Kuzu to Megane to Bungakushojo

Ch.191 If only she didn't lose that time...

Ch.001 Ch1~99.5 Ch.002 Who Are You? Ch.003 Supporting Character Ch.004 A Life Without Regrets Ch.005 Late Start Ch.006 Glasses' Image Ch.007 The Result of Victory Ch.008 Ch.010 An Unsettling Comment Ch.011 "Stands Around and Reads Manga" Level Ch.012 Most Foreigners are American Ch.013 Number of Answers Ch.014 Fake Literature Girl Ch.015 Morning Routine Ch.016 A Born idiot Ch.017 Modeled After Ch.018 Couldn't Think of Anything Else Ch.019 Won't Meet Her Eyes Ch.021 Russian Names Ch.022 Ch.023 Ch.027 Ch.028 Ch.029 Ch.030 Ch.031 Ch.032 Ch.038 Ch.039 Ch.040 Ch.041 Ch.042 Viewpoint Ch.043 Ch.044 Ch.045 Ch.046 Ch.058 Ch.060 Ch.066 Ch.070 Ch.079 Ch.100 Over 1000 People Ch.101 News on Her Condition Ch.102 Sympathy Ch.103 Question and Answer Ch.104 Confessions Ch.105 Posture Ch.106 His Condition Ch.107 True Colors Ch.108 Spoiler Ch.109 Final Blow Ch.110 The Book to Read Ch.111 Cannot Be Discouraged Ch.112 Hyperventilation Ch.113 Systematic Breathing Ch.114 Near Overdose Ch.115 Falling Into Darkness Ch.116 Deaths Close By Ch.117 Violence and Sex Ch.118 The Ability to Empathize Ch.119 Burst Ch.120 Reaching the Goal Ch.121 Things That Spill Out Ch.122 After Reading Ch.123 The Hell Are You Flirting in Front of Me For? You Piece o… Ch.124 Personal Feelings Ch.125 The Ones Who Do Not Exist Ch.126 Crossing Paths Ch.127 The Face of Someone Waiting Ch.128 Rubbed the Wrong Way Ch.129 Now! Ch.130 "The One Who OOO Exist" Ch.131 An Inverse Proportion Between face and Personality Ch.132 The Ones Who Do Not Exist Ch.133 Ch100~133 Ch.134 Overcome With Emotion Ch.135 It’s Lonely… Ch.136 First Thing in the Morning Ch.137 Sports-Minded Ch.138 Three People, Three Approaches Ch.139 Hide Your Underarms Ch.140 About to Drip Ch.141 Manga is for Idiots Ch.142 Showing Off Ch.143 Dimwittedness and Sensitivity Ch.144 Can't Fight It Ch.145 The Results of Him Thinking Ch.146 Even If He Diverges From the Path Ch.147 Living True to Yourself Ch.148 Reason Ch.149 Desire Before Love Ch.150 Finished Reading Ch.151 Uncertain Ch.152 Hibana Ch.153 Self-Consciousness Ch.154 Spot On Ch.155 Contrast Ch.156 People Who Know It Will Get It Ch.157 Laughing and Crying Ch.158 Ch.159 Can't Seem to Remember Ch.160 Reality Looming Overhead Ch.161 The Trials of Entering a Prep School Ch.162 This is What Happens If You Don't Study Ch.163 Gap Ch.164 In Other Words, Please Help Me S Ch.166 Studying at Home Ch.167 Ch.168 Hid it deep inside her heart Ch.170 Long restroom visit Ch.171 Slightly better Ch.172 A character's feelings Ch.173 The Summer begins Ch.174 Camouflage Ch.175 Looking for familiar faces Ch.176 This summer, they are not alone Ch.177 Outsider Ch.178 Pronouncation and damage Ch.179 Cut from the same cloth Ch.180 Dazzling Ch.181 Unusual Ch.182 My corpse Ch.183 (Fake) Corpse's point of view Ch.184 Taste Ch.185 Summer library Ch.186 Inappropriate Ch.187 With A Naked Eye Ch.188 Given the chance Ch.189 Came in a swimsuit Ch.190 A serious story Ch.191 If only she didn't lose that time... Ch.192 Double shock Ch.193 A place to return Ch.194 The vacation they spent together
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