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Naruto 566-569 Prediction[Fan's work][Prediction&Discuss]

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Naruto Reviews

> Naruto 566-569 Prediction[Fan's work][Prediction&Discuss]
  • Naruto 566-569 Prediction[Fan's work][Prediction&Discuss]

  • 05.12.2011 21:58

    Click HERE to read Naruto Latest Chapter: Naruto 566


    Note: This article is provided by Tracy, one of the fans of Mangahere, and we post this for a better communication for our fans or manga lovers, so this article has nothing to do with Mangahere.



    In the end of naruto 565, Naruto and Bee fight with the more powerful tailed beasts...what happens then?

    Naruto 566 Prediction Title: All up to Naruto

    Hachibi/bee: "Im gonna bring this whole forest down on your heads!"

    Madara suddenly appears on a branch standing right in front of the hachibi. The others appear on branches not too far away as naruto looks down from below.

    Naruto thinking: "What are they....No!!"
    Hachibi: "Im gonna destroy you all in one blast!"
    Madara: "Shinra Tensei!"

    Suddenly a huge blast of wind occurs that naruto just narrowly dodges by running just below madara. As the wind blast hits the hachibi he is sent crashing backwards as the forest itself is violently tossed asside by the attack. The hachibi screams in pain as the branches crash against it. As the forest settles after the blast, naruto looks over to see bee is unconscious in normal form with a pool of blood starting to form. Naruto looks up to see all the jinchuriki and madara looking down at him.

    Madara: "He never had a chance but will you Naruto Uzimaki? You may have tricked nagato into giving up but you will not be able to do the same to me."
    Naruto: "One way or another only one of us is leaving here alive."
    Madara: "Than lets see how well you do when you have no one else to protect you."

    Yugito charges towards naruto and naruto closes his eyes. Yugito prepares to attack him with her claws when suddenly Naruto vanishes and appears right in front of yugito. She quickly tries to slash but naruto grips the rod as she tries to slash him. Yugito retreats backward but the rod is ripped from her chest as she retreats in a splattering of blood. Yugito appears to be stunned thanks to the removal of the rod. Naruto appears behind her and stabs her in the back with the rod which gives off a red glow. Suddenly yugito screams in agony and naruto turns to face Madara as he moves away from yugito.

    Madara: "Interesting. He removed the rod from her then flowed a leathel dose of kyubi chakra into the rod instantly as he stabbed her thus keeping most of the chakra with her without dispersing the effect to the others."

    Yugito screams in agony and explodes as the kyubi chakra rips her body apart from the inside out. Naruto suddenly vanishes in a yellow flash as Madara looks on. The other jinchuriki all fan out as they search for naruto amongst the fallen trees. Bee slowly starts to groan as he barely opens an eye to see madara standing in the distance looking away from him.

    Hachibi whispers: "Get up! Naruto's in danger."
    Bee thinking: "No can do. I think those last few hits broke me legs."
    Hachibi: "..."
    Bee: "All we can do for now is sit and try to recover."

    Bee looks on in the distance to see some explosions as Naruto fights the jinchuriki off in the distance. 

    Naruto 567: The battle continues

    Naruto is dodging fireball attacks as roshi chases after him hitting several of the fallen trees. The others chase after him as they just barely manage to keep up with him. As Naruto is dodging around, a fire slowly starts to break out amongst the fallen tree.

    Naruto thinking: "Perfect. Just as I hoped."

    The blaze intensifies as several more fireballs fail to hit naruto who seems to easily dodge the attacks as he moves from one fallen tree to the next. The fire turns into an inferno as the whole forest area around them is rapidly catching on fire.

    Naruto thinking: "I guess that will be enough."

    Roshi suddenly appears in front of naruto and attacks him. Instantly naruto bursts into flame and suddenly explodes in a puff of smoke. Roshi looks around and starts to move off in one direction while the others also seperate. Fu sees a naruto and charges towards him. Naruto turns and is instantly blinded by Fu. Roshi appears and attacks naruto. Suddenly they both hear a sound and look up in time to see a rasenshuriken flying towards them from naruto standing on a near by tree that is still standing. Roshi manages to dodge it but Fu is caught in the blast. Roshi charges forward and jumps up to attack naruto but as the smoke clears he finds naruto isnt there. Roshi looks around as he sees several shadows moving through the smoke. Roshi fires a volley of several fireballs in all directions trying to hit naruto. As he stops to breath after obvious exhaustion he suddenly hears something and turns around in time to get hit by a massive rasengan from naruto that lifts him off the ground. Roshi slams him into the fire as the giant rasengan explodes. Naruto looks around and he suddenly hears the sound of steam as the fire seems to be going out. He looks off in the distance to see Yagura putting out the flames. Naruto charges forward hidden in the smoke as he sneaks towards yagura.

    Naruto 568: A surprise return

    Naruto slowly creeps towards yagura who has his back turned. Naruto draws a kunai and is about to strike when suddenly Yagura turns around. Han and Utakata attack naruto from above with a bubble attack and a heavy sword slash. Naruto instantly explodes in a puff of smoke as the attacks hit him.

