Are you busy with your study or work and have no time to read your favorite manga? Are you tired of waiting for the long manga’s new chapter? Then let’s have some special fun. Manghere recommends you some short manga. It will only take you half an hour or less, and you can have a great time and relax yourself. Come here, enjoy these short but great manga and let them refresh your soul!
1Action and Adventure
  • Shuumatsu no Laughter

    What's his wish of the sad man who calls himself a demon?

  • Sword Art Online

    This may be a game, but it's no joke. Let's see how players struggle to log out from the game.

  • Takamagahara

    What happened? The awaken power changes these ordinary days into a battlefield!

  • Sensei no Bulge

    The destitute boy who thinks only of his family has somehow become the prince of the planet!!

  • Fairy Tail x Rave

    Will flame and sword collide in a miraculous encounter? Natsu and Haru in one story!

  • Yankano!

    The school's strongest delinquent girl is the next door neighbor!

  • RealPG

    Gathered stress can be transformed into power, but too much stress is bad!

  • Over Image

    I have a wish I want granted. I'll surpass my imagination in this pure white world.

3Youkai and Human
4Funny Stories
  • Molester Man

    Molester Man Quotes: 1. I don't have any friends. 2. Shit just got mother fxxxxx realer than real!

  • Sakamoto desu ga?

    I am cool, gentle and good at tactical action, perfect like Sebastian! I am Sakamoto, what of it?

  • Seishun For-Get!

    Your memory will reset after 24 hours? Okay, I'll try to do everything to make you remember me!

  • Danshi Toilet de Machiawase

    A girl likes staying in a male toilet and she asks a boy for toilet paper?!!

  • The Wolf Brothers and Little Red Riding Hood

    Wolf-san, you wanna eat me? Are you sure?But why are you the one who is beaten at last?

  • Aho Girl

    You'll become fool if you stay with an idiot? Let's see the aho girl's ridiculous life!

  • In Bura!

    You are kissing? No, she helps me disinfect the wound. Full of misunderstandings but funny life!

  • Sokkuri Mate

    A girl's face is the same as a boy's face? You must be kidding! But it's true!

2Romantic Love


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