Yandere Kanojo

Vol.01 Ch.001.1 Spring, the Season of Love

Vol.01 Ch.000 Yandere, as in a Love-Struck Delinquent Vol.01 Ch.001 A Homemade Lunch, Just for Him. Vol.01 Ch.001.1 Spring, the Season of Love Vol.01 Ch.002 Bloomers at the Athletics Festival Vol.01 Ch.002.1 A Cell Phone Is an Item of Love Vol.01 Ch.003 Test, a Paper that Measures Your Academic Ability Vol.01 Ch.003.1 A Huge Masochist, AKA His Little Sister Vol.01 Ch.004 Friendship? 3's A Crowd Vol.01 Ch.004.1 February, that is, Valentine's Day Vol.01 Ch.005 If You're Going to a Festival, You have to Wear a Yukata Vol.01 Ch.005.1 Summer, that is, of course, the Pool Vol.01 Ch.006 Daddy's Comin' Home Vol.01 Ch.006.1 The Black Spirit Girl, that is, the First Half of the Ghost Story Vol.01 Ch.007 Her Rival Is Nanami from Kurobashi Vol.01 Ch.007.1 The Black Spirit Girl, that is, the Second Half of the Ghost Story Vol.01 Ch.008 Two Tales in One! "Shopping" and "The Gym Storehouse&... Vol.02 Ch.008.1 Part-Time, That Is, A Yandere Waitress Vol.02 Ch.009 Change! You're Me and I'm You Vol.02 Ch.009.1 Vol.02 Ch.010 "Cinderella, That's Where Happiness Is Hiding" Vol.02 Ch.010.1 The Cultural Festival, That Is, The Second Half of a Ruthless Battle Vol.02 Ch.011 "Heavy Snow? Put Your Tensions in a Snowball and Throw It Away!... Vol.02 Ch.011.1 Birthday, That Is, A Surprise Vol.02 Ch.011.5 A Sewing Kit, That Is, A Must-Have For All Girls Vol.03 Ch.012 My Guardian? Well, it's that Good for Nothing... Vol.03 Ch.012.1 Vol.03 Ch.013 Everyday Lives? Sounds Like Character Exposition. Vol.03 Ch.013.1 Baseball, That Is, A Game of Life and Death, Part 2 Vol.03 Ch.014 Who Are We Stalking? That Cool Guy! Vol.03 Ch.014.1 Baseball, That Is, a Game of Life and Death, Part 3 Vol.03 Ch.014.2 Baseball, That Is, a Game of Life and Death, Part 4 Vol.03 Ch.015 Love Banner, Cookie Offering Vol.03 Ch.015.1 A Fitting Man, That Is, Manabu Tanaka Vol.03 Ch.016 Part 1 of Her First Visit to Tanaka's House Vol.03 Ch.016.1 Under the Legendary Sakura Tree, the Two Made a Memory Together Vol.03 Ch.017 Part 2 of Her First Visit to Tanaka's House Vol.03 Ch.017.1 The Sea, a Place to Bring Your Swimming Ring Vol.03 Ch.018 Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Two People Destined for Each Other Vol.03 Ch.018.1 Magical Girl, You Are Who You Are Vol.03 Ch.019 Izumihara, First Name Bakako... I Mean, Wakako Vol.03 Ch.019.1 October, also Knows as the Time for the Great Battle Called Halloween Vol.03 Ch.020 An Old Story, That Is, the First Half of How Mr. and Mrs. Ryuuzaki F... Vol.03 Ch.020.1 The Principal, also Known as Their Greatest Enemy (Part 1) Vol.03 Ch.021 An Old Story, That Is, the Second Half of How Mr. and Ms. Ryuuzaki F... Vol.03 Ch.021.1 I've Got Everyone's Power Backing Me Up... So Bring It! It's Time fo... Vol.03 Ch.022 A Visit, That Is, Thoughtful People And How To Address Each Other Vol.03 Ch.022.1 Dieting, That Is, Fall and Standards Vol.03 Ch.023 Clarification, That Is, the Mystery behind Tanaka's Glasses Vol.03 Ch.023.1 Christmas, That Is, Masters of Cake Vol.03 Ch.024 The New Year, That Is, the Great Battle for the Ema Vol.03 Ch.024.1 Femininity, That Is, My Fair