Terra Formars

Ch.213 #40 [The End of the Century] Hungry for Sacred Things

Ch.000 Ch.001 Ch.002 Ch.003 The Empire Strikes Back. Ch.004 Born to Hunt Ch.005 Ch.006 Ch.007 v2c1 SYMPTOM Variant Ch.008 Ch.009 Ch.010 Ch.011 Ch.012 Ch.013 Ch.014 v2c8 BAD AGAIN Return Of The Devil Ch.015 MANEUVER Strategic Action (Vol 03 Ch 9) Ch.016 OFFICER Possession of Troops Ch.017 TO MARS Ch.018 SECRET Work Ch.019 OPEN FIRE Ch.020 AN OPERATION Ch.021 WAR Total War Ch.022 ANIMA Admiration Ch.023 ONE PUNCH MAIDEN Ch.024 EXCEPTIONAL 2 Akari Hizamaru & Michelle K. Davis Ch.025 STRINGS (Vol 3 Ch19) Ch.026 THE PRINCE OF ONI Bagworm(Vol4 Ch20) Ch.027 BLACK BEETLE Killer Insect Ch.028 002 MINUTES Ch.029 SHINING Intelligence Ch.030 WIZARD Power Ch.031 CARAPACE Defensive Gear Ch.032 CRAB Warrior Ch.033 EVIL PLANT Strange Flora Ch.034 DEMON'S NIGHT Night and Dark Clouds Ch.035 STORMY RADAR There's a Storm Brewing Ch.036 DER ZITTERAAL Electric Organism Ch.036.1 v5c31 MORTAL EVILS A Soul that Must be Annihilated Ch.036.2 v5c32 TOO SAD TO DIE Howl of the Reaper Ch.036.3 v5c33 THUNDER STORM Squad 5's Thunder and Hail Ch.036.4 v5c34 HOLY BLOOD The Devil's Kin Ch.036.5 v5c35 DESIRE Wish Ch.036.6 v5c36 GREAT DEVOTION Magnificent Deeds Ch.037 END OF THE HEAD Ch.038 DEAR HEART My Love Ch.039 DIE HARD Invincible Insect Ch.040 ON THE CLOUD Skanda Atop the Clouds Ch.041 JET! Divine Wind Ch.042 Working manKeiji Onizuka Ch.043 Blue EyesBurning Eyes Ch.044 Boxer Ch.045 Yellow Jacket Arms BugJapanese-Born Giant Hornet Ch.046 Dragon FlameFire and Stars Ch.047 Shooting StarTrajectory and Recklessness Ch.048 PitchersThe Opposition Ch.049 2nd GenerationThe Second Army Ch.050 Evolution Crisis Ch.051 Unnatural Born FighterArtificial Warrior Ch.052 JaguarsWild Beast Ch.053 MASTER Men Ch.054 BEAR Scars and Savages Ch.055 END OF THE BRAIN Empty Head Ch.056 A PLAN Ch.057 MINE Minefield Ch.058 CENTURY OF RAISING ARMS War and Warfare Ch.059 VS. WEAPON Anti-Personnel Weapon Ch.060 THE LIFE FROM DEVILISH Demonic Lifeform Ch.061 FRIEND HERE Meeting Allies Ch.062 RATSBANE The Ambush Force Ch.063 OUT OF Outside the Situation Ch.064 MARS, DAY AT 19 APR. Ch.065 FABLE COMBAT Time for War! Ch.066 ROCK! Violence Ch.067 DEATH LAND Dark Sky Ch.068 REGION Territory Ch.069 SHIFT TO ANNEX Change Ch.070 DEADLY ACTIVE Invisible Death Ch.071 BIO HAZARD Experimental Subject Ch.072 MAN ON A MISSION Soldier and Father Ch.073 I LOVE YOU Obstinate Creatures Ch.074 WEARY WIDOW MARCHES Soldier's Spirit Ch.075 "ARMS" AND THE HUMAN Ch.076 ANTS Ants and Men Ch.077 THE HOUSE OF WOLVES The Nest of the Intelligent Ch.078 THE FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST The Science of War Ch.079 STRATEGY AND TACTICS Weapons and Techniques Ch.080 FATHER Bonds Ch.081 DADDY Aegis Ch.082 THIS IS HOW I