New Prince of Tennis

Vol.04 Ch.042 Crushing One's Pride

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Prince Returns Home Vol.01 Ch.002 The Strength of the Middle Schoolers Vol.01 Ch.003 The True Strength Of The High Schoolers Vol.01 Ch.004 The Extermination Of Momoshiro's Demons Vol.01 Ch.005 Momoshiro's Determination Vol.01 Ch.006 Attacking Your Comrade Vol.01 Ch.007 Surmounting The Harsh Trials Vol.02 Ch.008 The Emperor vs. The Child of God (First Act) Vol.02 Ch.009 The Emperor vs. The Child Of God (Final Act) Vol.02 Ch.010 Those Chosen By Their Captains (Opening Act) Vol.02 Ch.011 Those Chosen By Their Captains (Final Act) Vol.02 Ch.012 Lost Children Vol.02 Ch.013 Encounter Vol.02 Ch.014 The Preface To Battle Vol.02 Ch.015 Successive Winners Vol.02 Ch.016 Winners And Losers....... Vol.03 Ch.017 The Losers Crawl On Up! Vol.03 Ch.018 Heaven Or Hell Vol.03 Ch.018.1 Omake Jitaku 1 - Morning At The House Of Atobe Vol.03 Ch.018.2 Omake 2 Jitaku 2 - Morning In The House Of Sanada Vol.03 Ch.018.3 Pair Puri Volume 1 Prince of After School (4-koma) Vol.03 Ch.019 Start From Zero Vol.03 Ch.020 Sudden Death Match Vol.03 Ch.021 Special Mission Vol.03 Ch.022 Naive Trap Vol.03 Ch.023 Sportsman Hunt (Opening Act) Vol.03 Ch.024 Sportsman Hunt (Final Act) Vol.03 Ch.025 Transformation Vol.03 Ch.026 Revolution Vol.03 Ch.027 The Opening Gate Vol.03 Ch.028 The Mysterious Relationship Between Oni and the middle Vol.03 Ch.029 Team Shuffle Vol.03 Ch.030 GraveStone Vol.03 Ch.031 The Oath on the Cross Vol.03 Ch.032 Forbidden Devil Mode Vol.03 Ch.033 Gold Vol.04 Ch.034 Angel Mode Vol.04 Ch.035 Decisive Battle Between the Seigaku Captains! Vol.04 Ch.036 Wish Vol.04 Ch.037 Farewell Tezuka Kunimitsu Vol.04 Ch.038 One, Step Ahead... Vol.04 Ch.039 Evolution Vol.04 Ch.040 To Be Too Trusting Vol.04 Ch.041 Process Vol.04 Ch.042 Crushing One's Pride Vol.04 Ch.043 Atobe Kingdom Vol.04 Ch.044 Toward The Tiebreak Vol.04 Ch.045 Endurance Battle Vol.04 Ch.046 For the Sake of the Struggle Vol.04 Ch.047 The Open Gate Vol.04 Ch.048 The Return of the Losers Vol.04 Ch.049 The Prince of Pillow Fighting Vol.04 Ch.050 VS The Overseas Expedition Group Vol.04 Ch.051 Those Known to the World Vol.04 Ch.052 The Revolution Begins Vol.04 Ch.053 Those Whom Began to Move Vol.04 Ch.054 Counterattack of the Black Jersey Brigade Vol.04 Ch.055 Appearance of the Star Performer Vol.04 Ch.056 The Threat of Vanish Vol.04 Ch.057 Sharp Shooting Vol.04 Ch.058 A Mirror Image Vol.04 Ch.059 The Insurmountable Wall Vol.04 Ch.060 Promise Vol.04 Ch.061 Counterattack of the Revolutionary Brigade Vol.04 Ch.062 Conquer Vol.04 Ch.063 Hyaku Hachi, Shiki Hadoukyuu Vol.04 Ch.064 Farewell, Strong Middle Schoolers Vol.07 