Kangoku Gakuen

Ch.093 Completely... with that Mindset

Ch.001 There Are 5 Boys Ch.002 Operation Peeping Ch.003 Prison Ch.004 Stick to the Barricade Ch.005 Four Leaf Ch.006 On the Side of the Crows Nest Ch.007 5 Person of Wasteland Ch.008 Inside the Jailhouse Ch.009 Too Acquainted Boy Ch.010 Help! Ch.011 First Mission(Fixed) Ch.012 The One Thing I know About Her Ch.013 Training Day Ch.014 Kiyoshi Return Ch.015 Brokeback Prison Ch.016 Underworld Ch.017 Panic Room Ch.018 Adults Won't Understand Ch.019 310, The Time of Decision Ch.020 Pretty Woman Ch.021 Sacrifice Ch.022 Sunshine Cleaning Ch.023 Tommorow Never Die Ch.024 Midnight Express Ch.025 The Great Escape Ch.026 Get Out Ch.027 Take me to Sumo, she said Ch.028 Human Failure Ch.029 Disdain Ch.030 Decision Ch.031 Unforgiven One Ch.032 Sign Ch.033 Opposition With Reason Ch.034 Opeation Ch.035 Sweet Life Ch.036 Secert Ch.037 Giants Ch.038 ALI Ch.039 Hana on the Counter-Attack Ch.040 Impact Ch.041 Splash Ch.042 Vice President of delicious restaurants Ch.043 Not One Less Ch.044 The Claim Ch.045 Long Good-Bye Ch.046 Do As You Please Ch.047 My Slave Diary Ch.048 Go Ch.049 The Voice Ch.050 Unstoppable Ch.051 Talk to her Ch.052 Confession Ch.053 Limit. Ch.054 Cheers. Ch.055 The Fall. Ch.056 The Warlords / The Men's Vow. Ch.057 Over the top. Ch.058 Mission 10 Minutes Ch.059 Dizzy Ch.060 Fullmetal - The Evil Hair. Ch.061 Lots of body fluids. Ch.062 The Most Heartrending Letter in All Japan Ch.063 The Prisoners' Last Supper Ch.064 Write For Tomorrow! Ch.065 The Gallows' Melody Ch.066 Paycheck Erased Memories Ch.067 If You Were to Choose Asses... Ch.068 How Amazing Is The Ass In The Life Ch.069 Eryngii Brockovich Ch.070 Traning Day Ch.071 Brad Diamond Ch.072 Scissor Hands Ch.073 Nude Night Ch.074 In & Out Ch.075 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Ch.076 Long Kiss Goodnight Ch.077 Sengoku Sdf Ch.078 On A Night When the Moon Shines Ch.079 The Morning of Expulsion Ch.080 The Man In Only Briefs Ch.081 Violence and Jailbreak Ch.082 Much Ado About Nothing In Love Ch.083 Heaven and Hell Ch.084 A Strom of Love and Hatred Ch.085 Taxi Driver Ch.086 Vengeance Is Mine Ch.087 Mad Wax Ch.088 The Girl Can't Help It Ch.089 The Prisoner's Premonition Ch.090 A Better Tomorrow Ch.091 I Can Hear the Song of the Student Council President. Ch.092 Shall We Guard? Ch.093 Completely... with that Mindset Ch.094 Pay Forward Ch.095 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Ch.096 Exploding Classroom Ch.097 Life is Beautiful Ch.098 Woman of Steel Ch.099 Violent Cop/ That Woman Is Brutal Ch.100 To Die For Ch.101 The Second Kiss Ch.102 Shrimp of Endearment Ch.103 The Secret Garden Ch.104 Crow Day Afternoon Ch.105 Pet Cemetery Ch.106 Black Monday Ch.107 Mister Lonely Ch.108 I Want to Hold You Close Ch.109 Kiyoshi's Return Ch.110 The Accused Ch.111 The Gift of the Swordsman Ch.112 The Queen Ch.113 Be With You Ch.114 AnoHana Kiyoshi Still Doesn't Know the Rage of the Hana He Saw That Day Ch.115 Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her Ch.116 Hand-Drunk Love Ch.117 The Great Bosom Ch.118 Dreams for Sale Ch.119 Love Him If You Dare (Utopia Version) Ch.120 Kiss-Ass (Utopia Version) Ch.121 Entrapment (Utopia Version) Ch.122 The Bad Laugh Well (Utopia Version) Ch.123 Invictus (Utopia Version) Ch.124 The Three Kingdoms of the Finzi-Continis (Utopia Version) Ch.125 Guilty By Suspicion (Utopia Version) Ch.126 Man on A Ledge (Utopia Version) Ch.127 The Dangerous Lives of Altered Boys (Utopia Version) Ch.128 Catch Me If You Can (Utopia Version) Ch.129 The Witness (Utopia Version) Ch.130 Vantage Point (Utopia Version) Ch.131 The Right Stuff (Utopia Version) Ch.132 Snow White (Utopia Version) Ch.133 Crossing Over Ch.134 Konshin Full-Force (Utopia Version) Ch.135 