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Bleach 478 Reviews[Late Christmas Gift]

Post Time:12.15.2011 10:14 Comments:96

Bleach 478 is out finally!!! Now we need Bleach 479!!! Seems like this arc is finally winding down, and over. So, Ginjou is dead? But then why couldn't they find him? Or, did I not read that right

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Bleach 477 Reviews[Fan's Work]

Post Time:12.08.2011 16:13 Comments:90

Bleach 477 has been releasd now!!! Here comes the Reviews!!! And we need Bleach 478 now... Its a new record: 50 seconds! (Finish the reading...) As always the same, the new chapter keeps its cool pics and boring

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Bleach 476 [Reviews&Discuss][Fan's work]

Post Time:12.05.2011 13:33 Comments:44

Bleach 476 has been released now~  And we need to wait for Bleach 477 now... I thought this chapter was gonna suck, few words,  big pics, coolest poses, handsome boys, pretty girl and a boring plot

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