Kusumi-kun, Kuuki Yometemasu ka?

Ch.004 I want to hear your voice right now

Ch.000.1 The boring guy who's in my sights Ch.000.2 Your Smile Ch.000.3 Yahkeeism Haruna-kun Ch.001 I always think of Kuzumi! Ch.002 Kuzumi & Haruna Ch.003 LOVER IN THE RAIN Ch.004 I want to hear your voice right now Ch.005 It's all Summer's fault! Ch.005.5 Volume 1 Extra Ch.006 The Second Semester Ch.007 That Guy MIsaki Tooru Ch.008 A Classroom Without You Ch.009 Because I Have Friends Ch.010 Nuovo Cinema Paradiso Ch.011 Be Careful Not to Cause Scandals Ch.011.5 The Night before Exams + Omake Ch.012 Be Quiet in the Library Ch.013 The Chocolate War (of Love) Ch.014 Bittersweet Symphony Ch.015 I Can't See Him Anymore Ch.016 The Encounter After School Ch.017 BOYS·DON'T·CRY Ch.018 The Beginning Ch.019 Sophomores Ch.020 Kuzumi-kun's Home Affairs Ch.021 Snow White Magic Ch.022 A magical kiss, right now! Ch.023 Yet another unrequited love Ch.024 Confession Ch.025 The distance between them Ch.026 Fish Story Ch.027 After School Voice Ch.028 School trip Day one Ch.029 School trip Day two Ch.030 First Love Ch.030.5 School trip Day three Ch.031 Happy Birthday Ch.032 Sister's story Ch.033 Count down Ch.034 Haruna and Yukko Ch.035 Chocolate war (Once again) Ch.036 I don't want to hear it, but i want to know Ch.037 God, please give me courage. Ch.037.5 Love's hand cream magic Ch.038 Aku Menyukaimu Ch.039 Friendship etcetera Ch.040 Earnest Ch.041 That's your timing Ch.042 Don't turn around Ch.043 From "I like you" to Beyond Ch.043.5 After from now Ch.044 Something's wrong with him today Ch.044.5 My precious friend Ch.045 The two we see a lot Ch.046 The final match is on sunday Ch.047 All I Want For This Summer is You (Part 1) Ch.048 Ch.049 Ch.050 The world he sees Ch.051 The One I'm Looking at is You.
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