idiot" Ch.354 A Death Flag. And You Are the One Raising It Ch.355 This is What You Get When You Cram All the Needed Information for... Ch.356 "Even with three heads, 'hmm...I dunno...' is all the three can... Ch.357 Cycling Yahoo! Ch.358 To Be Blunt, I am an S at the Core Ch.359 I am Still Unsure What Kind of Adult I Will be in the Future Ch.360 She Sees The Identity of The Ghost, Yet She Does Not Ch.360.5 Vol.33 Omake Ch.361 The Behavior of Mothers is More or Less The Same Everywhere Ch.362 The Day The Dolphin Flew Ch.363 Mystery Room ? Ch.364 Mystery Room â‘¡ Ch.365 Mystery Room ? Ch.366 Mystery Room ? Ch.367 Mystery Room ? Ch.368 Mystery Room ? Ch.369 Mystery Room ? Ch.370 Mystery Room ? Ch.371 Not trying to be popular is a shortcut to being popular Ch.371.5 Vol.34 Omake Ch.372 Think a Bit About How You Say Things Ch.373 Pros Are Amazing in Any Field Ch.374 Yahoo! Garbage Needs to Be Disinfected!! Ch.375 Written as Human Dreams, Read as Fleeting Ch.376 You Can Make a Debut at Any Point in Your Life Ch.377 A Family Restaurant is a Human Scramble Ch.378 Some Other Stuff Ch.379 The character for painful needs just a bit more to become the cha... Ch.380 Nothing in Life is Better than the Excitement of the First Day of Su... Ch.381 That is What It is to be a Man, That is What It is to be Young, Brot... Ch.382 Strange Lovers Ch.382.5 Vol.35 Omake Ch.383 An Incident that Does not End with only a Kiss Ch.384 Juspion Taught Me There is Only One of Me in the Universe Ch.385 There Are Various Battles You Cannot Allow Yourself To Lose Ch.386 Right Now, Love Cannot be Stopped Ch.387 This is the Kind of Manga You are Reading Ch.388 This is Probably When You Would Hear the Term 'Nyoo...!!' Ch.389 Deja Vuing and Not Deja Vuing Ch.390 There Is Only One Moon in the Sky Ch.391 Anime Store Manager in Love Ch.392 Like an Idiot Flying into a Flame Ch.393 A Mother's Timing is Perfect Ch.393.5 Vol.36 Omake Ch.394 Nishizawa Ayumu's Heated Classroom Ch.395 I am not bored. I have plenty to do. Like take care of the cat Ch.396 To Be Strong is to Keep One's Promises Ch.397 Terrible Manga Dojo (Reverse Side) Ch.398 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 1) The Idiot Who Leaves on a Trip Ch.399 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 2) Trouble Exists in Various Places Ch.400 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 3)... ? Ch.401 Conclusion (Night 4) Viewing Hell with Some Hellish... Ch.402 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 5) A Truly Lost Child On Midnight... Ch.403 Starting Today, I am... Ch.404 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 6) Like a Prayer Ch.404.5 Vol.37 Omake Ch.405 Conclusion (Night 7) Hinagiku and Chiharu's Honest ... Ch.406 Conclusion (Night 8) There is No Method of Earning ... Ch.407 Make The Victory Crown Shine Yourself Ch.408 Ahh, I Want a Meal Ch.409 I'm Hungry Ch.410 I Have No Luck.I'm Not Onboard With This Either. Ch.411 I Will Definitely Protect You... Ch.412 Kyoto and Ise - Conclusion (Night 13) There are All Sorts of People Ch.413 Kyoto and Ise ~ Conclusion (Night 13) Conclusion Ch.414 Battlefields are Tedious Ch.415 Even If You Ask Me To Choose Between Them... Ch.415.5 Vol.38 Omake Ch.416 Which Ad Was It That Said 'Freedom to Choose... Ch.417 