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Vol.04 Ch.007.2 1st, April, 1999 ~ Part Two

Vol.01 Ch.001.1 The Owl of Minerva ~ Part One Vol.01 Ch.001.2 The Owl of Minerva ~ Part Two Vol.01 Ch.001.3 The Owl of Minerva ~ Part Three Vol.01 Ch.002.1 The Silver Eye ~ Part One Vol.01 Ch.002.2 The Silver Eye ~ Part Two Vol.01 Ch.002.3 The Silver Eye ~ Part Three Vol.02 Ch.003.1 Rokubu's Treasure ~ Part One Vol.02 Ch.003.2 Rokubu's Treasure ~ Part Two Vol.02 Ch.003.3 Rokubu's Treasure ~ Part Three Vol.02 Ch.004.1 Lost Royale ~ Part One Vol.02 Ch.004.2 Lost Royale ~ Part Two Vol.03 Ch.005.1 Breakthrough ~ Part One Vol.03 Ch.005.2 Breakthrough ~ Part Two Vol.03 Ch.005.3 Breakthrough ~ Part Three Vol.03 Ch.006.1 The Fading of Star Map ~ Part One Vol.03 Ch.006.2 The Fading of Star Map ~ Part Two Vol.03 Ch.006.3 The Fading of Star Map ~ Part Three Vol.04 Ch.007.1 1st, April, 1999 ~ Part One Vol.04 Ch.007.2 1st, April, 1999 ~ Part Two Vol.04 Ch.007.3 1st, April, 1999 ~ Part Three Vol.04 Ch.008.1 Jacob's Ladder ~ Part One Vol.04 Ch.008.2 Jacob's Ladder ~ Part Two Vol.04 Ch.008.3 Jacob's Ladder ~ Part Three Vol.05 Ch.009.1 The Distorted Melody ~ Part One Vol.05 Ch.009.2 The Distorted Melody ~ Part Two Vol.05 Ch.009.3 The Distorted Melody ~ Part Three Vol.05 Ch.010.1 The Afterimage of Light ~ Part One Vol.05 Ch.010.2 The Afterimage of Light ~ Part Two Vol.05 Ch.010.3 The Afterimage of Light ~ Part Three Vol.06 Ch.011.1 Uncertain Memories ~ Part One Vol.06 Ch.011.2 Uncertain Memories ~ Part Two Vol.06 Ch.011.3 Uncertain Memories ~ Part Three Vol.06 Ch.012.1 Secret Blue Room ~ Part One Vol.06 Ch.012.2 Secret Blue Room ~ Part Two Vol.06 Ch.012.3 Secret Blue Room ~ Part Three Vol.07 Ch.013.1 Serial John Doe ~ Part One Vol.07 Ch.013.2 Serial John Doe ~ Part Two Vol.07 Ch.013.3 Serial John Doe ~ Part Three Vol.07 Ch.014.1 A Melancholy Afternoon ~ Part One Vol.07 Ch.014.2 A Melancholy Afternoon ~ Part Two Vol.07 Ch.014.3 A Melancholy Afternoon ~ Part Three Vol.08 Ch.015.1 Falling Down ~ Part One Vol.08 Ch.015.2 Falling Down ~ Part Two Vol.08 Ch.015.3 Falling Down ~ Part Three Vol.08 Ch.016.1 School Festival Melody Mania ~ Part One Vol.08 Ch.016.2 School Festival Melody Mania ~ Part Two Vol.08 Ch.016.3 School Festival Melody Mania ~ Part Three Vol.09 Ch.017.1 Vol.09 Ch.017.2 Vol.09 Ch.017.3 Vol.09 Ch.018.1 Vol.09 Ch.018.2 Vol.09 Ch.018.3 Vol.10 Ch.019.1 Vol.10 Ch.019.2 Vol.10 Ch.019.3 Vol.10 Ch.019.4 Vol.10 Ch.019.5 Vol.10 Ch.019.6 Vol.11 Ch.020.1 Vol.11 Ch.020.2 Vol.11 Ch.020.3 Vol.11 Ch.021.1 Vol.11 Ch.021.2 Winter Zoo ~ Part Two Vol.11 Ch.021.3 Winter Zoo ~ Part Three Vol.12 Ch.022 Vol.12 Ch.023.1 Vol.12 Ch.023.2 Vol.13 Ch.024 Vol.13 Ch.025 Klein Tower(Fixed) Vol.14 Ch.026 Vol.14 Ch.027 Vol.15 Ch.028 Vol.15 Ch.029 Vol.16 Ch.030 Vol.16 Ch.031.1 A Corpse's Tears - Part 1 Vol.16 Ch.031.2 A Corpse's Tears - Part 2 Vol.17 Ch.032.1 Disaster Of A Disastrous Man - Part 1 Vol.17 Ch.032.2 Disaster Of A Disastrous Man - Part 2 Vol.17 Ch.033.1 Black Nightshade - Part 1 Vol.17 Ch.033.2 Black Nightshade - Part 2 Vol.18 Ch.034.1 Arrival Of The Famous Detective(s)! - Part 1 Vol.18 Ch.034.2 Arrival Of The Famous Detective(s)! - Part 2 Vol.18 Ch.035.1 Three Birds Vol.18 Ch.035.2 Three Birds - Part 2 Vol.19 Ch.036.1 The Ghost of Macbeth - Part 1 Vol.19 Ch.036.2 The Ghost of Macbeth - Part 