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Bleach 477 Reviews[Fan's Work]

12.08.2011 16:13

Bleach 477 has been releasd now!!! Here comes the Reviews!!! And we need Bleach 478 now...

Its a new record: 50 seconds! (Finish the reading...)

As always the same, the new chapter keeps its cool pics and boring feelings. Although it became some better now...

However, I think the fighting comes to an end, finally. (Fof the god sake)

I'm glad Tsuki is alive he is an awsome character, I wonder how did he heal though.(Seems promising, thank god tsukishima wasn't trolled, but rukia is trolled again ...)

Also we finally knew where Riruka had been. I know that it was weird that she just disappeared like that.

Trolls will be trolls, I knew Tsukishima would still be alive, he is too unique a character to die off like that.

Anyway, now we can get more information on how Bookman met Ginjo back story!

What will happen next?




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Bleach 477 Spoilers, Bleach 477 Predictions and Discussions

Ginjou and Ichigo fight.
Ginjou goes down.
Ichigo and Ginjou stare at each other.
From behind Ichigo Tsukishima comes swinging his sword.
While this is going on Rukia appears. Her chest opens up and Riruka comes out.
She's cut by Riruka.
Tsukishima says to get it done.

リルカ あたしたちは銀城に救ってもらった。銀城を救ったのはあたしたちじゃない
Riruka: "We were saved by Ginjou, but we weren't the ones to save Ginjou.
It's Ichigo...

As a child Tsukishima was sitting alone when shinigami Ginjou comes.
"So you're alone, too?"


Bleach 476 The Captains head home to SS. Ginjou vs Ichigo, and ends with Ichigo cuts Ginjou with a single stroke!  WOW, I have to say the plot is a little boring now~ make it more interesting!!!

SO GAME IS OVER? Or another counterattack from Ginjou?!

Leave your comment and discuss what will happen in Bleach 477 with other bleach fans!


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Trivia: Ichigo’s Zanpakutō, Zangetsu, was voted the 3rd most popular Zanpakutō in the Zanpakutō popularity poll, while his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, was ranked 10th. End of Bleach 477 Spoiler




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