Ch.163 The Secrets of the Underground Cooking World!!

Ch.001 Toriko from Bishoku-Ya Ch.002 Fork and Knife Ch.003 The Fruit of Rainbow Ch.004 Nail Punch Ch.005 The Traps of the Troll King Ch.006 If We Don't Eat Them Ch.007 At Hotel Gourmet! Ch.008 Coco Ch.009 The Days Of The Four Heavenly Kings Ch.010 Coco's Secret Ch.011 Into The Depth Of The Cave... Ch.012 Versus! The Serpent of Devil Ch.013 5-Hit Ch.014 Komatsu Dies!? Ch.015 Puffer Fish Whale!!! Ch.016 Puffer Whale, Captured! Ch.017 Puffer Fish Whale, Real Food!! Ch.018 It Appeared!! Ch.019 Bishoko-Kai Ch.020 Gourmet Research Facility Ch.021 Gourmet Coliseum Ch.022 Battle Wolf!! Ch.023 Welcome!! Ch.024 Slipped In Thing!! Ch.025 Time of "Love" Ch.026 GT Robo Ch.027 Reason for Anger Ch.028 You Are... Ch.029 It's a Meal!! Ch.030 Sani!! Ch.031 The First Biotope!! Ch.032 Rockdrum!! Ch.033 Sani's Dining Kitchen Ch.034 Komatsu and Sani Ch.035 To the Regal Tundra Ch.036 Dash! Regal Island! Ch.037 The Bishokukai and the Gourmet Cells! Ch.038 Devil Athletics Ch.039 Malevolent Elephant!! Ch.040 Gourmet Ch.041 Showdown and Invasion Ch.042 Death Omen...!? Ch.043 Sani's Anger!! Ch.044 Coco, Serious!! Ch.045 "Aqua Regia"!! Ch.046 Death Omen! Ch.047 Hair Battle!! Ch.048 The Worst Encounter!! Ch.049 Omen Of Evolution!! Ch.050 Time Limit 5 Minutes!! Ch.051 Resolution!! Ch.052 10 Ren Ch.053 Escape!! Ch.054 The Mammoth's True Food!! Ch.055 Terry's Menu!! Ch.056 Plant Hell, Plunge In!! Ch.057 A Glimpse Of The King!! Ch.058 Culmination Of The Jungle!! Ch.059 BB Corn, True Food!! Ch.060 The Final Ingredient...!! Ch.061 Range!! Ch.062 New Weapons!! Ch.063 End Of Evolution! Ch.064 The Full Stomach Metropolis "Gourmet Town"!! Ch.065 Gourmet Living National Treasure "Setsuno"!! Ch.066 Century Soup!! Ch.067 The Secret of Setsuno's Dining Hall Ch.068 The Meeting Bar "Heavy Lodge"!! Ch.069 The voyage to "Ice Hell"!! Ch.070 Insane Banquet on Board Ch.071 The Upwind Path! Ch.072 Each One's Route!! Ch.073 Strike While the Meal is Hot!! Ch.074 Reason For Adventure!! Ch.075 Outbreak Of War!! Ch.076 Buzz!! Ch.077 Battle Below Freezing!! Ch.078 Gourmet Pests Ch.079 "Lodge"!! Ch.080 "Pre-shot Routine"!! Ch.081 Exhaustion!! Ch.082 Trash!! Ch.083 Shaking Continent!! Ch.084 The Soup Is...!! Ch.085 Heat Energy!! Ch.086 Depths of Hell!! Ch.087 Beyond 10...!! Ch.088 Wild Bout!! Ch.089 Saiseiya "Teppei"!! Ch.090 Time of Revival!! Ch.091 As the Soup Dictates... Ch.092 Ice Hell's "Century Soup"!! Ch.093 Farewell, Ice Hell!! Ch.094 The Country of Healing "Life"!! Ch.095 Rule!! Ch.096 The Path To Revival!! Ch.097 Miracle Answer!! Ch.098 "Komatsu"'s Century Soup Ch.099 Soup Decided!! Ch.100 New Sweets House!! Ch.101 Acacia's Disciples!! Ch.102 Fighting Time!! Ch.103 Combo!! Ch.104 Stairway to Heaven!! Ch.105 To the Inside of the