All About My Sister (Utopia Version) Ch.136 Gold Finger (Utopia Version) Ch.137 The Prestige (Utopia Version) Ch.138 Women on Top (Utopia Version) Ch.139 The Kiyoshi Conference (Utopia Version) Ch.140 For A Copper's Hide Ch.141 Me, Myself, and the Kuriharas Ch.142 Buried Ch.143 Dream to Believe Ch.144 The Bird Ch.145 Third Girl Ch.146 Under Siege Ch.147 The Ugly Truth Ch.148 Sleeping Beast Ch.149 The Longest Day in Prison Ch.150 The Quiet Man Ch.151 Demolition Man Ch.152 With Honors Ch.153 The Dreamlife of Beasts Ch.154 Soulful Kitchen Ch.155 Les Miserable Ch.156 For Whom Ch.157 October Sky Ch.158 When Mari Was There(Fixed) Ch.159 Pride and Prejudice Ch.160 Dark Box Ch.161 Whispers of the Heart Ch.162 Nobody Knows Ch.163 Inception(Utopia Ver.) Ch.164 Snake Eyes(Utopia Ver.) Ch.165 Lethal Weapon(Utopia Ver.) Ch.166 Full Throttle(Utopia Ver.) Ch.167 The Old Jockey(Utopia Ver.) Ch.168 Marvin's Room(Utopia Ver.) Ch.169 Woman on Horseback(Utopia Ver.) Ch.170 Audition(Utopia Ver.) Ch.171 Into Darkness(Utopia Ver.) Ch.172 Sky Fall(Utopia Ver.) Ch.173 Kiss of the Snake Woman(Utopia Ver.) Ch.174 The Majestic(Utopia Ver.) Ch.175 A Star Is Born Ch.176 Before I Go To Sleep Ch.177 It All Began When I Met You Ch.178 We Are (Not) Alone Ch.179 The Never-Setting Sun Ch.180 Love Hunter Ch.181 Terminator Genesis Ch.182 The Strategy of Shingo Cabret Ch.183 Read Online Ch.184 Abnormal Activity Ch.185 No Matter How Deep You Wedge Ch.186 The Friend Connection Ch.187 Girlfight Ch.188 The Devil Wears Casual Clothes Ch.189 Now You See Me Ch.190 Panties' Labyrith Ch.191 The Naked Truth Ch.192 Master of the Game Ch.193 Drink Wear Love Ch.194 Unforgiven Ch.195 Extermely Sad and Incredibly Painful(Utopia Ver.) Ch.196 The Anthem of the Heart Ch.197 Pole! The Story of Pole Ch.198 The Force Awakens Ch.199 Ant Boy Ch.200 The Man With the Golden Gun Ch.201 The Bear Ch.202 The Mask Ch.203 The longest Schoolyard Ch.204 A Dangerous Method Ch.205 Dead Again Ch.206 Close Encounters of the Opposite Kind Ch.207 Pitch Perfect Ch.208 Kiyoshi's Ch.209 Heaven Cannot Wait Ch.210 The Need of Love Ch.211 My Darling Clementine Ch.212 Invasion of Mega-Monsters[Utopia Ver.] Ch.213 The "Counselor"[Utopia Ver.] Ch.214 Leap of Faith [Utopia Ver.] Ch.215 Bra Girls Ch.216 Help! Ch.217 The Towering Inferno Ch.218 Paycheck Ch.219 Hide And Seek Ch.220 Stairway to Heaven Ch.221 The Imitation Game Ch.222 All You Need is Love Ch.223 Gone Girl Ch.224 Sister Act Ch.225 Obsession Ch.226 Beyond Beauty Humans From Above Ch.227 I Can Hear the Song of the U.S.C. President Ch.228 Begin Again Ch.229 The Revenant Ch.230 I Have to Lick the New Shoes Ch.231 The Bicentennial Andre Ch.232 God Save My Shoes Ch.233 Hell on Earth Ch.234 Mindscape Ch.235 Invincible Ch.236 Somebody Ch.237 Happy & Glorious Ch.238 Hana-Bi (Fireworks) Ch.239 Silence of the Lambs Ch.240 Black Hawk Down Ch.241 Postwoman in the Mountains Ch.242 Killing Me Softly Ch.243 Only Yesterday Ch.244 Ch.245 Ch.246 Ch.247 While The Women Are Throwing Ch.248 The Postman Always Knocks Twice Ch.249 The Long Excuse Ch.250 Hana Wars Ch.251 There Lived A Strong-Willed Princess. Ch.252 Your Neighm Ch.253 Retroactive Ch.254 Ch.255 Louder Than Bombs Ch.256 Ch.257 The Other Kurihara Girl Ch.258 You're Not You Ch.259 One Wonderful Saturday Ch.260 Airport Ch.261 The Bicycle Thief Ch.262 Idiots Ch.263 This Is It Ch.264 REC Ch.265 Phantom Lady Ch.266 The Meaning Of Life Ch.267 The Love Porter Ch.268 Inside Skirt Ch.269 Run Meiko Run Ch.270 The Secret Life Of Words Ch.271 The Theory Of Everything Ch.272 Water Travelers Ch.273 Enma Ch.274 The Last Judgment Ch.275 My Daughter Ch.276 No Regrets In My Youth Ch.277 We don't have a tomorrow [END] Ch.277.5 End of Play
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