Saint Seiya - Saintia Shou

Ch.001 Shoko and Kyoko

Ch.001 Shoko and Kyoko Ch.002 Saintia of Athena Ch.003 Dryad Athe Ch.004 Destiny Ch.005 Each One's Decision Ch.006 Evil Seed Ch.007 Justice and Wickedness Ch.008 Reunion Ch.009 A Relentless Heart Ch.010 The Warrior in Gold Ch.011 Star of Treason Ch.012 Resolution Ch.013 Galaxian Wars Ch.014 Like Pegasus Ch.015 Assassins from the Sanctuary Ch.016 Rose-Scented Invitation Ch.017 Benevolence and Malice Ch.018 Creeping Shadows Ch.019 The Night Before the Decisive Battle Ch.020 Towards Her Heart v2 Ch.021 Clash at the Twelve Houses Ch.022 Eris' Resurrection Ch.023 The Temple on the Twisted Tree Ch.024 The Malicious Garden Ch.025 Oath Ch.026 The Protectors Ch.027 The Golden Apple Ch.028 Curse Ch.029 Storming Ch.030 Feelings of Rivalry Ch.030.5 Extra Story Ch.031 Vortex of Conflicts Ch.032 Chance Meeting Ch.033 Atop the Hill of Shooting Stars Ch.034 The Temple of the Moon Ch.035 Moment of Resolution Ch.036 Hatred and Jealousy Ch.037 At the Sanctuary Ch.038 Veneration and Intoxication Ch.039 Deep Inside the Ancient Forest Ch.040 A Special Star Ch.041 The Comet Repulse Ch.042 Invasion Ch.043 Athena, captive Ch.044 The Duty of the Saintias Ch.045 Fate Ch.046 To the Stage of Battle Ch.047 The Depth of the Abyss Ch.048 Attempt Ch.049 Ch.050 Voice of Destruction Ch.051 The Antithesis Ch.052 A Golden Soul Ch.053 Fallen from Heaven Ch.054 Invitation into Despair Ch.055 Losers' Game Ch.056 Oblivion Ch.057 The Scar Ch.058 A Sorrowful Decision Ch.059 Thawing Ch.060 The Price of a Wish Ch.061 Longing Ch.062 The Brightest Star Ch.063 Ch.064 Ch.065 Ch.066 Ch.067 Ch.068 Ch.071
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