Tsurezure Children

Ch.212 Confession (Kanda/Takase) END

Ch.008 Ch.009 Ch.010 Ch.011 Ch.013 Brother's Girlfriend Ch.014 Spring Ch.015 I'll Make You a Man Ch.016 Plus! One (Omake) v2 Ch.017.5 Omake Ch.018 Cleaning Duty Ch.019 Let's Make Sure Ch.020 Reply Ch.025.1 Omake Ch.026 Coward Ch.031.1 Omake Ch.032 Adice Ch.032.1 Omake Ch.035 X-File Ch.035.1 Omake Ch.036 Beginner Ch.039 Peaches Ch.039.1 Omake Ch.040 Trap Ch.044 Mushy Talk Ch.045 It's All Because Of The Fever Ch.045.1 Omake Ch.045.6 Plus! Two (Omake) Ch.046 I want more Ch.047 Score Ch.048 It's Not That I Don't Want To Ch.049 Consideration Touches the Heart (Yamane/Kurihara) Ch.049.5 Omake Ch.050.5 Omake Ch.051.5 Omake Ch.052 Gaze (Takano/Sugawara) Ch.052.5 Omake Ch.053.1 Once More (KamineGouda) Ch.053.5 Omake Ch.054 Like Ch.054.5 Omake Ch.055.2 Boobs (Ryouko/Asafumi) Ch.055.5 Omake Ch.056 Sickness (LoveMaster/Kazuko) Ch.056.5 Omake Ch.057 Education (Kirihara/Chiba) Ch.057.5 Omake Ch.058 That (Patricia/Tsuji) Ch.058.5 Omake Ch.059 "Ahhh" (Toujou/ Ogiue) Ch.059.5 Omake Ch.060 Square One Ch.060.5 Omake Ch.061 Bullying (Kaga/Nanase) Ch.061.5 Omake Ch.062 Suspicion (Saejima/Souma) Ch.062.5 Omake Ch.063 Over my Dead Body (Yamane/Kurihara) Ch.064.1 Envy (Kamine/Gouda) v2 Ch.065 Froth (Chiaki/Kana) Ch.066 DeDeDe (Wabisabi/Usakata) Ch.067 Telepathy (Takase/Alice) Ch.067.1 Lovers (Chiaki/Kana) Ch.068 Sweets (Furuya/Minegawa) Ch.069 Let Bygones be Bygones (Chiaki/Kana) Ch.070 Rap (Onizuka/Yamada) Ch.071 Temptation (Takeru/Ayaka) Ch.072 Term Exams (Part One) Ch.073 Term Exams (Part Two) Ch.074 Misunderstanding Ch.074.1 Tuning (Chizuru/Sugawara) Ch.075 Sports Festival (Part One) Ch.076 Sports Festival (Part Two) Ch.077 Sports Festival (Part Three) Ch.078 Summer Begins (Part One) Ch.079 Summer Begins (Part Two) Ch.080 I Don't Like You (Kirihara/Chiba) Ch.081 Welcome Back (Kage/Nanase/Sasahara) Ch.081.5 Omake Ch.081.6 Plus! Three (Omake) Ch.082 Pure (Furuya/Minegawa) Ch.082.5 Omake Ch.083 Is It Alright If I'm Popular With Girls? (Yamane/Kurihara) Ch.083.5 Omake Ch.084 Smile (Toda/Sanagawa) Ch.084.5 Omake Ch.085 First Love's Crazy (Kamine/Gouda) Ch.085.5 Omake Ch.086 Pudding (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Ch.087 Yo! (Onitsuka/Yamada) Ch.088 Charisma (Chizuru/Love Master) Ch.089 Won't Be Stopped Anyhow (Ryouko/Asafumi) Ch.090 Left and Right (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Ch.091 Assistant (Kirihara/Chiba) Ch.091.1 Water's Edge (Part One) Ch.091.2 Water's Edge (Part Two) Ch.091.3 Water's Edge (Part Three) Ch.091.4 Water's Edge (Part Four) Ch.092 I Came (Alice/Takase) Ch.093 Trauma (Saejima/Souma) Ch.094 Actual Feelings (Furuya/Minegawa) Ch.094.5 Omake Ch.095 Leading You (Part One) Ch.096 Leading You (Part Two) Ch.097 Leading You (Part Three) Ch.098 Oath (Patricia/Tsuji) Ch.099 Aquarium (Toda/Sunagawa) Ch.100 Leading You (Part Two) Ch.101 Leading You (Part Three) Ch.101.5 Omake Ch.101.6 Plus! Four (Omake) Ch.102 Rendezvous Ch.103 Airhead (Matsuura/Urara) Ch.104 Ch.105 Ch.106 Poker Face (Toujou/Ogiue) Ch.107 Summer Festival (Chiba/Kirihara) Ch.108 Ch.109 Fireworks (Onizuka/Yamada) Ch.110 Lie (Akagi/Ryouko) Ch.110.5 Space is Way Too Big (Sasahara/Yukawa) Ch.111.5 I'll Lend You My Chest (Matsuura/Urara/LoveMaster) Ch.112 Takoyaki (Kaga/Nanase) Ch.114 Pursuit (Minagawa/Furuya) Ch.115 Intro (Motoyama/Enomoto) Ch.116 Defense (Motoyama/Enomoto) Ch.117 Pace (Takano/Sugawara) Ch.118 Probing (Kanda/Takase) Ch.119 Spending Time (LoveMaster/Kazuko/Akagi) Ch.119.5 Omake Ch.120 High Five (Toujou/Ogiue) Ch.121 Not Very Good (Ryouko/Shibasaki) Ch.122 Take Your Time (Takano/Sugawara) Ch.123 Passing the Baton to You (Kanda/Takase) Ch.124 Circle Ch.125 Not a Dream (Kurihara/Yamane) Ch.126 Stupid (Alice/Noro) Ch.127 Gate (Saejima/Souma) Ch.128 Ninjutsu (Kana/Chiaki) Ch.129 Snacks (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Ch.130 Alone (Onizuka) Ch.131 Departure Ch.132 Memories (Enomoto/Motoyama) Ch.133 Wanting To Be Alone With You (Takano/Sugawara) Ch.134.5 Naked Ch.135 Something's Here (Toujou/Ogiue) Ch.136 Joker (Toda/Sunagawa) Ch.137 Tryst (Kamine/Gouda) Ch.137.5 Omake Ch.138 I Want to Get Stronger (Saejima/Souma) Ch.139 Nuisance (Alice/Noro) Ch.140 Quiz (Minagawa/Furuya) Ch.141 Mermaid (Chiba/Kirihara) Ch.142 Adolescence Without Me (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Ch.143 Detective (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Ch.144 Night Ch.145 Souvenir (Takano/Sugawara) Ch.146 Surprise (Patricia/Keisuke) Ch.147 Shyness (Kana/Chiaki) Ch.148 True Feelings (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Ch.149 As a Girl (Minagawa/Furuya) Ch.150 Cypher (Onizuka/LoveMaster) Ch.151 Interested In That Girl (Kanda/Takase) Ch.152 Dot to Dot (Alice/Noro) Ch.153 I Want to Be Your Strength (Kamine/Gouda) Ch.154 Repertoire (Kurihara/Yamane) Ch.155 Stimulation (Toda/Sunagawa/Akagi/Ryouko) Ch.156 Unlikable (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Ch.156.5 Omake Ch.157 Vol10 Prologue Ch.158 Divergence (Enomoto/Motoyama) Ch.159 Animal Trail (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Ch.160 If I Win (Saejima/Souma) v2 Ch.161 Chicken (Yamada/Onizuka) Ch.162 I, the Burden (Nanase/Kaga) Ch.163 I Want to Be A Good Senpai Ch.164 Cultural Festival 1 Ch.165 Crisis Crisis Ch.166 Haunted House (Takano/Sugawara) Ch.167 Transformation Ch.168 A Man's Man (Saejima/Souma) Ch.170 Cultural Festival 2 Ch.171 Play (Matsuura/Urara) Ch.172 Follow the Stars (Nanase/Kaga/Sasahara/Yukawa) Ch.173 Miss Wabisabi (Shibasaki/Kaji) Ch.174 Ch.174.1 Ch.175 Luna, Luna (Kana/Chiaki) Ch.176 Mischief (Toda/Sunagawa) Ch.177 Asking For Too Much (Enomoto/Motoyama) Ch.178 Accomplice (Chiba/Kirihara) Ch.179 Escape Route (Patricia/Keisuke) Ch.180 Temperature Difference (Toujou/Ogiue) Ch.181 Unrequited Love (Alice/Takase) Ch.182 Present (Minagawa/Furuya) Ch.183 Nervous Ch.184 Melting in the Night (Toujou/Ogiue) Ch.185 Ch.186 Ch.187 Ch.188 Ch.189 Ch.190 Ch.191 Overflow (Takano/Sugawara) Ch.192 There's Nothing Tying Us Together (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Ch.192.1 Omake Ch.193 Spica (Nanase/Kaga) Ch.194 Rumor (Toujou/Ogiue) Ch.195 Brother's Girlfriend (Minagawa/Hotaru) Ch.196 Siren Ch.197 Dry (Toda/Sunagawa) Ch.198 We Don't Need Women (Motoyama/Yamane) Ch.199 My Bloody Valentine (Alice) Ch.200 Contact (Kamine/Gouda) Ch.201 Rapper (Yamada/Onizuka) Ch.202 The Student Council President's Worries (Kaji/Akagi) Ch.203 I'll Make You a Man (Saejima/Souma) Ch.204 Patricia (Patricia/Keisuke) Ch.205 Love is Unsightly (Enomoto/Motoyama) Ch.206 Short Distance Relationship (Kana/Chiaki) Ch.207 I'm Getting Rejected Tonight (Chiba/Kirihara) Ch.208 Mask (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Ch.209 Senpai, You're Annoying (Matsuura/Urara) Ch.210 Love Master (Kazuko/LoveMaster) Ch.211 Rain (Takano/Sugawara) Ch.212 Confession (Kanda/Takase) END Ch.212.1 Omake
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