Taiyou No Ie

Vol.05 Ch.050.3 A Boy and a Girl

Vol.01 Ch.001 Lonesome Boy and Lonesome Girl Vol.01 Ch.002 The Day When It Was Just The Two Of Us Vol.01 Ch.003 Fireworks in April Vol.01 Ch.004 A Girl's Confusion Vol.01 Ch.004.5 The Girl That Doesn't Cry Vol.02 Ch.005 Radical Vol.02 Ch.006 Country of Rain Vol.02 Ch.007 Radical And Her Crush Vol.02 Ch.008 Confession Vol.02 Ch.008.5 Boys Trying Their Best Vol.02 Ch.009 A fathers words Vol.02 Ch.010 Date Vol.03 Ch.011 Face to Face Vol.03 Ch.012 Bond Vol.04 Ch.012.5 Boy in love Vol.04 Ch.013 Part-Time Job Vol.04 Ch.014 Change Vol.04 Ch.015 The Memory of That Day Vol.04 Ch.016 Summer Festival Vol.04 Ch.016.5 A Girl's Melancholy Vol.05 Ch.017 A boy's feelings(44 pages) Vol.05 Ch.018 Envy Vol.05 Ch.019 Together Alone at Last Vol.05 Ch.020 One-way Street Vol.05 Ch.020.5 Boy and Fireworks Vol.05 Ch.021 The Girl Next Door Vol.05 Ch.022 Branching Paths Vol.05 Ch.023 Fleeting Return Vol.05 Ch.024 New Beginning Vol.05 Ch.024.5 Extra A Boy's Farewell Vol.05 Ch.025 First Love Vol.05 Ch.026 Future Vol.05 Ch.027 Sister Vol.05 Ch.028 Retreat Vol.05 Ch.028.1 Diaries of a Drunk Sengoku General Vol.05 Ch.028.2 Croquette and Home Vol.05 Ch.029 Another Mao Vol.05 Ch.030 Preparation Vol.05 Ch.031 School Trip Vol.05 Ch.032 What's Important Vol.05 Ch.032.5 Bangai-hen Vol.05 Ch.033 Front and Back Vol.05 Ch.034 Restless Vol.05 Ch.035 Boundary Line Vol.05 Ch.036 Ever Since We Were Young Vol.05 Ch.036.1 Morning Change Vol.05 Ch.036.2 Winner's Elegy Vol.05 Ch.036.3 A Table For One Vol.05 Ch.036.4 Another Table For One Vol.05 Ch.037 Where We Must Go Vol.05 Ch.038 Sealed Vol.05 Ch.039 Chrismas Cake Vol.05 Ch.040 Countdown Vol.05 Ch.040.5 An Oblivious Girl Vol.05 Ch.041 Wounds(Fixed) Vol.05 Ch.042 Mix and Meld Vol.05 Ch.043 Treasured Vol.05 Ch.044 Beginning Vol.05 Ch.044.5 Extra Chapter An Oblivious Girl Vol.05 Ch.044.6 Rabbit and Mirage Vol.05 Ch.044.7 A House Without Girls Vol.05 Ch.045 Withdrawal Vol.05 Ch.046 Lost Vol.05 Ch.047 Decision Vol.05 Ch.048 Light Vol.05 Ch.049 A Special Sunrise Vol.05 Ch.050 Let's Go Home(End) Vol.05 Ch.050.1 A Declaration of Love Vol.05 Ch.050.2 Welcome Home Vol.05 Ch.050.3 A Boy and a Girl
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