Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan

Ch.174 Hoping You Get Well PSIoon!!

Ch.000.1 v0c1 Ch.000.2 v0c2 Ch.000.3 v0c3 Ch.000.4 v0c4 Ch.000.5 v0c5 Ch.000.6 v0c6 Ch.000.7 v0c7 Astral Projection Ch.000.8 v0c7.2 Ch.001 Ch.002 Ch.003 The Jet-Black Wing, Kaidou Shun Ch.004 Ch.005 Ch.006 Ch.007 Ch.007.1 Mikami Case Files Ch.008 Ch.008.5 Ch.009 RedePSIgning the Saikis' House!? A Dramatic Overhaul!! Ch.010 Ch.011 Ch.012 Beach PSIde Summer Story Ch.013 Ch.014 Ch.015 A House Sitting DiPSIster Ch.016 School is Back in PSIssion! Nendou's Melancholy Ch.017 Ch.018 Ch.018.5 Your House Is Haunted Ch.019 In PSIearch of Hairo Kineshi's Wooden Materials Ch.020 Ch.021 Ch.022 Fixed Ch.023 Ch.024 Ch.025 Ch.026 Ch.027 Luxury Coffee "PSI"lly Ch.028 To Prevent a Psisaster Ch.029 Ch.029.5 Special Oneshot Improvisational Theatre Ch.030 Ch.031 Ch.032 ExPSIbition! Jump Festa Ch.033 Get excited! PSIlnent night! (PSI Ver.) Ch.034 A PSIreously Annoying New Year's (part 1) Ch.035 A PSIreously Annoying New Year's (part 2) Ch.036 A Pint-PSIzed King Appears Ch.037 PSImply Terrifying! Matsuzaki-sensei Ch.038 Chocolate FePSIvle! Ch.039 The AbPSIlute Worst!? Nendou's Dad Ch.040 No PSIspicion! Saiki Kurumi Ch.040.5 Koro-sensei vs Saiki Kusuo ~the final battle in Iruma~ Ch.041 Telepathy PSIlencer Ch.042 Leave it to Chance! A TroublePSIme Final Exam! Ch.043 Return of the PSIper Star! Ch.044 ImpoPSIble to intervene!? Nendou vs Kaidou! Ch.045 We’ll get back together for PSIure this time! Chouno Uryoku (part 1) Ch.046 We’ll get back together for PSIure this time! Chouno Uryoku (part 2) Ch.047 The State of Mera-san's PSInances. Ch.048 Get ExPSIted! Fitness Test Ch.049 A PSImall Love Story Ch.050 Latest Shitty Game ReleaPSI! Olfana's Story Ch.051 PSI'm Home! Mama Ch.052 The Most PSIuitible for a Confession!? Spiritual Possession Ch.053 Fly! PSIborg Sodaman Mark II Ch.054 PSIki Kusuo's Issues with G♀rls Ch.055 Ch.056 All aboard the ESP ExPSIress! Go! Ch.057 PSIardon me! The Okinawan school trip Ch.058 PSIlutations! The Okinawan school trip Ch.059 Ch.060 Ch.061 PSI ya Later! The Okinawan School Trip Ch.062 The Biggest Top Rate EnterPSIse? Dad's Work Ch.062.5 Koro-sensei vs Saiki Kusuo ~The Final Battle in Iruma II~ Ch.063 PSIborg Sodaman Mark II vs Mysterious Being Lemonade Ch.064 Saiki Kusuo's Day at the FestPSIval Ch.065 Ch.066 Transfer Student ~NiPSI to Meet You~ Ch.067 APSImble! Nendou Family Ch.068 RePSItructuring! Cafe Mami Ch.069 Ch.070 Sing! Reita RePSItal! Ch.071 PK Academy's School FePSIval! (1st half) Ch.072 Make some Noise! PK Academy's School FePSIval! (2nd half) Ch.073 PubliPSIzing the Popularity Contest Results! Ch.074 Let's Go to the Cultural FestPSIval After Party Ch.075 Piece of Cake RePSIcling! Straw Millionaire Ch.076 The Most PSItunningly Beautiful Girl vs the Man Who Will Never Fall ... Ch.077 The Most PSItunningly Beautiful Girl vs the Man Who