Clouds!! Ch.106 Vegetable Sky!! Ch.107 Ozone Herb!! Ch.108 Ozone Herb, the True Food!! Ch.109 Foreign Body!! Ch.110 To the Gourmet World!! Ch.111 The Reality of the Gourmet World!! Ch.112 Different World!! Ch.113 What You're Lacking!! Ch.114 Komatsu's Kitchen Knife!! Ch.115 Summit! Melk Mountain!! Ch.116 Something Unyielding!! Ch.117 The Secret of the Stardust!! Ch.118 Melk's Sharpening!! Ch.119 Plunging into the Heavy Hole!! Ch.120 The Second Generation's True Colors!! Ch.121 The Two Melks!! Ch.122 The "Real" Melk!! Ch.123 The Second's Work!! Ch.124 Kitchen Knife Complete!! Ch.125 Journey to the Underworld!! Ch.126 Honey Prison!! Ch.127 Zebra!! Ch.128 Discharge!! Ch.129 Zebra's Sins!! Ch.130 A World of Sand!! Ch.131 Desert Labyrinth!! Ch.132 Gourmet Pyramid!! Ch.133 Search for Komatsu Ch.134 Mystery of the Pyramid!! Ch.135 Recovery!! Ch.136 Vs. Salamander Sphinx Ch.137 The Cola's True Form!! Ch.138 Prepare the Mellow Cola!! Ch.139 Zebra's Conditions Ch.140 Joint Attack Ch.141 Pulse Ch.142 Partnership Conditions!! Ch.143 A Living Explosive!! Ch.144 The Worst Possible Reunion!! Ch.145 Gourmet Temple!! Ch.146 Surprise Apple Ch.147 The Chicken Tiger's Egg Ch.148 The Shining Gourami!! Ch.149 Mors Mountains Ch.150 Death Fall!! Ch.151 The Evolved Technique!! Ch.152 Ch.153 Ch.154 Ch.155 Ch.156 Chefs!! Ch.157 The President's Treasure Chest!! Ch.158 Komatsu and Ootake!! Ch.159 THE FULL COURSE'S VOICE!! Ch.160 Meteor Garlic!! Ch.161 Gourmet Casino!! Ch.162 Gamble Time!! Ch.163 The Secrets of the Underground Cooking World!! Ch.164 Gourmet Tasting Ch.165 Vs. Livebearer Ch.166 The Heart of the Game Ch.167 Joker Ingredients!! Ch.168 Coco's Aim!! Ch.169 The Eating Combination of Victory!! Ch.170 Meteor Garlic, the Actual Food!! Ch.171 Supreme Ruler of the Age!! Ch.172 Ichiryuu and Midora!! Ch.173 Gourmet Santa!! Ch.174 Madam Fish!! Ch.175 The Pot Pond Competition!! Ch.176 King Vinegar!! Ch.177 Dodurian Bomb Ch.178 Eco Nori!! Ch.179 Ehou Maki Complete!! Ch.180 Disappearance Cuisine!! Ch.181 Shokurin Temple Ch.182 Bubble Fruit!! Ch.183 The Power of Food Honor!! Ch.184 Shokurin Temple Training Ch.185 Bubble Way!! Ch.186 Food Immersion!! Ch.187 Bubble Fruit, the Actual Food!! Ch.188 Decisive Battle! Shokurin Temple!! Ch.189 One Who Has Mastered Food Honor!! Ch.190 Knife vs Kitchen Knife!! Ch.191 Ootake's Combo!! Ch.192 Hidden Hors D'Oeuvre!! Ch.193 The Members of the Oth Biotope!! Ch.194 The Four Beasts!! Ch.195 Dinner at Zen Ou!! Ch.196 The Four Beasts Invade!! Ch.197 4 vs. 4!! Ch.198 Over 100!! Ch.199 Four Conclusions!! Ch.200 The Four Beast Main Body!! Ch.201 Human World Pandemonium!! Ch.202 Green Rain!! Ch.203 Antidote Cooking!! Ch.204 New Cooking Method!! Ch.205 Curiosity for a Taste!! Ch.206 Appetite!! Ch.207 Dinner of Kings!! Ch.208 The Four