Vol.07 Ch.054 H is No Good...?

Vol.01 Ch.001 My Dream Is... Vol.01 Ch.002 My Secret Vol.01 Ch.003 I'm Telling the Truth Vol.01 Ch.004 My Solution Vol.02 Ch.005 First Day Vol.02 Ch.006 The Unprecedented Vol.02 Ch.007 The Perpendicular Fall Vol.02 Ch.008 The Police I.D. Vol.02 Ch.009 The Difference Between Truth and Lies Vol.02 Ch.010 Shattered to Pieces!? Vol.02 Ch.011 The Unforgivable Crime Vol.02 Ch.012 All or Nothing!! Vol.02 Ch.013 Survival Knife Vol.03 Ch.014 Tattoo Vol.03 Ch.015 Metal Bat Vol.03 Ch.016 Futbol de Salon Vol.03 Ch.017 Onigami Cell Phone Vol.03 Ch.018 Flowerpot Vol.03 Ch.019 The Opposing Train Vol.03 Ch.020 Parakeet Vol.03 Ch.021 Bar-B-Que Vol.03 Ch.022 Deep-Sea Fish Vol.04 Ch.023 Ikefukuro Vol.04 Ch.024 Blackboard Vol.04 Ch.025 Bucket Relay Vol.04 Ch.026 Gang Up Vol.04 Ch.027 Shinken Vol.04 Ch.028 Numb Vol.04 Ch.029 Pot-Bellied-Johnny Vol.04 Ch.030 Bloddy Mary Vol.04 Ch.031 A Plea To A Friend Vol.05 Ch.032 Little Run-Away Vol.05 Ch.033 Sister's Donuts Vol.05 Ch.034 The Way to not Become a Criminal Vol.05 Ch.035 Suicide Seat Vol.05 Ch.036 The Bitter Truth Vol.05 Ch.037 Ride to Hounds Vol.05 Ch.038 Face to Face Vol.05 Ch.039 Defensive Kuma-san Is Unsettled Vol.05 Ch.040 The Archangel Dragnet Vol.06 Ch.041 A Right Hook for the Angel Vol.06 Ch.042 Count 2.99 Vol.06 Ch.043 No Comment Vol.06 Ch.044 Just One Thing Vol.06 Ch.045 Full-time Tiger, Part-time Wolf Vol.06 Ch.046 The Day the Two Met Vol.06 Ch.047 The Hair-Raising Terrifying No Teeth Vol.06 Ch.048 Black Trap Vol.06 Ch.049 Everyone's Weapons Vol.07 Ch.050 Everyone's Settlement Vol.07 Ch.051 Temptation x Doubt x Confusion Vol.07 Ch.052 Five Delusions Vol.07 Ch.053 Trouble in the Crowd Vol.07 Ch.054 H is No Good...? Vol.07 Ch.055 It Has to be This Store!? Vol.07 Ch.056 Not Forgetting About Revenge Vol.07 Ch.057 Steal Lips Vol.07 Ch.058 Do or Die Vol.07 Ch.059 Atonement and Recompense Vol.07 Ch.060 Battle Deep in the Woods Vol.08 Ch.061 If Taketora Is With Her Vol.08 Ch.062 Stretch Your Hand Out of the Dark Vol.08 Ch.063 I, Ayukawa, Will Stake My Life! Vol.08 Ch.064 The Kids All Lie Vol.08 Ch.065 Burned Out Day Vol.08 Ch.066 When He Wakes Up Vol.08 Ch.067 The Judgement of Mother and Daughter Vol.08 Ch.068 Project M Vol.08 Ch.069 Imprisoned Youth Detective Vol.08 Ch.070 Blood Oath Vol.09 Ch.071 Emergency Prison Break Route Vol.09 Ch.072 No. 5, Run! Vol.09 Ch.073 After the Escape...!! Vol.09 Ch.074 Words Are Useless Vol.09 Ch.075 The Stiff One Is... Vol.09 Ch.076 Wait For You Vol.09 Ch.077 What a Meeting Can Change Vol.09 Ch.078 Mind Sweeper Vol.09 Ch.079 Huge Flame Vol.09 Ch.080 Ultimatum Vol.09 Ch.081 God's Choice Vol.09 Ch.082 From Bad to Worse Vol.09 Ch.083 What You Can Do For a Friend Vol.09 Ch.084 Find the Gasoline Man Vol.09 Ch.085 I'm the Gasoline Man Vol.09 Ch.086 I Was an Honor Student Vol.09 Ch.087 Flame Attempt Vol.09 Ch.088 Stalker Girl Vol.11 Ch.089 If the Three Get Together Vol.11 Ch.090 Sneak Shot Vol.11 Ch.091 Punishment Decided Vol.11 Ch.092 Cornering the Sneak Photographers Vol.11 Ch.093 Auction Master Vol.11 Ch.094 Because She's a Witness Vol.11 Ch.095 Funny Feeling Vol.11 Ch.096 Gotta Do It. Vol.11 Ch.097 Chase! Crossing! Smash! Vol.11 Ch.098 The Day Taketora Snapped Vol.11 Ch.099 Real Battle Vol.11 Ch.100 What I Can Do Vol.11 Ch.101 The Hard Life of a Runaway Vol.11 Ch.102 More Than Friendship, Less Than Love Vol.11 Ch.103 The Spreading Shadow Vol.11 Ch.104 Recommendation to Lie Vol.11 Ch.105 Confession in the Darkness Vol.11 Ch.106 Special Investigator Nishizaki Vol.11 Ch.107 Offline Meeting Vol.11 Ch.108 Two Gold Shadows Vol.11 Ch.109 Order to Kill Vol.11 Ch.110 Thoughts That Won't Reach Vol.11 Ch.111 Shock!! Vol.11 Ch.112 Execution Game Vol.12 Ch.113 Bomb Threat Vol.12 Ch.114 Perpetrator Arrested Vol.12 Ch.115 The Shadow Taking Shape Vol.12 Ch.116 The Day the Shadow Was Born Vol.12 Ch.117 Shinigami Voice Vol.12 Ch.118 Memory of a Crime Vol.12 Ch.119 I'll Be By Your Side Vol.12 Ch.120 What I Can Do Vol.12 Ch.121 Arrogant Adults Vol.12 Ch.122 Death Charge Vol.12 Ch.123 RESISTANCE Vol.12 Ch.124 Diamond Shadow Vol.12 Ch.125 Person Who Needs to Die Vol.12 Ch.126 Crime and Punishment Vol.12 Ch.127 The Equinox Between Good and Evil Vol.12 Ch.128 Our Bonds Vol.12 Ch.129 For Your Sake Vol.12 Ch.130 Kouenji Station Community Safety Section Youth Division Shibata Taketora Vol.12 Ch.131 Special Middle School Extra (End)
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