2 Vol.19 Ch.037.1 The Legacy Of The Sage - Part 1 Vol.19 Ch.037.2 The Legacy Of The Sage - Part 2 Vol.19 Ch.038.1 Infinite Moon - Part 1 Vol.19 Ch.038.2 Infinite Moon - Part 2 Vol.19 Ch.039.1 Enari The Busybody - Part 1 Vol.19 Ch.040.1 Joined Threads (Part 001) Vol.41 Ch.008 Vol.41 Ch.041.2 The Beautiful Actress Being Watched, The Fear Of The Stalker, The Gunshot Reverberating Off The Clif Vol.41 Ch.042.1 Spring In The Small River (Part 001) Vol.41 Ch.042.2 Spring In The Small River (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.043.1 Venetian Labyrinth (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.043.2 Venetian Labyrinth (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.044.1 The Liar (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.044.2 The Liar (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.045.1 Another World (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.045.2 Another World (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.046.1 Christmas Eve Eve (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.046.2 Christmas Eve Eve (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.047 Crime and Punishment Vol.41 Ch.048.1 Outer Space Battle (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.048.2 Outer Space Battle (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.049.1 Parallel (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.049.2 Parallel (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.050.1 Summer Time Capsule (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.050.2 Summer Time Capsule (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.051.1 Accomplice (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.051.2 Accomplice (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.052.1 Mirror Image (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.052.2 Vol.41 Ch.053 Burden Of Proof Vol.41 Ch.055.2 Human Firework (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.057.1 Motive And Alibi (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.058.1 Doll Killer (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.059 Dog Bowl Vol.41 Ch.060.2 The Devil In The Eyes (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.061 Promise Vol.41 Ch.063 Red File Vol.41 Ch.064 Paradox Room Vol.41 Ch.065 The Detective Novelist Murder Case Vol.41 Ch.066 Vol.41 Ch.067 Bonaridou Vol.41 Ch.068 Two Suspects Vol.41 Ch.069 Christmas Present Vol.41 Ch.070 Kurogane Villa Murder Case Vol.41 Ch.071 Q & A Vol.41 Ch.072 Murder Lecture Vol.41 Ch.073 Anima Vol.41 Ch.074 Vol.41 Ch.075 Vol.41 Ch.076 The Incident in Urban Hills Room #6 Vol.41 Ch.077 Grand Tour Vol.41 Ch.078 Love Square Vol.41 Ch.079 Secret Room No. 4 Vol.41 Ch.080 Special Envoy Of Balkia Vol.41 Ch.081 Caff's Memories Vol.41 Ch.082 Escher Hotel Vol.41 Ch.083 Logic Tower Vol.41 Ch.084 Investigation Vol.41 Ch.085 Ginger The Salesman Vol.41 Ch.086 Tuba and Grave Vol.41 Ch.087 Question! Vol.41 Ch.088 Venus Vol.41 Ch.089 First Love Vol.41 Ch.090 Broken Heart Vol.41 Ch.091 Pilgrimage Vol.41 Ch.092 The Sun Is Still Blazing Vol.41 Ch.093 The Slope Vol.41 Ch.094 The Representative Vol.41 Ch.095 Fahya's Drawing Book Vol.41 Ch.096 Unrelated Cases Vol.41 Ch.097 Vol.41 Ch.098 Vol.41 Ch.099
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