Beast, the Actual Food!! Ch.209 Chef Komatsu Ch.210 Nail Gun!! Ch.211 "Cooking Fest" Opens!! Ch.212 The Contestants Appear!! Ch.213 The Preliminaries Start!! Ch.214 Serious Battle!! Ch.215 Meet Buranchi!! Ch.216 Pulling Ahead!! Ch.217 Signal for the Outbreak of War!! Ch.218 The Bishokukai Invades!! Ch.219 The Fighting Begins!! Ch.220 Wild Battle!! Ch.221 Igo vs Bishokukai Ch.222 Catastrophic Joker Card!! Ch.223 Targeted Chefs!! (Fixed Version) Ch.224 The World's Hope!! Ch.225 Awakening!! Ch.226 VS Tommyrod!! Ch.227 Outcome of the Duel !! Ch.228 Lightning Ch.229 VS Immortality!! Ch.230 Betrayal!! Ch.231 Zebra Counterattacks!! Ch.232 Wriggling Shadows!! Ch.233 Call!! Ch.234 Beyond Limits!! Ch.235 Ultimate Impression!! Ch.236 The Mightiest Rival!! Ch.237 Scorching Battle!! Ch.238 Limits of Strength!! Ch.239 Desperate Situation!! Ch.240 Hidden Power!! Ch.241 Mastermind!! Ch.242 The Mystery Man, Joa!!(Version 2) Ch.243 Rampaging Beast Jirou!! Ch.244 Enigmatic Identity!! Ch.245 The Moment of Closure!! Ch.246 One More Deciding Battle!! Ch.247 The Clash of Two Mighty Rivals, the Dragon and the Tiger!! Ch.248 Ichiryuu's Power!! Ch.249 The Minority's Rebellion!! Ch.250 Bottomless Empty Stomach!! Ch.251 Acacia and his Three Disciples!! Ch.252 Acacia's Fairy Tales!! Ch.253 The Tiger's Tears!! Ch.254 A Sad End!! Ch.255 Awakening!! Ch.256 The True Enemy!! Ch.257 End of an Age!! Ch.258 March of Evil!! Ch.259 Coco's Hypothesis Ch.260 Toriko's Dream!! Ch.261 Ootake's Ambition!! Ch.262 Midora's Dining Table!! Ch.263 The World's Greatest Bishokuya!! Ch.264 Now, to Gourmet World!! Ch.265 Rain of Blessings Ch.266 The Final Treasure Chest Ch.267 Birth Cry of Hope!! Ch.268 Miracle Eggs!! Ch.269 Inherited Heart!! Ch.270 The Final Key!! Ch.271 Ichiryuu's Message!! Ch.272 To the Place Where Dreams Await Us!! Ch.273 Harbor of Evil Spirits!! Ch.274 Bewildered!! Ch.275 The Mist Bamboozlement!! Ch.276 True Worth of the Year and a Half!! Ch.277 Messenger from Bewitching Food World!! Ch.278 Labyrinth Of Death!! Ch.279 A Guidepost!! Ch.280 Bewitching Food World!! Ch.281 The Daruma Hermit!! Ch.282 Four Paths!! Ch.283 The Horse King's Sacrifice!! Ch.284 Toriko's Resolve!! Ch.285 VS Heracles!! Ch.286 "Blue's" Awakening!! (Version 2) Ch.287 Slow Rain and Food King Air!! Ch.288 How to Cook Air!! Ch.289 Continuation-How to Cook Air!! Ch.290 A New King!! Ch.291 Truly Eating Air!! Ch.292 The Mystery of the Gourmet Cells!! Ch.293 Neo's Assault!! Ch.294 Another World!! Ch.295 Now, to Area 7!! (Fixed) Ch.296 The Leader of the Ecosystem Ch.297 Endless Encirclement!! Ch.298 Warning From an Ancient!! Ch.299 A Revolt Against Tyranny!! Ch.300 Fierce Attacks and Roars!! Ch.301 The King Playing Around!! Ch.302 The True Form of Treasure Food Pair!! Ch.303 At the Moment of the Encounter!! Ch.304 