Nisekoi (KOMI Naoshi)

Ch.109 Awkward

Ch.000 Oneshot Ch.001 Promise Ch.002 Question Ch.003 First Ch.004 Encounter Ch.005 Plenty Ch.006 Similar Ch.007 Handmade Ch.008 Home Visit Ch.009 Getting Closer Ch.010 Swimming Ch.010.5 Special Ch.011 Keyhole Ch.012 Spoiler Ch.013 Zawsze In Love Ch.014 Lending and Borrowing Ch.015 Rival Ch.016 Duel Ch.017 Cute Ch.018 Happiness Ch.019 Visiting the Ill Ch.020 Ditz Ch.021 Scar Ch.022 Hot Springs Ch.023 Girls Ch.024 Lottery Ch.025 How to call Ch.026 Love Ch.027 Detour Ch.028 Celebration Ch.029 Confirmation Ch.030 Picture Ch.031 After school Ch.032 Lovey-Dovey Ch.033 Mayhem Ch.034 Pursuit Ch.035 Explosion Ch.036 Three Ch.037 Greetings Ch.038 Work Ch.039 Typhoon Ch.040 Liar Ch.041 Stray Dog Ch.041.5 Extra Newlyweds Ch.042 Temple Festival Ch.043 Good Fortune Ch.044 At the Beach Ch.045 Hazy Ch.046 Dramatic Play Ch.047 Together Ch.048 Curtain Raiser Ch.049 Showtime Ch.050 Leading Actor Ch.051 From Here On Out Ch.052 Measurement Ch.053 Fortunes Ch.054 Fate(fight) Ch.055 Match Ch.055.5 One Shot Nisekyuu !! Ch.056 Teach Me Ch.057 Notice Ch.058 Loss Ch.059 It's Been A While Ch.060 Necessity Ch.061 Mother Ch.062 Reason Ch.063 After That Ch.064 Shrine Maiden Ch.065 Change Ch.066 Changing seats Ch.067 Delicious Ch.068 That Is Ch.069 Almost Ch.070 Handcuffs Ch.071 Work Ch.072 Marathon Ch.072.5 Ch.073 Indirect Ch.074 A Huge Lie Ch.075 Kamikaze Ch.076 Little Sister Ch.077 Work! Ch.078 Give It Back Ch.079 Peace Ch.080 Suspension Bridge Ch.081 Bath House Ch.082 Cleaning Ch.083 Crush Ch.084 Friend (Fixed) Ch.085 Support Ch.086 Sick Visit Ch.087 What Day Ch.088 Loss Ch.088.5 Oremonogatari x Nisekoi~boys side Ch.089 Reenactment Ch.090 Blue Ch.090.5 Oremonogatari x Nisekoi~girls side Ch.091 Frustration Ch.092 Bouquet Ch.093 I Want to Lose Weight Ch.094 Costume Ch.095 Old Man Ch.096 Imagination Ch.097 Please Ch.098 Good Morning (fixed) Ch.099 Feeble Ch.100 Try Ch.101 Cakery Ch.102 Cheer Ch.103 Overcome Ch.104 Raku-sama Ch.105 Tanabata Ch.105.5 Service Ch.106 Investigation Ch.107 Festival Ch.108 Question Ch.109 Awkward Ch.110 Outing Ch.111 Charming Ch.112 Step Ch.113 Great-Grandfather Ch.114 One Millimeter Ch.115 Relief Ch.116 Boxed Lunch Ch.117 Stomach Pain Ch.118 Nee-san Ch.119 Teacher Ch.120 Need to Know Ch.121 Younger Brother Ch.122 Interview Ch.122.1 Extra Chapter Ch.123 Suitable Ch.124 Lady Ch.125 Girls... Ch.126 Declaration Ch.127 King Ch.128 Connect Ch.129 Cold Ch.130 Interview Ch.131 Plan Ch.132 Beauty Pageant Ch.133 One on One Ch.133.1 Extra Chapter Unification Ch.134 Choice Ch.135 Singing Voice Ch.136 Identical Ch.137 I'm Glad Ch.138 Great Luck Ch.139 Speech Ch.140 Slumber Ch.141 Sincere Ch.142 Animal Ch.143 Work Ch.144 Staying the Night Ch.145 Athletics Ch.146 Perfect Ch.147 Yui-Nee Ch.148 Successor Ch.149 Ojou Ch.150 Deciding Groups Ch.151 Trouble Ch.152 Sound Asleep Ch.153 Action Movie Ch.154 Happy Ch.155 A Certain Thing Ch.156 One Shot Ch.157 Transfer Ch.158 Question Ch.159 Good Idea Ch.160 I Want to See Him Ch.161 Trap Ch.162 I understand Ch.163 Scrap Ch.164 Magical Ch.165 Fir Tree Ch.165.1 – ? – Newlywed Ch.166 Looking forward to it Ch.167 Choice Ch.168 Understood Ch.169 Vacation Ch.170 Survive Ch.171 True Feelings Ch.172 Shrine Visit Ch.173 Something's Changed Ch.174 I Have Someone Ch.175 Agitated Ch.176 Child Ch.177 Now That I Think About It Ch.178 To Become An Adult Ch.179 An Order Ch.180 I've Been Watching Ch.181 Limit Ch.182 Contract Ch.183 Message Ch.184 Role Ch.185 Battle Ch.186 Why Ch.187 Dungeon Ch.188 To Mari Ch.188.1 “Nisekoi Fest” Special Extra Chapter ~Princess~ Ch.189 Marriage Ch.190 Take Me Away Ch.191 Sorry to Make You Wait Ch.192 Personal Interest Ch.193 Take Fight Ch.194 Not One Bit Ch.195 The Center Ch.196 Be Brave Ch.197 Cheer Up Ch.198 Coincidence Ch.199 True Love Ch.200 Realized Ch.201 Spring Breeze Ch.202 Serious Ch.203 Beginning Ch.204 Chance Ch.205 That's What You Would Call It Ch.206 One Day Ch.207 Unversity Ch.208 Someone I Look Up To Ch.209 Problematic Ch.210 I've Decided Ch.211 On the Night of Falling Stars Ch.212 Bye-Bye Ch.213 Continuation Ch.214 Whereabouts Ch.215 I Like You Ch.216 The Truth Ch.217 Decided [Tsurezure Scans .Ver] Ch.218 It's kind of... Ch.219 In The End Ch.220 The Last Page Ch.221 The Truth Ch.222 Fake Ch.223 Surprise Ch.224 I Can't Do That Ch.225 Ch.226 Farewell Ch.227 HQ Version Ch.228 Journey [Tsurezure Scans .Ver] Ch.229 Promise Ch.229.5 Omake
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