Will Never Fall ... Ch.078 v2 InnoPSInt or Guilty!? The Burglary Incident Ch.079 ExcerPSIze your Powers! Toritsuka's Plan to Get Popular Ch.080 PSIchic Santa Clause Ch.081 Let's Buy New Home ApPSIances! Ch.082 The New Year PSIcle Ch.083 Kaidou's PSIspicion (1st Half) Ch.084 Kaidou's PSIspicion (2nd Half) Ch.085 The AbPSIlute Worst Employee Ch.086 Ready to Go! Runner's PSI! Ch.087 Teruhashi-san ReviPSIts the Saiki House Ch.088 Press Play! A "Making Of" PSItory Ch.089 Transform! Super PSIze Ch.090 The Peak of ExPSItement! Karaoke Party Ch.091 PSIpporting Re-Education Ch.092 BanPSI! Tsundere Grandpa Ch.093 Welcome to the PSIcluded Theme Park Ch.094 PSIjian! Parting with the Grandparents Ch.095 The PSInnacle of the Golden Age of Heroes! A Fun Party Game Ch.096 ExerPSIze Your Wit! The PK Occult Club Ch.097 The AbPSIlute Worst Chef Ch.098 PSImashing! Surprise Party (First Half) Ch.099 PSImashing! Surprise Party (Second Half) Ch.100 Fear! The Curse of the __th Chapter Ch.101 Court in SesPSIon! The Kokomins Trial Ch.102 The Achromatic InviPSIble Boy Ch.103 The Mad PSIentist Appears! Part 1 Ch.104 The Mad PSIentist Appears! Part 2 Ch.105 The Mad PSIentist Appears! Part 3 Ch.106 Ch.107 Ch.108 Ch.109 In the Midst of PSIummer Vacation! Occult Club Part Ch.110 In the Midst of PSIummer Vacation! Tennis Club Part Ch.111 In the Midst of PSIummer Vacation! Clinical Trial Part Time Job Part Ch.112 In the Midst of PSIummer Vacation! Motorcycle Training Course Part Ch.113 In the Midst of PSIummer Vacation! Teruhashi's Date Part Ch.114 The Famous Rich Son of a BuPSIness Conglomerate Appears! Ch.115 Surpass the UnsurpasPSIble Strength! Ch.116 ReviPSIting! Tsundere Grandpa Ch.117 Talent PSIprouts!? The Melancholy of a Famous Magician Ch.118 The DiPSIster of the Rental Video Store Ch.119 The Ultimate PSInancial Strength of the Saiko Clan Ch.120 Halloween Party In SesPSIon Ch.121 The DiPSIster of Break Time Ch.122 CourtPSIde Love Ch.123 Out of Control Imagination ExerPSIse! Ch.124 First Hand PSIence Fiction Ch.125 First Hand PSIence Fiction (2) Ch.126 Ch.127 Ch.128 Ch.128.1 Terrace House Dust Ch.128.2 What if Saiki Kusuo Went to Shokugeki no Souma's World...!? Ch.129 Ch.130 Ch.131 Ch.132 Counter Plan to Prevent a DiPSIster Ch.133 An ExPSIlent Wife and Mother!? Mom's Class Reunion Ch.134 Kaidou and Kuboyasu's PSIspicions Ch.135 The Lost Hamster PSIpeaks in a Country Accent Ch.136 Place to Place! Mini PSIzed Animal Ch.137 The PSIko Corporation Home Visit Ch.138 Come on Over! To PSIko Land Ch.139 Publication CriPSIs!? Shuensha's Work Ch.140 CongratulaPSIons on Your Graduation! Ch.141 Deceit! PSIpril Fools Ch.142 Cutting Through the PSIlence, the Ghost in the Music Room Ch.143 The DiPSIster of Rifuta Imu Ch.144 PSIpring's Ultimate Weapon Ch.145 RePSIcle! Trash Cleanup Competition Ch.146 Gifts From a SenPSIble Wife & a Gifted Man Ch.147 The Mystifying PSIchic Circus (1st