Seed of Courage!! Ch.305 Playtime Preparations!! Ch.306 Grab the Spark!! Ch.307 Determination to Reenter the Mountain Ch.308 Progressing at Full Power!! Ch.309 A Second Moment Ch.310 Gong!! Ch.311 The Appearing Monster!! Ch.312 What Do You Want To Eat?!! Ch.313 That Person!! Ch.314 Saru We Dance?!! Ch.315 Musical Performance of 240 Trillion!! Ch.316 Grab Hold!! Ch.317 Your Hand!! Ch.318 Going to Tears!! Ch.319 Everyone Going Down the Mountains Together!! Ch.320 The Actual Eating of the Food Treasure!!(fixed) Ch.321 Revival Party!! Ch.322 Seismic Tremor!! Ch.323 The Truth of the Nitro!! Ch.324 Smiling Departure!! Ch.325 Furious Direct Hit!! Ch.326 Surprising Combinations!! Ch.327 Deployment Ch.328 The Roof of the Civilization!! Ch.329 Thrilled Chefs!! Ch.330 Meeting And Confrontation!! Ch.331 Strange Masks!! Ch.332 Chaco's Cicumstances!! Ch.333 1st Round Battle!! Ch.334 1-Millimeter Yuda!! Ch.335 New Stirring!! Ch.336 What Nakaume Saw!! Ch.337 Resurrection and Reunion!! Ch.338 Joa VS Midora!! Ch.339 Midora VS Joa!! Ch.340 The Blue Nitro's Goal!! Ch.341 The Strongest Preying on One Another!! Ch.342 Toriko, Switch On!! Ch.343 The Direct Attack Don!! Ch.344 To The Back World!! Ch.345 The Truth About the Project!! Ch.346 To the Golden Cookware!! Ch.347 The Knights, Tested!! Ch.348 There's Nothing We Can't Eat!! Ch.349 Our memory!! Ch.350 The [Waiting] Ingredient!! Ch.351 We've Completed It!!! Ch.352 We're Back!! Ch.353 And Now For the Main Course!! Ch.354 One Step of the Wolf King!! Ch.355 Sniffing Contest!! Ch.356 All Coming Together!! Ch.357 The Creature, Neo!! Ch.358 Creepy Neo!! Ch.359 His name is Don Slime! Ch.360 The Smell's True Identity!! Ch.361 The Lurking Demon!! Ch.362 Onwards to Complete the Full Course!! Ch.363 The Don Gets Serious!! Ch.364 The Theory!! Ch.365 The Wolf Cub! Ch.366 Seal the Wolf!! Ch.367 Those Tears!! Ch.368 Give Me That 0.1 Second!! Ch.369 What is GOD?! Ch.370 God Almighty!! Ch.371 The Confrontation of the Era!! Ch.372 Their Battles!! Ch.373 Where GOD Leads!! Ch.374 Biting and Biting Back Ch.375 They're Rushing!! Ch.376 The Eight Kings Assemble!! Ch.377 Battle of the Kings Ch.378 We'll Fight and Cook Together!! Ch.379 Onwards to GOD! Ch.380 The Competition for GOD!! Ch.381 NEO and Acacia! Ch.382 Acacia On the Move!!! Ch.383 Toriko and Starjun!! (MS) Ch.384 Joie and Froese!! Ch.385 Midora's Full Course!! Ch.386 The Most Terrifying of All Foes, Acacia!! (MS) Ch.387 A Reunion with Appetite Ch.388 Main Dish!! Ch.389 The Flavor He Can't Stand...!! Ch.390 Acacia's Goal...!! Ch.391 Acacia vs Toriko!!! Ch.392 Full Course of Rage!! Ch.393 Acacia's Wishes!! Ch.394 Toriko's Full Course!! Ch.395 Everyone Around the Dinner Table!! Ch.396 V2 Yet-Unseen Ingredients!!
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