Nurarihyon no Mago

Ch.071 The Toono Story Part 3 Kyo Youkai - Kidoumaru

Ch.000 Pilot - Oneshot Ch.001 Becoming the Master of all Youkai Ch.002 Rikuo, Walking the School At Night Ch.003 Rikuo, Angered by the Sworn Brother Ch.004 Rikuo Had A Dream Ch.005 Rikuo, Present at the Formation of the Kiyo Cross Squad Ch.006 Rikuo's Home is Explored Ch.007 Rikuo Goes to 1st Street Ch.008 Rikuo Faces Off Against The Fangs of Kyuuso Ch.009 Rikuo has a Fever Ch.009.5 The Dispute of The Main House Ch.010 Rikuo Goes on a Youkai Mystery Tour Ch.011 Rikuo Sojourn on MT. Nejireme Ch.012 Rikuo Goes Out on a Night Exploration Ch.013 Rikuo on the night of the new moon Ch.014 Rikuo stands at the peak of Mt. Nejireme Ch.015 Rikuo faces Gyuuki Ch.016 Umewakamaru and Gyuuki Ch.017 Gyuuki's Beloved Nura Clan Ch.018 Kana, 13 years old" Ch.019 Kana and the youkai Ungaikyou Ch.020 Kana's Birthday Ch.021 Nura Group General Meeting Ch.022 Youkai of the kaze Ch.023 keikain onmyoujutsu Ch.024 Power of Nurarihyon Ch.025 The 7 travelers Ch.026 88 Kiyakou of the four kingdoms Ch.027 Shikoku 88 demon rush Ch.027.5 Grandson Of Nurarihyon Omake Ch.028 Hibari and Senba Sama Ch.029 Inugami, The Youkai, Part 1 Ch.030 Inugami, The Youkai Part 2 Ch.031 Inugami, The Youkai, part 3 Ch.032 Inugami, The Youkai, part 4 Ch.033 Inugami, The Youkai, part 5 Ch.034 Inugami, The Youkai, part 6 Ch.035 Nurarihyon's Journey to Shikoku Ch.036 Counterattack Ch.037 Gozu Mezu Undercover Operatives Ch.038 Gozu Mezu Undercover Operatives, Part 2 Ch.039 Gozu & Mezu's Return Ch.040 Hyakki Yakou & Sakazuki Ch.041 Hyakki Yakou Vs Hachijuuhakki Yakou Ch.042 The Youkai With Wings Darker Than Shadows Ch.043 White Snow Gleaming In The Darkness Ch.044 Battle of the Heads Ch.045 The Maou Hammer Ch.046 Inugami Gyoubu Tanuki Tamazuki Ch.047 The End of Ambition Ch.048 The House Where Yami Looms, Part 1 Ch.049 The House Where Yami Looms, Part 2 Ch.050 The House Where Yami Looms Part 3 Ch.051 Their Justice Ch.052 The Warriors of Blue and Black Ch.053 Anguish Ch.054 False Words Ch.055 Mutual Deception Ch.056 True Colours Ch.057 Convincing Keikain Yura Ch.058 Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru Part 1 Strange Tales of Ukiyoe Town Oitekebori Ch.059 Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru Part 2 The Taimatou and the Pipe Ch.060 Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru Part 3 Nurarihyon And Youhime Ch.061 Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru Part 4 Ch.062 Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru Part 5 Ch.063 Spirit Blade Nenekirimaru Part 6 Ch.064 Sakura, For Instance Ch.065 The Tower Keep Spirit Blade Nenekirimari, Part 8 Ch.066 Connecting Back To The Present Ch.067 The Eight Barriers Ch.068 The Supreme Commander VS. The Young Head Ch.069 The Toono Story Part 1 The Hidden Village Ch.070 The Toono Story Part 2 Kamaitachi Ch.071 The Toono Story Part 3 Kyo Youkai - Kidoumaru Ch.072 The Toono Story Part 4 Kyouka Suigetsu Ch.073 Hagoromo Gitsune Invades, Seeking Kyoto's Annihilation Ch.074 The Keikain Main House Ch.075 Showdown At Kinroku-Ji! Ch.076 Leaving Toono!! Ch.077 Return Ch.078 A City Engulfed by Darkness Ch.079 The Grey Onmyouji Ch.080 Yaso Style Onmyou Techniques Ch.081 The Rending Army Ch.082 A Chance Meeting Ch.083 Takarabune Ch.084 Sickle and Cat's Cradle Ch.085 The Fight Begins Ch.086 Battle In The Skies Above Kyoto Ch.087 Human And Ayakashi Ch.088 Shot Down Ch.089 Their Dearest Wish Ch.090 The Maze A Forest of Gates Ch.091 Awashima, The Amanojyaku Ch.092 The Name "Awashima" Ch.093 Convergence Ch.094 An Ayakashi You Must Not Encounter Ch.095 Tsuchigumo Ch.096 Roar Ch.097 Nightmare Ch.098 Day and Night Ch.099 Sinking into Darkness... Ch.100 The Scent of Blood Ch.101 Ondeko, The Demon Drum Ch.102 Their Past Ch.103 Strength, and Strength Ch.104 Sky-Cleaving Intruders Ch.105 Shoukera Ch.106 The Green Demon Who Wept Ch.107 Towards the Uncertain Leader Ch.107.5 The Dawn of Edo Ch.108 The Sacred Act of Wearing a Hyakki Ch.109 Opposing Forces Ch.110 Entrust Everything to Me Ch.111 A Slashing Blade of Ice Ch.112 Full-Bore Ch.113 Toono and Rikuo Ch.114 Bonds Across His Back Ch.115 Old Enemies Ch.116 Foetal Movements Ch.117 To Nijou Castle...! Ch.118 Satori and Oni Hitokuchi Ch.119 The Corridors of Nijou Castle Ch.119.5 Extra Story The Strange Story of Ukiyoe Middle School Ch.120 The Cycle of Rebirth Ch.121 Rajoumon Ch.122 The Void Ch.123 Sword Fight Ch.124 Birth Ch.125 Trap Ch.126 Fissure Ch.127 Things Kept Secret Ch.128 In a Grove Ch.129 Fragments of Recollection Ch.130 He Who Whispers in Darkness Ch.131 The Dark Banquet Ch.132 Kyoto Ablaze Ch.133 Splitting Images of Each Other Ch.134 Rikuo Makes a Declaration Ch.135 Tsurara and the Kooribachi Ch.136 Tsurara and the Arawashi Clan Ch.137 The Toilet Youkai Ch.138 Tooryanse the Slasher Ch.139 Tooryanse the Slasher (continued) Ch.140 Tooryanse The Slasher(Continue) Ch.141 The People Eating Village Ch.142 Continuation The People Eating Village Ch.143 Continuation 2 The People Eating Village Ch.144 The Girl At The Subway Station Continued Ch.145 The Girl At The Subway Station Continuation Ch.146 The Girl At The Subway Station Continued Ch.147 The Hundred Tales Ch.148 The Flowers of Edo Ch.149 Teapot of Hundred Demons Ch.150 Kurotabu The Demon Ch.151 Crossing each other's paths Ch.152 Ripples Ch.153 Tales of A Million Ch.154 Come and Go Ch.155 The Hundreth Tale Ch.156 Out of Control Ch.156.5 Nurarihyon's bride Ch.157 Those Who Were Created Ch.158 Sakazuki Exchange Deep Within A Foreign Land Ch.159 The Sound of War Ch.160 Prediction Ch.161 Devouring The Forbidden Ch.162 Trap Ch.163 Tokyo Tag Ch.164 The Chasers and the Chase Ch.165 Raiden Ch.166 Tamasaburo Ch.167 Kiyotsugu's Decision Ch.168 Rikuo, Transfigured Ch.169 A Portrait of Hell Ch.170 Panic Ch.171 The Great Escape Ch.172 Rescue Ch.173 Two Blades Ch.174 Fear of Resolution Ch.175 Shadow Ch.176 Their respective duties Ch.177 Ajara Anbu Ch.178 Charging Into Fukagawa Ch.179 Encho Ch.180 Ao Aondon Ch.181 A Means of Escape!? Ch.182 Heptagram Ch.183 An Embodiment of Resentment Ch.184 The Conclusion, And Then... Ch.184.5 Ienaga Kana V.S. The Shopfilter Detective Ch.185 To Mount Osore... Ch.186 To Mount Osore Ch.187 The Necromantical Barrier Specialist Ch.188 A Thousand Years' Sentiments Ch.189 The katana's Voice Ch.190 Time of Purification Ch.191 Rikou, Inviting Friends Home Ch.192 The Grand Assembly Ch.193 Tsuchigumo, Returning Home Ch.194 Archipelago Tremors Ch.195 That Story, Once More... Ch.196 Tsuchigumo's past Ch.197 A Small-Scale War Ch.198 Yura and Rikuo Ch.199 Proof of Strength. Ch.200 Those Who Shoulder the Darkness of a New Era Ch.201 Spiral Barrier Ch.202 The Lord of Kyoto Ch.203 The Night Before the Assault Ch.204 Revival Ch.205 An Ayakashi's Duty Ch.206 Talent Ch.207 He Who Shoulders the Weight of a Hyakki. Ch.208 Ch.209 Aoi Spiral Castle, The Final Battle Act 2 Ch.210 The End Ch.210.1 The Bonds of Inheritance Ch.210.2 The Third Going Crazy Ch.210.3 The Dark Pawn Shop Ch.210.4 In Half-Demon Village Ch.210.5 Tsurara's Love Comedy
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