DESPAIR From the Depths of Destiny Ch.083 BACK TO NORMAL To Myself Ch.084 HAPPY BIRTHDAY The First Day Ch.085 WEB OF BEND Hunter's Net Ch.086 POWER OF CROSS - Blade and the Feral Ch.087 TOUCH AND “G”! - Scattered Footfalls Ch.088 MIGHTY HEART - Love and Justice Ch.089 SWEETHEART HERE - The Swordsman Comes Ch.090 THE FACTORS - Quick Adaptation Ch.091 THE FOREMOST Ch.092 THE FRONT OF UN-ARMAMENT - High Above the Military World Ch.093 THE CLUSTER - Colony Ch.094 RUN TO HELL - Hell's Gates Ch.095 BOX IN THE BOX - A Wing and a Fist Ch.096 TO THE END - Divided Voice Ch.097 ELEMENTS - Position and Factors Ch.098 THE SHELL - Hostile Shell Ch.099 SECRET OBJECT - Guardsmen Ch.100 CRIMSON RED - Chaos Eye Ch.101 SILENCE OR VIOLENCE - Silent Fist Ch.102 DEVOTED LIFE WORK - The Technician and the Curse Ch.103 FOOTSTEP OF THE NIGHT Ch.104 THE MOST FEARLESS ANIMAL - Undefeated Oddity Ch.105 SQ PENETRATION - Power and Skill Ch.106 HMP - The Final Transmission Ch.107 MESSAGE - Anguished Echoes Ch.108 The 12 Seconds of Revolution Ch.109 Metor Dart Objective and Meteor Ch.110 The Most Savage The Last Body Ch.111 DIA X-1 Time Limit Ch.112 REVOLUTION HAS COME God comes Ch.113 FROM HELL WITH LOVE From hell with armor Ch.114 PREY FOR ME The Call of the Kuzuryuu Ch.115 DIE ANOTHER DAY Day of Survival Ch.116 The Holy Land Ch.117 Famous Last Words Ch.118 Where Is Your Heart Ch.118.5 September 2014 Special Ch.119 The Sharpest LiveBlade Ch.120 RAISE LIGHTAmphibian Ch.121 PLANARIA Animal Cruelty Ch.122 LINE Lifeline Ch.123 CHASER Pursuer Ch.124 Sword and Stick Ch.125 Another One Protector and Victor Ch.126 Too Empty to Live Too Young to Kill2 Lives Ch.127 BOERTE CHINUA The Pale Wolf Ch.128 The Selfish Gene The Extended Phenotype Ch.129 Terra For Mars For Whom Ch.130 HATERS AGAIN The Crown Prince of Hell Dies Twice Ch.131 HELL YEAH! - A Concord of Murderous Intent Ch.132 MARCHING OUT OF PAGANS - Advance of the Foreigner Ch.133 Kiss Breath Ch.134 So Long and Good Night Goodbye, Goodnight Ch.135 All of You in My Memory is Still Shining in My Heart Tears Ch.136 THE GREAT NORTHERN WAR GOD Emperor of the North Ch.137 Hero Ch.138 Falling of Hydra The Fall of a Castle Ch.139 THE GLOW OF SUNSET The Day of a Bloody Battle Ch.140 DROP-DEAD SPRINTERS Humans in Hell Ch.141 PLAN ALPHA - The Seven's Weapons Ch.142 FIGHTING MAN - Peacock Mantis Shrimp Ch.143 GONNA FLY NOW - Emerge Ch.144 PEREPELKINA - The Mother's Surname Ch.145 AVATAR OF MIGHT - The Incarnation of Evolution(fixed) Ch.146 Carnava - The Trampling Feast(fixed) Ch.147 THE CREST - The Name Ch.148 Humane Society - The Grave of the Bears Ch.149 CALL OUT MY NAME - The Men Of Flames Ch.150 BREAKING POINT - Threshold Ch.151 God of the People Ch.152 THE GUARDIAN RANGERS - Safeguard Squad Ch.153 The Outsiders - Mercenary Soldiers of The Darkness Ch.154 SILENT JEALOUSY -The Heart That Wishes to Know Ch.155 AN ORDINARY ABNORMALITY - If Love is Everything Ch.156 Electro Heart Ch.157 RAZOR BLADE - The Blade of Steel Ch.158 The Noble Sinner Ch.159 Love and Curse Ch.160 Aphrodite The Goddess Ch.161 By Name-What is that Name? Ch.162 START OF THE YOUTH - Death of a Predecessor Ch.163 THE GRUDGE AND TESTMENT - 2 Hypothesis Ch.164 2583 WORLD'S END - 2583 The Center of the World Ch.165 Green Rain Ch.166 AMARANTHE - Flower Ch.167 YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO TO GUYS LIKE US IN PRISON - Comrades Ch.168 THE COSMOPOLITANS - The Third Force Ch.169 THE NEXT - The Next of Humanity Ch.170 THE TREE OF LIFE - The Fruit of Life Ch.171 PLANET THE SAVAGENESS - An Earth of Ambition Ch.172 THE JAR OF SORCERY - A Site of Poison Ch.173 WINNER BUGS - The Winners with no Names Ch.173.5 Miracle Jump April Oneshot Ch.174 WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD - Return Ch.175 INTO THE CHAOS - The Underground Waterway Ch.176 DARKSIDE OF EARTH - The Residents of Darkness Ch.177 FIGHTERS LINE - Outlaws Line Ch.178 THE CORPORATE WARRIOR - Corporate Warriors Ch.179 BORN TO BE GUARDIAN - A Reason To Fight Ch.180 AN INNOVATION - A Certain Technology Ch.181 xSoldier - Transformation Incorporation Ch.182 JAPAN RANKING - The Japan Rankings Ch.183 TOWER OF GRAY TECHNOLOGY - Technology Tower Ch.184 The Will of Terra - God's Intention Ch.185 The House of Wax - The House of Wax Dolls Ch.186 THE GHOST AREA - The Blank Domain Ch.187 SNAKE EYES - Hyuga Kyou Ch.188 TIGER SHOT - Hongo Joichi Ch.189 VIN-LAND - The New Earth Where Grapes Bear Fruit Ch.190 FLY, BRO, FLY - Brother and Sister Ch.191 TOO STUBBORN TO PAT ON HIS SISTER - Brother and Soldier Ch.192 THE SNEAKERS - The Outer Circumference of Justice Ch.193 A LEGAL RIGHT - A Certain Right Ch.194 Death On Call-Justice is Accepted Ch.195 RIGHT NOW BABY! RIDE ON NAKED! Really!! Ch.196 AN ENORMOUS INEFFECTIVENESS - Over-Technology Ch.197 SILENT PARADES - A Quiet Change Ch.198 ANNEX PROJECT - A Plan of Invasion Ch.199 THE FORTUNATE PEASANT - The Man Who Was Saved Ch.200 Kami-Kaze - The Preliminary Tremor Ch.201 DOOM'S DAY - Gathering's Eve Ch.202 I Don't Love You - Creatures Without An I Ch.203 Unknown Ch.204 The Lighting - Like a Flash Ch.205 THE OBRIGATED FOR MAKING SURE COSMOS - The Duty of Justice Ch.206 Ch.207 THEIR FRONTIER SPIRIT - Fighting for the Japanese People Ch.208 The Beaver (castor canadensis) - THE CURSED SWORD Ch.209 Illness Ch.210 THE GREAT YOUNG OF KAMI'S STOCK - Pride Ch.211 SOFT AND HARD - Heart of Iron Ch.212 AN OUTSIDE ASTOROLOGY - Earth and Divination Ch.213 #40 [The End of the Century] Hungry for Sacred Things
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