In Our Hearts,Moriguchi Hiroko and Yamase Mami... Ch.418 Fragments of Dreams Ch.419 To Those Hesitantly Outstretched Fingers Ch.420 That Which I Can Grasp in These Hands Ch.421 What Makes You Happy Ch.422 What Makes You Happy Ch.423 Termination Ch.424 Something Special Ch.425 I've Got to Ride Ch.426 Destroy The Invisible Wall Ch.427 No Regrets Ch.428 We Will Race into the Sky Ch.429 Ten Years from Now Ch.430 Shining Brightly Ch.431 Fireworks Ch.432 Shining Brightly Ch.433 "Those Stones Were Once Considered More Valuable Than Gold" Ch.434 The See-Through Playing Cards Come With Volume 39's Limited Edition Ch.435 Memory of a Dream Ch.436 A Dream About Santa Claus Ch.437 Plans and Expectations are Nothing but One's Imagination Ch.438 Attention, Please Ch.439 Ah, There is No Rosiness in This Strange Life Ch.440 I want to Meet Ika-chan at The Beach. Actually, I Want to Meet Ika-chan... Ch.441 Talking About Liking Octopuses on Sunday Reminds You of Mendou-kun, Doesn't it? Ch.442 With You Always Ch.443 Troublesome Relative Ch.444 Look! Look! The Chapter Number is Incredibly Unlucky! Everyone Who... Ch.445 We Still Don't Know The Name of The Flower We Ate That Day Ch.446 A Love Comedy without the Comedy Ch.446.5 Investor Y Ch.447 "A Lot Changes In Ten Years. Like Getting A Promotion... Maybe" Ch.447.5 Omake Ch.448 An Assasin From The Past (Around Volume 15) Ch.449 The 101st Or So Proposal Ch.450 Make Sure to Enter Ch.451 I Love Curry Ch.452 I Like the Strawberry Haagen Ch.453 About the Brother Ch.454 About the Younger Brother Ch.455 Love Stories Happen Surprisingly Suddenly Ch.456 I Can't Do What I Can't Do Ch.457 Ten Year Gap Ch.458 Give A Troublesome Person Something Troublesome and Only... Ch.459 Stone of Bonds Ch.460 The Sea is With Us Ch.461 And Sometimes See a Movie Ch.462 Explaining It Again Ch.463 Dede de de de de! De!! Myon myon myon Ch.464 A Story of Needless Breasts Ch.465 A Showdown 8 Months (10 Years) in The Making Ch.466 Time of Destruction Ch.467 Daily Life Ch.468 See You Again, Hero Ch.469 Recycling Day can be Easy to Forget Ch.469.1 Omake Ch.470 Santa's Red is a Blood-colored Hell 2014 Ch.471 That Is His Ability Ch.472 The Schemer Drowns in Her Schemes Ch.473 Advice That Comes with a Bad Feeling Ch.474 Kittens and Girls are Cute Ch.475 Cuteness is Justice Ch.476 "I Love Kitties" Ch.477 Late Night Diner <- Effective. Midday Cafe <- Worthless Ch.478 In Search of a Love Comedy Ch.479 Rice Is a Side Dish Ch.480 Being a Girl is Tough Ch.480.5 Omake Ch.481 This is What Happens When a Normal Person Tries Ch.482 Committed to the Result Ch.483 It's Unclear If This is the Only Neat Thing to Do Ch.484 My Summer Vacation (is Over) Ch.485 A Ten Year Introduction Ch.486 Give Me an Apple Watch Ch.487 Give Me a Free Trip. I Don't Care Where. I Just Want to Go Somewhere. Ch.488 Buffets are Filled with Dreams Ch.489 Cliches are Important Ch.490 I felt like doing it, but it was meaningless Ch.491 Some People will Traverse a Steel Beam for 20 Million Ch.491.5 Omake Ch.492 It's a Cold Night, so Let's Get Wild Ch.493 I Want to Stay in a Suite Room Ch.494 The Wild Kingdom - The Real Jungle Cruise Ch.495 It is not the strong who win. The winners win. Ch.496 Good Thing I Have a Spine Ch.497 Spicy Strategy in Colombia Ch.498 Tough Teacher