    Madara yells: "You can't hide forever Naruto! We will find you!"

    Utakata creates a bubble, sits down on it, and slowly starts to fly into the air. As he looks down he spots naruto sneaking up on han from behind. Han immediately charges through the mist and destroys yet another naruto shadow clone. Utakata then spots yet another naruto shadow clone trying to sneak up on yagura. Yagura turns around and takes down the clone with a water blast. Utakata suddenly hears a noise behind him and is blinded by the sun but then something seems to appear out of the sun. Utakata is struck hard in the face by a punch from naruto that slams him off the bubble. As Utakata falls he sees naruto making a rasengan. Utakata creates a bubble around him for protection as he hits the ground. Naruto charges down headlong slamming a monsterous rasengan into the bubble which bursts as the rasengan penetrates ripping a hole into Utakata's chest. Naruto is exhausted and hears a noise nearby. Han suddenly explodes out of the smoke and swings a sword aimed right at naruto's head. Killer bee suddenly deflects the blow protecting naruto from the attack. Naruto looks somewhat surprised.

    Killer bee: "Didn't think I would let you have all the fun. This one is mine!"
    Naruto: "There is only one other besides this one. Im gonna go get the other."
    Killer bee: "I got this one. Go!"

    Naruto runs off as Han makes another attempt to attack naruto as he flees but Killer bee deflects the blow before it can strike naruto. Han turns to face killer bee and clenches his fist as he swings the sword around for another attack.

    Hachibi: "Be careful bee. This guy is as go a swordsman as you if not better."

    Killer bee and Han charge towards each other while naruto charges towards yagura who is standing still looking at him. Yagura suddenly vanishes as naruto looks around. A mist slowly starts to form around the area causing everything to slowly fade to white as naruto looks around.

    Naruto 569: Legends fall

    Naruto is standing still in the mist looking for yagura. Yagura charges from behind and swings a staff with a large hook on the end at naruto. Naruto just narrowly parries it at the last secon. Just as quickly yagura suddenly vanishes into the mist. Yagura charges again as naruto this time takes a slashing across the arm and shoulder while narrowly avoiding a near fatal slash to the neck. Yagura vanishes and prepares to slash naruto again but naruto catches the staff near Yagura's hand and hits him in the stomach with a rasengan. Yagura screams in pain and is rocketed away into the mist. The mist clears revealing yagura impaled repeatedly by several tree branches hanging above the ground. Naruto pulls out the rods from yagura. Naruto hears a sound and turns around to see Madara appearing in front of him.

    Madara: "I have waited a long time for this moment."
    Naruto: "So have I."
    Madara: "Lets finish this."
    Naruto thinking: "Are you ready fox?"
    Kyubi: "Ready when you are."

    Madara charges towards naruto when suddenly naruto stabs himself in the hand with the chakra rod. Madara stops and looks at naruto surprised. Madara suddenly feels the kyubi roaring in his head and pain enveloping his entire body. Killer bee is fighting han when suddenly han crashes to the ground. Killer bee looks dumbfounded as he looks at Han. Madara looks at Naruto and attempts to move towards naruto.

    Naruto: "You should have studied the rinnegan better before you put it in yourself. The rinnegan's main flaw is that it opens your chakra network to outside interference from anyone who wishes to flow their chakra through these rods."
    Madara: "What is happening to me?!"
    Naruto: "I have flooded your chakra network with a combination of kyubi chakra and wind chakra. The result is ripping apart your chakra network from the inside out. In mere minutes you will no longer be able to access your chakra ever again but that will not be your fate."

    Naruto holds up the other rod which he shows to Madara.

    Naruto: "This rod will grant you that which you have so longingly wished for."

    Madara attempts to flee and as he turns around he sees Sasuke staring at him in the distance. Madara turns around to see Naruto is right behind him. Naruto stabs him in the chest with the rod. Madara looks back at Sasuke only to see he has vanished. Madara tries to move but is shocked when he can not.

    Madara: "What have you done?!"
    Naruto: "I have injected a heavy dose of sage chakra within your chakra network. You are gonna receive your immortality. You will be forever encased in stone. A statue for all the world to remember as the fool who tried to conquer the world."

    Naruto reaches for the mask but then stops himself. Madara reaches up his hands but most of his body is turned to stone.

    Naruto: "Keep the mask. Your real face doesnt need to be known anyways."
    Madara: "I will get you for this Naruto. I will have the kyubi!"
    Naruto: "Enjoy eternity Madara. The era of hatred you have created is over."
    Madara: "NOOOO!"

    Madara transforms completely to stone his body slightly warped by the transformation but still encased in stone. Killer bee arrives and his jaw drops as he sees Naruto standing before the statue of madara.

    Killer bee: "Damn! For once I dont know what to say."

    Naruto smiles and give him a thumbs up.

    Naruto: "Lets go find the others and break the news to them."

    Naruto and killer bee leave as the stone statue of madara just stands there as the sun begins to shine once more as the last of the smoke clears away.

    Note: This article is provided by Tracy, one of the fans of Mangahere, and we post this for a better communication for our fans or manga lovers, so this article has nothing to do with Mangahere.



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