Ch.065 Upset Victory Vol.07 Ch.066 Toward Tomorrow Vol.08 Ch.029 Vol.08 Ch.067 Their Thoughts Vol.08 Ch.068 Reunion Vol.08 Ch.069 The Night Before the Decisive Battle Vol.08 Ch.070 The Ultimate Army - Genius 10 Vol.08 Ch.071 Illusion Pair Combo Vol.08 Ch.072 Infinity is Closest to Me Vol.08 Ch.073 Just a little bit more power Vol.08 Ch.074 Abnormality Vol.08 Ch.075 Shamful Insight Vol.08 Ch.076 If it's Tezuka Vol.08 Ch.077 Something lost Vol.08 Ch.078 Dream Doubles Vol.08 Ch.079 A Losing Goal Vol.08 Ch.080 Unexpected Ambush Vol.08 Ch.081 A yell that can't be heard Vol.08 Ch.082 Proof of Winning Vol.08 Ch.083 Sudden Change Vol.08 Ch.084 Ideal Team Vol.08 Ch.085 Anticipation Vol.08 Ch.086 Motto Vol.08 Ch.087 Successful Deal Vol.08 Ch.088 The Truth behind the Betrayal Vol.08 Ch.089 Marui's Willpower Vol.08 Ch.090 Giving gum to the Hitman Vol.08 Ch.091 Wild Awakening Vol.08 Ch.092 Understanding The Target Vol.08 Ch.093 Oni's Story Vol.08 Ch.094 Byoooin VS Oni (Part 1) Vol.08 Ch.095 Byoooin VS Oni (Part 2) Vol.08 Ch.096 A Demon... Once More! Vol.08 Ch.097 Conclusion of the off-court battle! Vol.08 Ch.098 Seeking even greater heights Vol.08 Ch.099 Golden Tennis Vol.08 Ch.100 "Emperor X Monster" Vol.08 Ch.101 "Akatsu's Withdrawal" Vol.08 Ch.102 "Lucky or Unlucky" Vol.08 Ch.103 Each and every fate Vol.08 Ch.104 The 1st string's pace Vol.08 Ch.105 Nitouryuu ohmagari ryuuji Vol.08 Ch.106 Karma Vol.08 Ch.107 Black Aura Vol.08 Ch.108 Nothing Vol.08 Ch.109 Look Over There Vol.08 Ch.110 Our Own Revolution Vol.08 Ch.111 Double Clutch Vol.08 Ch.112 Their Past Vol.08 Ch.113 Big Brother and Little Brother Vol.08 Ch.114 Orange Vol.08 Ch.115 Reminiscence Vol.08 Ch.116 Abuse Vol.08 Ch.117 The Top Vol.08 Ch.118 Into The Divine Path Of The Asura Vol.08 Ch.119 The Struggle For Life Or Death Vol.08 Ch.120 Supreme Ruler Vol.08 Ch.121 Awakening At The Time Of Death Vol.08 Ch.122 Determination Vol.08 Ch.123 The Strong Vol.08 Ch.124 To Our Future Vol.08 Ch.125 Samurai Vol.08 Ch.126 Camp Eviction Vol.08 Ch.127 A Brief Calm Vol.08 Ch.128 Fortune Slips Vol.08 Ch.129 Invitation Vol.08 Ch.130 Those Who Lead The Way Vol.08 Ch.131 The Head Coach Appears Vol.08 Ch.132 Baptism Vol.08 Ch.133 The 14th Man Vol.08 Ch.134 Goes Forth Vol.08 Ch.135 The Path Straight to Being A Pro Vol.08 Ch.136 The Horrifying Akuto Meshi Vol.08 Ch.137 The Grand Pickup Battle! Vol.08 Ch.138 Ultimate Rivals Vol.08 Ch.139 The Ultimate Draw Luck Vol.08 Ch.140 The Pre-World Cup Opens!! Vol.08 Ch.141 A Perfect Away Vol.08 Ch.142 Turning the Tables Vol.08 Ch.143 Farewell, Tezuka Kunimitsu Vol.08 Ch.144 My "Guidepost" Vol.08 Ch.145 Destroyer Vol.08 Ch.146 Tacit Consent Vol.08 Ch.147 Together withe Disgrace Vol.08 Ch.148 