Lady(fixed) Vol.03 Ch.025 Kibayashi, Also Known As, the Sexy Manager Vol.03 Ch.025.1 Ghost Hunter, that is, the Fierce(ly Insane) Girl Vol.03 Ch.026 The Gap Between Them, that is, an Unlucky Shiratori Vol.03 Ch.026.1 The Black Bat, that is, a Cursed Item Vol.03 Ch.027 Going Out, that is, Always be Prepared for Anything Vol.03 Ch.027.1 Deceit, that is, April Fools' Day Vol.03 Ch.028 Hijiki, that us, a Cute Little Girl Vol.03 Ch.028.1 An Expedition, that is, an Encounter with the Unknown Vol.03 Ch.029 A Married Couple's Date, that is, a Lovey Dovey PHP Vol.03 Ch.029.1 Transfer Student, that is, Garasu Tsukihitsugi Again Vol.03 Ch.030 Moving, that is, Guts, Willpower and Brute Strength Vol.03 Ch.030.1 A Sprain, that Is, a Brief Stay In the Infirmary Vol.03 Ch.031 Announcement, that is, the Boy Hijiri has Feelings for Vol.03 Ch.031.1 Amazake, that is, the Perfect Drink Vol.03 Ch.032 Test Of Courage, That Is, Horror Tunnel Night Vol.03 Ch.032.1 Pulling Weeds, That Is, The Conerstone of Youth Vol.03 Ch.033 Shiratori, That Is, Friend or Foe? Vol.03 Ch.033.1 Childhood Friend, that is, Friendship and the Strongest Red Ranger Vol.05 Ch.034 Inferiority Complex, that is, a Pretty Ordinary Story Vol.05 Ch.034.1 Nanami and Sumika, that is, Childhood Friends Vol.05 Ch.035 Friends, That Is, Give-and-Take Vol.05 Ch.035.1 An Announcement, that is, the Path to Becoming a Proper Couple Vol.05 Ch.036 Cosmetics, That Is, a Womans Pride Vol.05 Ch.036.1 Cleaning, That Is, A Heart Enriching Virtue Vol.05 Ch.037 A-ko's Love, That Is, For Better? Or Worse? Vol.05 Ch.037.1 Beware Of Dog, That Is, A Test Of One's Love Vol.05 Ch.038 The Color of the Sky, That Is, An Illusion of Light Vol.05 Ch.038.1 The New President, That Is, Daikichi Ugajin's Chaos Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.039 Everyone Has Their Own Story, That Is, Ups and Downs Vol.05 Ch.039.1 The New President, That Is, Daikichi Ugajin's Choaos, Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.040 Male Friendship, that is, Showing Each Other Your Secrets Vol.05 Ch.040.1 A Peace Treaty, that is, Putting a Bell on a Cat's Neck Vol.05 Ch.041 Makeover, that is, Kuroko's Anniversary Vol.05 Ch.041.1 Her Little Brother's Crush, That Is, The Girl She's Curious About Vol.05 Ch.042 Hijiri and Graffiti, that is, a Truly Bad Match Vol.05 Ch.042.1 The Smell of Perfume, That Is, That Lady From Back Then Vol.05 Ch.043 Inspection, That Is, The Student Council's Independent Actions Vol.05 Ch.043.1 Idol Debut, That Is, The Glory of General Elections Vol.05 Ch.044 Nabe, That Is, The Terror that Swoops In from the Darkness Vol.05 Ch.044.1 A Mysterious Girl, That Is, a Certain Someone's You Know What Vol.05 Ch.045 High School Cinderella, that is, the Chosen Girl Vol.05 Ch.045.1 The Place His Granddaughter Works, that is, the Forbidden Land Vol.05 Ch.046 High School Cinderella, that is, the Truth of the Situation Vol.05 Ch.046.1 Fashion, That Is, Working to Impress Him Vol.05 Ch.047 Views on Love, That Is, Everyone Has Their Own Vol.05 Ch.047.1 The Aftereffects of Love, That Is, A Serious Disease Vol.05 Ch.048 A Confession of Love, That Is, The Aftermath Vol.05 Ch.048.1 Egg Farm, That