They are the governors of the night. They are pale and handsome. They own powerful and incredible strength. They are the vampires.

A hunter only has three means to kill a vampire, i. e. to expose them in the sun, to shoot them with silver bullet, or to stab a cross into their hearts. However, through thousand years of evolution, some of them have got the ability to live under the sun, and some others even can drink the man-made blood instead of human blood. So they could build better relationship with human.

Vampire is a hot theme in manga. Now let us introduce some of them to you!

  • Vampire Knight

    I don't understand why can you still smile like that?
    That's probably — because I want you to be able to smile, too.

    Rosario+Vampire Season II

    Your blood is always my number one!

    Virgin Blood-Hiiro no Bansan

    If I were to live, I want us to live together.

    Kohitsuji Project

    The one who saved me, is he an angel or a devil?

    Trinity Blood

    I hear the sad whispering sound of wings beating. When these wings beat, the new scriptures will be revealed.

    Magetsukan Kitan

    At the moment, I'm all alone with landyladysan...! From now on...And for ever more...

  • In Bura!

    I love everyone?

    Orange Marmalade

    You know, I...always think about you. I...want to drink your blood.

    Chibi Vampire

    Without thinking I reflexively hid myself, but why did my blood react so violently when I saw him?

    Vampire Rose

    If you're bitten by a vampire, you turn into one too; if your face is seen by Rose, you will be attacked very night.

    Strike The Blood

    From now on, this is my fight.
    No sempai, this is OUR fight.


    I saw a dream. I saw the men who have changed everything for me… One of darkness… The other, of light…

  • Blood Lad

    Before you return back to life, allow me to be your blood host.

    Dance in the Vampire Bund

    Once again, I couldn't help remembering who the girl in front of me really was. That little loli with no tops on is the ruler of all vampires!

    Vampire Kisses

    A girl and her vampire boyfirend enjoy their romance only at nighttime. Although time is short but it's precious to each other.

    The Simple Job of Having Your Blood Sucked by Kiryuin Kaya

    When you grow up, you'd better devote your life to serving me, ok?

    Owari no Serafu

    Yuuichirou dreams big. He dreams of killing vampires. He dreams of killing them all.

    Vampire Kiss

    I was really captured by him. He's still lost and doesn't know if he's a human being or a monster.

  • Bloody Cross

    Break this curse, o God!


    The transfer student is a noble vampire, who has been asleep for 820 years!?

    My Boyfriend is a Vampire

    When his sharp fangs touched the nape of my neck, I felt shocking senses arouse inside of me.

    Fortune Arterial

    She has always kept to herself unlike the other girls, and she always disappears in the morning.


    Hi. CHERRY?
    I'm CHARLEY.

    Midnight Secretary

    My heart started to live on this side a long, long time ago. Right next to you, president...


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