Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Vol.11 Ch.093 Before The Battle

Vol.01 Ch.001 That Guy From Italy Vol.01 Ch.002 Dying will bullet unusable Vol.01 Ch.003 Gokudera Hayato Vol.01 Ch.004 Expel crisis Vol.01 Ch.005 Yamamoto Takeshi Vol.01 Ch.006 Russian Roulette Vol.01 Ch.007 Cry baby lambo Vol.02 Ch.008 Family Entrance Test Vol.02 Ch.009 Bianchi Vol.02 Ch.010 Poison Cooking II Vol.02 Ch.011 Miura Haru Vol.02 Ch.012 Question VII Vol.02 Ch.013 Irie Shoichi Vol.02 Ch.014 Sasagawa Ryouhei Vol.02 Ch.015 Dr. Shamal Vol.02 Ch.016 Hibari Kyoya Vol.03 Ch.017 Pole Knocking (First Half) Vol.03 Ch.018 Pole Knocking (Latter Half) Vol.03 Ch.019 First Time Killing Vol.03 Ch.020 Eat and Run Vol.03 Ch.021 Babysitter Vol.03 Ch.022 Birthday Vol.03 Ch.023 I-pin Vol.03 Ch.024 I-pin vs Lambo Vol.03 Ch.025 Kyoko vs Haru Vol.04 Ch.026 3 Brothers in Crime Vol.04 Ch.027 Bucking Horse Dino Vol.04 Ch.028 Dino Again Vol.04 Ch.029 Hospitalization Vol.04 Ch.030 Getting Lost Vol.04 Ch.031 New Year's Vol.04 Ch.032 Gokudera Strengthening Program Vol.04 Ch.033 Parent Participation Day Vol.05 Ch.034 Le Petite Prince Futa Vol.05 Ch.035 Futa, Once Again Vol.05 Ch.036 Valentine's Day Vol.05 Ch.037 Snow Fight Kickoff Vol.05 Ch.038 Snow Fight Ronund Two Vol.05 Ch.039 Yamamoto's Training Vol.05 Ch.040 Dojo Yaburi Vol.05 Ch.041 Malfunction Vol.05 Ch.042 The Zoo Vol.06 Ch.043 Sakura Viewing Vol.06 Ch.044 Naito Longchamp Vol.06 Ch.045 The Desolation Bullet Vol.06 Ch.046 Longchamp's Home Vol.06 Ch.047 Bowling Vol.06 Ch.048 Vacation Resort Vol.06 Ch.049 Pacifier Warriors Vol.06 Ch.050 Amazing Performance Vol.06 Ch.051 June Bride Vol.07 Ch.052 Weapon Tuner Vol.07 Ch.053 Operation Assassinate Tsuna Vol.07 Ch.054 Opening of a swimming pool Vol.07 Ch.055 The Tanabata Contest Vol.07 Ch.056 The Case of Lambo's Disappearance Vol.07 Ch.057 Swimming at the sea Vol.07 Ch.058 Summer Festival Vol.07 Ch.059 Haru's Suspicion Vol.07 Ch.060 A Dare of Courage Vol.08 Ch.061 Promotion Vol.08 Ch.062 Raid Vol.08 Ch.063 Rokudou Mukuro Vol.08 Ch.064 Gokudera Hayato Vs Kakimoto Chikusa Vol.08 Ch.065 Escaped convicts Vol.08 Ch.066 Setting out !! