Prince of Tennis

Ch.316 1 Rank Above

Ch.001 Echizen Ryoma Ch.002 A Suspicious Child Has Appeared Ch.003 2nd Year V.S. 1st Year Ch.004 A Declaration Of War Ch.005 The Dusty Racket Ch.006 Irony Ch.007 The Start Of The Ranking Tournament Ch.008 Snake Fangs Ch.009 Trap Ch.010 A Contest Of Wills Ch.011 Want To Defeat A Guy Ch.012 Still 2 Balls Left!! Ch.013 Pride Of A Third Year Ch.014 There's Still More To See Ch.015 The Weight Of Half A Step Ch.016 The Cocky Rookie Ch.017 Have Mercy Ch.018 Guys Who Are Determined To Win Ch.019 Kirihara Akaya!! Ch.020 Street Tennis Ch.021 District Preliminaries!! Ch.022 We'll Take Revenge Ch.023 First Defeat!? Ch.024 Doubles Ch.025 Advancing To The Districts!! Ch.026 Fudomine Ch.027 Seigaku V.S. Fudomine Ch.028 Genius V.S. Hadoukyuu Ch.029 Their Respective Opponents Ch.030 Speed Ace, Kamio Ch.031 Surpassing Snake Shot Ch.032 Boomerang Snake... Ch.033 A Tiny Gesture Of Victory Ch.034 Ryoma Echizen The Official Single's Runoff Ch.035 Scared to Death! Ch.036 Frustration Ch.037 Spot Ch.038 The Decisive Battle Ch.039 10-Minute Time Limit Ch.040 Champion Ch.041 At the Sushi Store - Go! Ch.042 A Brand New Challenge Ch.043 Begin to Strengthen Ch.044 2 Weeks Before The Tokyo Tournament - The Preparation Of Each School - Ch.045 What's Going On? Ch.046 Practice Heating Up! Half-court vs. Full-court, 5 Point Match 1 Ch.047 Heated Training! Half-Court vs. Full-Court, A Match Of 5 Balls 2 Ch.048 The Day Before The Tokyo Tournament - Karupin's Big Venture - Ch.049 Opening Ch.050 A Group Of Tough Guys Ch.051 Contact Beneath The Surface Of The Water Ch.052 Best 8 Assembled! Ch.053 Dark Cloud Ch.054 Momoshiro And Kaidou Ch.055 The Strength Of St.Rudolph Ch.056 Akazawa Magic Ch.057 Ooishi and Kikumaru Ch.058 Hard Battle Ch.059 Unexpected Ambush Ch.060 Flawless Script Ch.061 A Trump Ch.062 Buried Power Ch.063 Tie Break Ch.064 In and Out of the Court Ch.065 Miscalculation Ch.066 Explosive Dunk Smash Ch.067 Ruin The Scenario!! Ch.068 1 - 1 Ch.069 Left-hander Vs Left-hander Ch.070 Gaze at the Target! Ch.071 Younger Brother's Answer Ch.072 Specialty Demonstration Ch.073 Drive B Ch.074 Seriousness Ch.075 Mizuki vs Fuji Ch.076 Easy or Difficult Ch.077 No.1 Seed Hyoutei Gakuen, Dark Horse Fudoumine Ch.078 New Decision Ch.079 Eating Manjyuu Ch.080 Target Ch.081 Self-Introduction Ch.082 Self-Introduction 2 Ch.083 For the Sake of Tomorrow...!! Ch.084 Game Played in Real Earnest Ch.085 Don't Overlook That Moment!! Ch.086 Challenge Ch.087 Trouble Ch.087.5 Extra One Fine Morning, 3 People's Scenery Ch.088 Seigaku's Number One Ruffian Ch.089 The Three Monsters Ch.090 ~ Quarterfinal Match 1 ~ Fudoumine vs Yamabuki Ch.091 Premonition Of A Storm Ch.092 National Level Ch.093 Minami-Higashikata Pair Ch.094 Jimmies Ch.095 A Lucky Beggar Ch.096 Singles 3 Ch.097 Trickster Ch.098 Determination Ch.099 Jack Knife Ch.100 Drive A Ch.101 The Unusually Strong Akutsu Jin Ch.102 The Greatest Talent In Ten Years Ch.103 The Invincible Man Ch.104 Stepping Stone Ch.105 To The Natural And The Flawless Ch.106 The Uncool Thing Ch.107 Akutsu>s Willpower, Ryoma>s Courage Ch.108 On The Other Side Of Victory Ch.109 Possibility Ch.110 A Different Kind Of Fight Ch.111 Intraschool Ranking Tournament Ch.112 A-Block Ch.113 Data Won>t Lie Ch.114 The Supremacy Of Data Tennis Ch.115 The Strongest Man In Seigaku Ch.116 Dark Clouds Ch.117 Challenging Spirit Ch.118 Birth Of The New Seigaku's Strongest Army Ch.119 Gathering Of Rivals! Ch.120 Birth Of A New Combination!? Ch.121 Shishido Reborn Ch.122 Fierce Battle! Hyoutei VS Seigaku Ch.123 Ch.124 Acrobatic Tennis Showdown Ch.125 As A Senpai... Ch.126 Three Person Doubles Ch.127 Who's The Amateur? Ch.128 Inui-Kaidou Pair Ch.129 Endurance VS Endurance Ch.130 Reaction Time Ch.131 Trust Ch.132 Super Combo Ch.133 Useless Ch.134 The Last Tennis... Ch.135 Power Match Ch.136 Taka-san's Hadoukyuu Ch.137 Win No Matter What!! Ch.138 Hadoukyuu vs Hadoukyuu Ch.139 Fuji Syuusuke Ch.140 Jirou Awakening Ch.141 Akugatawa Jirou Ch.142 Hakugei Ch.143 Those Who Begin To Move Ch.144 Top Confrontation Ch.145 The Insight Which Sees Through Weakness Ch.146 The Truth Comes to Light! Ch.147 Captain Yamato Ch.148 Rondo to Destruction Ch.149 Battle of Endurance Ch.150 Partially Grasped Victory Ch.151 Cheer Ch.152 The Man Who Could Not Be Read Ch.153 Illusion Ch.154 The Ultimate Trump Card Ch.155 I Like Gekokujou Ch.156 High Tension Ch.157 First Round Cleared! Ch.158 Bowling Go! Ch.159 The Prince Of Bowling Ch.160 Tezuka's Journey Ch.161 The New Oishi Regime Ch.162 The Skill Of Saitama's Midoriyama Jr. High Ch.163 Endurance Ch.164 To Each Their Own Battle Ch.165 Kids Ch.166 Follow the Rhythm Ch.167 Sengoku vs Kamio Ch.168 The Man With The Long Racket Ch.169 Seigaku VS Rokkaku Ch.170 Their Own Style Of Tennis Ch.171 Showdown! Ch.172 Beware Of 'That'! Ch.173 New Style Hadoukyuu Ch.174 Initiative Ch.175 Local Skirmish Ch.176 He Returned It... Ch.176.5 Mizuki's Melancholy Ch.177 Adversity Ch.178 Kikumaru's New Step Ch.179 Moment Of Conclusion Ch.180 Pressure Ch.181 Aoi Kentarou Ch.182 First Contact Ch.183 Kaidou Kaoru's Tennis Ch.184 Remains Of A Scar Ch.185 Vs Rikkai Mode Ch.186 Surprise Attack Ch.187 2 Minutes 11 Seconds Ch.188 Sign Of Dangerous Mode Ch.189 Terrifying Knuckly Serve Ch.190 Merciless Attacks Ch.191 Ryoma Awakens Ch.192 Proof Awakening Ch.193 The Law Of Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Ch.194 The Terror Of Red Eyes Ch.195 Kantou Tournament Finals Ch.196 Preemptive Punch! Ch.197 Despair Ch.198 As Rivals Ch.199 This Is Our Answer!! Ch.200 Pride Ch.201 Pride 2 Ch.202 Golden Pair Revived Ch.203 Kikumaru's Vow Ch.204 No-Sign Combination Play Ch.205 The Gentleman And The Trickster Ch.206 Two Lasers Ch.207 Oishi Territory Ch.208 Checkmate Ch.209 Yanagi Renji VS Inui Sadaharu Ch.210 4 Years 2 Months And 15 Days Ch.211 Collapse Of Data Tennis Ch.212 Probability Of Victory Ch.213 Memories Ch.214 3 Straight Losses For Seigaku!? Ch.215 The Champions Who Do Not Permit Losing Ch.216 Kirihara Akaya VS Fuji Syusuke Ch.217 A Trap Aiming For A Moments Chance Ch.218 Catalyst Ch.219 And Fuji Smiles Ch.220 In A Pinch A Hidden Miracle Ch.221 Place Of Arrival Ch.222 Finale Ch.223 The Feeling Of Existence Ch.224 Here Comes Ryoma Ch.225 Echizen Ryoma VS Sanada Genichirou Ch.226 An Existence That Transcends Self-Actualization Ch.227 A Shocking Fact Ch.228 One Who Falls With Despair Ch.229 Until The Very Last Point Ch.230 Seigaku's Pillar Of Support Ch.231 Extraordinary Kid Ch.232 Recollections Ch.233 A High Wall... Therefore Ch.234 The Captains Decision Ch.235 The Number One Person Who Hates Losing Ch.236 A New Messenger Ch.237 Seigaku's Summer Vacation Ch.238 The Greatest Terror In History Ch.239 The Approaching Nightmare Silver Seat!! Ch.240 A Strange Encounter Ch.241 Ryoma's Girlfriend Ch.242 Hyoutei Rhapsody Ch.243 The Sleeping Lion Ch.244 A Place Where The Top Talents Gather Once Every 10 Years Ch.245 Wild 1 - Tough Guy Ch.246 Wild 2 - Treasure Ch.247 Wild 3 - Goodbye Pei-chan... And Ch.248 The Curtains Rise For The Nationals Ch.249 Return Of Tezuka Ch.250 Oishi's Decision Ch.251 Curtains Rise For The Nationals!! Ch.252 The Skill Of Okinawa's Higa Jr. High Ch.253 A Lone Man's Battle Ch.254 Seigaku VS Higa Ch.255 One Shot Killer Big Bang Ch.256 Each's Service Game Ch.257 1 Point Difference Ch.258 Final Measures Ch.259 I Hate Gouya Ch.260 Counterattack Ch.261 The Spirit Of An Artisan Ch.262 A Choice Ch.263 Determination Towards Victory Ch.264 Fourth Counter Kagerou Zutsumi Ch.265 A Clever Scheme!? Kikumaru's Singles Match Ch.266 The Provision For That Promise Ch.267 Serious Mode Ch.268 The Place To Be Found Ch.269 The Man Called - The Hitman - Ch.270 Advice Ch.271 Complete Revival Ch.272 Hyaku Ren Jitoku No Kiwami Ch.273 The Best 8 Gathers!! Ch.274 Tricky Fellows Ch.275 The Unreadable Man Ch.276 The Origins Of Strength Ch.277 The Bloody Showdown Ch.278 Lighting The Heart On Fire Ch.279 Short-term Battle Ch.280 Probability... 100% Ch.281 The Unbeatable Man Ch.282 Tezuka's Close Call Ch.283 Tezuka Kunimitsu Kyuushuu Arc 1 Ch.284 Tezuka Kunimitsu Kyuushuu Arc 2 Ch.285 Tezuka Kunimitsu Kyuushuu Arc 3 Ch.286 Tezuka Kunimitsu Kyuushuu Arc 4 Ch.287 The One Who Has Mastered It Ch.288 Accident Ch.289 Hyoutei's Golden Pair Ch.290 Doubles Peak Battle Ch.291 "Overcome" Ch.292 The Infinite Possibilities Of Doubles Ch.293 Synchro Ch.294 National #1 Doubles Pair Ch.295 A Game One Can Be Satisfied With Ch.296 The Self-Centered Pair! Ch.297 Ch.298 Prelude To The Battle Ch.299 World Of Ice Ch.300 An Approach To Perfection Ch.301 Supporting Seigaku's Pillar Ch.302 The Value Of Ryoma's Experience Ch.303 Decision For Victory Ch.304 Who's The Winner? Ch.305 First Defeat Ch.306 2 Princes Ch.307 Shitenhouji's Skill Ch.308 The Desire To Be Close To That Person, Even If it's Just One More Step Ch.309 Atonement Ch.310 Wild Lion Ch.311 The Man Who Researched Beneath The Surface Of Muga Ch.312 Saiki Kanpatsu No Kiwami Ch.313 Orders Announced Ch.314 Heated Battle! Seigaku Vs Shitenhouji Ch.315 The Perfect Man Ch.316 1 Rank Above Ch.317 Desperate Fuji Ch.318 Bible Vs. Genius Ch.319 The Gate Has Been Tightly Shut Ch.320 My Time Ch.321 Period The Two That Won't Give Up!!! Ch.322 Horror Of The Joking Tennis Ch.323 Comedy Prince Ch.324 Acquire A Poker Face!! Ch.325 Be Stubborn!! Ch.326 Prince Of Impressions Ch.327 Because They're Rivals! Ch.328 Creator Ch.329 Seigaku's Extra Baggage Ch.330 The Greatest Respect Ch.331 The Last Tennis Match Ch.332 The Stage Is Set Ch.333 Hyaku Ren Jitoku Vs Saikikanpatsu Ch.334 Absolute Prediction Ch.335 One's Own Threshold Ch.336 The Final Battle Ch.337 Fierce Battle! 1-Point Match Echizen Ryoma Vs Tooyama Kintarou Ch.338 Devil Ch.339 The Whereabouts Of The One-Point Match Ch.340 Towards The Princes Of Tennis Ch.341 Tonight Is A Yakiniku Party! Ch.342 Outbreak! Yakiniku Battle!! Ch.343 Requiem To The Fallen Ch.344 Farewell, Yakiniku Sauce ~ The Golden Flavor ~ Ch.345 Where Is Ryoma Ch.346 Animosity Ch.347 "Lightning" & "Shadow" Ch.348 Fuurinkainzanrai Ch.349 Defeated Tezuka Zone Ch.350 Conviction Ch.351 The Captain And The Vice Captain Ch.352 Certain Expectation Ch.353 The Whereabouts Of The Ball Ch.354 The Prince Who Forgot Tennis Ch.355 Broken Spirit Ch.356 The Master Beast Tamer Ch.357 Straight And Curved Ch.358 Kadio Awakens Ch.359 Nightmare Ch.360 Fuji Shyuusuke Vs Tezuka Kunimitsu Ch.361 Thoughts Beyond 2 Years Ch.362 Fuji Shuusuke's Greatest Wall ~ 2nd Match ~ Ch.363 With Closed Eyes, My heart feels you Ch.364 Trickery Ch.365 Time, Moving Once Again Ch.366 Remember!! Ch.367 1 Piece of Memory Ch.368 "Bond" Ch.369 Join With Ryoma Ch.370 Reinforcements Ch.371 The Final Battle! The Prince Vs The Child Of God Ch.372 The Final Battle! The Prince Vs The Child Of God -2- Ch.373 The Final Battle! The Prince Vs The Child Of God -3- Ch.374 The Final Battle! The Prince Vs The Child Of God -4- Ch.375 The Final Battle! The Prince Vs The Child Of God -5- Ch.376 The Final Battle! The Prince Vs The Child Of God -6- Ch.377 The Final Battle! The Prince Vs The Child Of God -7- Ch.378 The Final Battle! The Prince Vs The Child Of God -8- Ch.379 Dear Prince ~To the Princes of Tennis~
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