Is, A Wonderful Online Game Vol.05 Ch.049 Below the Manhole, That Is, A Mysterious World Vol.05 Ch.049.1 The Ultimate Solution, That Is, Holding Hands Vol.05 Ch.050 Wide open, that is, a grave situation Vol.05 Ch.050.1 Doubles Marathon, That Is, The Grueling School Event, Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.051 Tanaka's Family, That Is, A Complicated Situation Vol.05 Ch.051.1 Doubles Marathon, That Is, The Grueling School Event, Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.052 Lost Memories, That Is, Kuroko's Past Vol.05 Ch.052.1 Treasure Hunt, That Is, A Mystery Message Vol.05 Ch.053 Let's Eat Together, That Is, A Party For Kuroko Vol.05 Ch.053.1 A Letter, That Is, Tidings From a Mysterious Person Vol.05 Ch.054 Tanaka Away, That Is, A Sad Event Vol.05 Ch.054.1 Little Sister Tsugumi, That Is, A Critical Brocon Vol.05 Ch.055 Tanaka's Thoughts, That Is, A Deep Pit of Chaos Vol.05 Ch.055.1 Cracker Man Show, That Is, A Childhood Encounter Vol.05 Ch.056 Compensation and Reparation, That Is, Room for Choice Vol.05 Ch.056.1 Komachi's Boyfriend, That Is, A Pretty New Face Vol.05 Ch.057 Tanaka and Reina, That Is, Their Problem to Solve Vol.05 Ch.057.1 Approaching Danger, That Is, A Monster on the Attack Vol.05 Ch.058 Where His Heart Lies, That Is, The Labyrinth Before Him Vol.05 Ch.058.1 Garasu's Worry, That Is, An Invisible Power Vol.05 Ch.059 Battle on the Mainland, That Is, Love Wars Vol.05 Ch.059.1 My Little Sister, That Is, She's Not That Cute Vol.05 Ch.060 Azami, That Is, A Distant Mother Vol.05 Ch.060.1 Vol.05 Ch.061 An Old Story, That Is, Aoi, Azami, and Another Vol.05 Ch.061.1 Vol.05 Ch.062 Mamoru Akagawa, That Is, A Man Who Was Unable to Let Go Vol.05 Ch.062.1 Vol.05 Ch.063 A Mother's True Feelings, That Is, A Maze of Love and Hate Vol.05 Ch.063.1 Vol.05 Ch.064 After The Truth, That Is, A Continuing Maze Vol.05 Ch.064.1 Vol.05 Ch.065 Mamoru and Manabu, That Is, Confronting His Father Vol.05 Ch.065.1 Vol.05 Ch.066 The Conclusion She Must Aim For, That Is, For Whose Sake Does She St... Vol.05 Ch.066.1 Vol.05 Ch.067 A Thorny Path, That Is, A Solution for the Present and the Future Vol.05 Ch.067.1 Vol.05 Ch.068 School Trip, That is, A Chaotic Start Vol.05 Ch.068.5 Winning Over the Tanakas, That Is, A Problem We've Dealt With Before Vol.05 Ch.069 Busjack, That Is, Why Did It Have to Happen Now? Vol.05 Ch.069.5 Meeting the Family, That Is, The First Visit Vol.05 Ch.070 Late Night Surprise, That Is, a Whole Bagful Vol.05 Ch.070.5 A Colorful Past, That Is, The Birth of a Yankee Vol.05 Ch.071 Lost Memories, That Is, What She Can Do For Him Vol.05 Ch.071.5 Ballroom Dance, That Is, The Best in the World Vol.05 Ch.072 The Black Spirit, That Is, Misaki Tanaka Vol.05 Ch.072.5 Dance Party, That Is, Everyone's Here Vol.05 Ch.073 Thank You, That Is, Reconciliation and Smiles Vol.05 Ch.073.5 A Dreadful Desire, That Is, The Party Is In Full Swing Vol.05 Ch.074 Vol.05 Ch.074.5 A Mysterious Prince, That Is, A Guy Who Looks Like Tanaka Vol.05 Ch.075 Yandere Kanojo, That Is, Reina [END] Vol.05 Ch.075.5 Tanaka and Reina, That Is, The Strongest Couple
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