Ch.499 Bruce Willis with Hair Ch.500 You can make another anime if you want. Ch.501 Tonight, Banjou's voice will signal the end of the unending battle Ch.502 Make Sure to Have a Plan Ch.502.5 Omake (v2) Ch.503 A Demon Lives in Las Vegas Ch.504 This is a Story of Friendship Ch.505 Read this only after reading Chapter 1 of Ad Astra Per Aspera Ch.506 Older female relatives tend not to mind their own business Ch.507 Karakoi Ch.508 Even Tonegawa Would Hesitate Ch.509 On a three day two night trip to Paris, this manga's editor had the ... Ch.510 That's Why the Girl Loves Ch.511 The more I drew, the cuter Kananiwa-san became. Ch.512 I Want to Visit the Grand Canyon Ch.513 A Financial Lesson for Good Kids Money is More Important than Your ... Ch.513.5 V47Omake Ch.514 Bring Everyone's Hearts Together (With Money) Ch.515 Rules are a Broad Thing Ch.516 Nishizawa Ayumu's Normal Days Ch.517 Saki-san's Bar Wandering Ch.518 I Know the Trick to Being Ill Ch.519 Too Vast a Fortune Ch.520 In Life, You Sometimes Just Need a Drink Ch.521 The End of a Long Journey Ch.522 The ideal and reality are different, but you want to get as close to... Ch.523 Inherit the Stars Ch.524 Kiss of Murder Ch.524.5 V48 Omake Ch.525 Even Mario Kart is fun because everyone plays it together Ch.526 Everyone, the Adventure Begins at Najimi Tower Ch.527 A Ponkotsu's Thoughts are Much Like Taking a Break Ch.528 Half of Life is Made of Mean Tricks and Pointless Things Ch.529 Pop Star Ch.530 Dreams Come in Many Forms Ch.531 I Want to be Teased as the One Guy in a Group of Girls Ch.532 Where Everything Is Said To Be Ch.533 I don't like to be shocked, so I read mystery novels only after know... Ch.534 Love, a Racing Heart, and a Kiss Ch.535 Two Lies do not Make the Truth Ch.535.5 v.49 c.Omake Ch.536 Maria-san is a Master of Teasing. However, She is Full of Openings Ch.537 Last Regrets Ch.538 Forever Dreamer Ch.539 One Statement, Two Feelings Ch.540 Gift Ch.541 Flowers in the Shadow Ch.542 Boy Meets Girl Ch.543 We're All In This Moment Ch.544 The Great Stygian Abyss Ch.545 Your Name Is Ch.546 Spira Mirabilis Theatre Ch.547 Internal Clock Municipal Orrery Ch.548 Angel Creation, Namely Light Ch.549 What A Wonderful World ① "Astrogation" Ch.550 Finale What A Wonderful World ② "Butterfly" Ch.551 What A Wonderful World ③ "Skyclad Observer" Ch.552 What A Wonderful World ④ "A Love Fleeting Yet Everlasting" Ch.553 Finale What A Wonderful World ⑤ "Vermilion" Ch.554 What A Wonderful World ⑥ "Paradisus-Paradoxum" Ch.555 Finale What A Wonderful World ⑦ "The Wrath of God, in All its Fury" Ch.556 What A Wonderful World ⑧ "Forbidden Resistance" Ch.557 What A Wonderful World ⑨ "to the beginning" Ch.557.5 Ch.558 Finale ⑩ "Thank You, Baby" Ch.559 Finale ⑪ "oath sign" Ch.560 Finale ⑫ "Broken Mirror" Ch.561 Finale ⑬ "Liberi Fatali" Ch.562 Finale ⑭ "To The Promised Land" Ch.563 Finale ⑮ "Cruel Angel's Thesis" Ch.564 Finale What A Wonderful World ⑯ "It's All For Loving You" Ch.565 Finale ? "Someone Loves You" Ch.566 Finale What A Wonderful World ? "Beyond The Time" Ch.567 Finale What A Wonderful World ? "When you wish upon a star&q... Ch.568 Final Chapter "There's Something I Want To Tell You Below This ... Ch.569 The Future Since Then
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