Half) Ch.148 The Mystifying PSIchic Circus (2nd Half) Ch.149 CruPSIde! Rifuta vs Teruhashi Ch.150 Massage DiPSIster Ch.151 The PSIko Corporation's Extravagant Cruise Ch.152 The Shipwreck of Saiki Kusuo Ch.153 The Shipwreck of Saiki Kusuo 2 Ch.154 The Shipwreck of Saiki Kusuo 3 Ch.155 The Shipwreck of Saiki Kusuo 4 Ch.156 Death PSIntence! The PK Academy Newspaper Club Ch.157 PSIcond Round! Time Leap Ch.158 PSIgning Into the Game World Ch.159 Preventing a PSIcam! Ch.160 Ch.161 So Long! The Last Day Of PSIummer Vacation Ch.161.5 The DiPSIster of Teruhashi Kokomi Ch.162 PSIuper Annoying! A Totally Bad News Transfer Student Appears! Ch.163 Slip Past The Aura PSIght! Ch.164 The Delicate CircumPSItances Of Children Ch.165 Train DiPSIster Ch.166 Ch.167 Espers Should ExcerPSIse Extreme Caution (001st Half) Ch.168 Espers Should ExcerPSIse Extreme Caution (002nd Half) Ch.169 Ch.170 Ch.171 UnPSIghtly, A Bolt From the Blue Ch.172 The Calamity of the Silent PSIborg Ch.173 Let's Go! PK Academy PSIkickers! Ch.174 Hoping You Get Well PSIoon!! Ch.175 PSImall but Clever! The Adventures of Riki Jr. Mark II Ch.176 PSIolving the Biggest Riddle! (001st Half) Ch.177 PSIolving the Biggest Riddle! (002nd Half) Ch.178 A Battle Between the Two AbPSIlutely Worst People Ch.179 Ch.180 A Miraculously Normal PerPSIon Appears! Ch.181 Ch.182 The Best Possible PSIpport!? Ch.183 The PSIper Wallet Warrior 100 Yen Man Ch.184 The DiPSIster of Satou Hiroshi Ch.185 Ch.186 Ch.187 Ch.188 Ch.189 Ch.190 Ch.191 Ch.192 The Die is Cast...! A FeroPSIous Card Battle Ch.193 The Ultimate Trial of the PSIko Clan Ch.194 Ch.195 Ch.196 The PSIperior Love Contest Ch.197 Ch.198 Ch.199 Ch.200 Ch.201 Ch.202 Ch.203 Ch.204 Ch.205 ReIntroduPSIng the Spirit Medium Ch.206 The DiPSIster of UPSIless ESP Ch.207 InPSIde the Secret Hideout Ch.208 ReviPSIting! The Older Brother's 5 Trials Ch.209 Ch.210 The Annoying Transfer PSItudent! Akechi Touma Ch.211 Still Annoying! Transfer PSItudent Ch.212 Dad's New ProfesPSIon!? Ch.213 Ch.214 Image Change TranPSIformation Girl 2 Ch.215 Ch.216 Ch.217 PK Academy School Cultural FestPSIval Practice Part Ch.218 Ch.219 Ch.220 Ch.221 HypnoPSIs Exchange! (Part Two) Ch.222 Ch.223 Ch.224 Ch.225 PSIlebrating the End of the Year! New Year's Eve Ch.226 A PSIlent New Year Ch.227 ReviPSIt! Gradparent's Travel Log Ch.228 Ch.229 No Need for Bath Salts! Taking a Dip in the PSIcret Hot Springs Ch.230 Returning the Favor! Toritsuka's Fasting ExerPSIze Ch.231 Out of Sync Boy Girl RelaPSIonships (First Half) Ch.232 Out of Sync Boy Girl RelaPSIonships (Second Half) Ch.257 Suzumiya Hii - Unlucky Girl (new character) Part 1 Ch.268 Serious arc Ch.269 Serious arc part 2 Ch.270 Serious arc part 3 Ch.271 Serious arc part 4 Ch.272 Serious arc part 5 Ch.278 2 day trip to Oshimai Part 3 Ch.279 2 day trip to Oshimai Part 4 - Final Chapter [END]
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