Real... Vol.08 Ch.149 Quality of Perfection Vol.08 Ch.150 Luftspiegelung Vol.08 Ch.151 The World's Strongest Man Vol.08 Ch.152 Juncture Vol.08 Ch.153 Summer Dream Vol.08 Ch.154 Glass Memories Vol.08 Ch.155 Sayonara Yesterday Vol.08 Ch.156 I an Right Here Vol.08 Ch.157 The Impact of One Game Vol.08 Ch.158 Tennis Cyborg Vol.08 Ch.159 Opfer Vol.08 Ch.160 Voice of Memory Vol.08 Ch.161 Farewell, Yukimura Seiichi Vol.08 Ch.162 On the Ball Vol.08 Ch.163 “Premonition” and “Senses” Vol.08 Ch.164 Resonance Vol.08 Ch.165 The Sixth Sense Vol.08 Ch.166 A Glimpse Into the Future Vol.08 Ch.167 Pro Baptism Vol.08 Ch.168 Proclamation of War Vol.08 Ch.169 The Asura Man Vol.08 Ch.170 Pride of an All Japan Representative Vol.08 Ch.171 Aiming for World No. 1 Vol.08 Ch.172 A New Enemy Vol.08 Ch.173 The Big 4 Vol.08 Ch.174 The Night Before the U-17 World Cup Tournament Vol.08 Ch.175 Vol.08 Ch.176 Vol.08 Ch.177 Vol.08 Ch.178 Opening of the race Vol.08 Ch.179 Battle with Opponents, Greece! Vol.08 Ch.180 Fear Vol.08 Ch.181 Like The Light of the Moon Vol.08 Ch.182 A Reliable Partner Vol.08 Ch.183 That's My Answer!! Vol.08 Ch.184 Silver White Light Vol.08 Ch.185 Proclamation Vol.08 Ch.186 Shouldering Your Country Vol.08 Ch.187 Before Anyone Realized... Vol.08 Ch.188 Turbulent Beginning Vol.08 Ch.189 Vol.08 Ch.190 Vol.08 Ch.191 Vol.08 Ch.192 Unwinnable Fight Vol.08 Ch.193 At The End Of The Desert Vol.08 Ch.194 Flash Tennis Vol.08 Ch.195 Vol.08 Ch.196 Vol.08 Ch.197 Vol.08 Ch.198 Vol.08 Ch.199 Vol.08 Ch.200 Vol.08 Ch.201 Vol.08 Ch.202 Vol.08 Ch.203 Vol.08 Ch.204 Vol.08 Ch.205 Vol.08 Ch.206 Vol.08 Ch.207 Vol.08 Ch.208 Vol.08 Ch.209 Vol.08 Ch.210 Vol.08 Ch.211 Vol.08 Ch.212 Vol.08 Ch.213 Vol.08 Ch.214 Vol.08 Ch.215 Vol.08 Ch.216 Vol.08 Ch.217 Vol.08 Ch.218 Vol.08 Ch.219 Vol.08 Ch.220 Vol.08 Ch.221 Vol.08 Ch.222 Vol.08 Ch.223 Vol.08 Ch.224 Vol.08 Ch.225 Vol.08 Ch.226 Vol.08 Ch.227 Vol.08 Ch.228 Vol.08 Ch.229 Vol.08 Ch.230 Vol.08 Ch.231 Vol.08 Ch.232 Vol.08 Ch.233 Vol.08 Ch.234 Vol.08 Ch.235 Vol.08 Ch.236 Vol.08 Ch.237 Vol.08 Ch.238 Vol.08 Ch.239 Vol.08 Ch.240 Vol.08 Ch.241 Vol.08 Ch.242 Vol.08 Ch.243 Vol.08 Ch.244 Vol.08 Ch.245 Vol.08 Ch.246 Vol.08 Ch.247 Vol.08 Ch.248 Vol.08 Ch.249 Vol.08 Ch.250 Vol.08 Ch.251 Vol.08 Ch.252 Vol.08 Ch.253 Vol.08 Ch.254 Vol.08 Ch.255 Vol.08 Ch.256 Vol.08 Ch.257 Vol.08 Ch.258 Vol.08 Ch.259 Vol.08 Ch.260 Vol.08 Ch.296 Vol.08 Ch.297 Vol.08 Ch.298 Vol.08 Ch.299 Vol.08 Ch.301 Vol.08 Ch.302 Vol.08 Ch.303 Vol.08 Ch.304 Vol.08 Ch.305 Vol.08 Ch.306 Vol.08 Ch.307 Vol.08 Ch.308 Vol.08 Ch.309 Vol.08 Ch.310 Vol.08 Ch.311 Vol.08 Ch.312 Vol.08 Ch.313 Vol.08 Ch.314 Vol.08 Ch.315 Vol.08 Ch.316 Vol.08 Ch.317 Vol.08 Ch.318
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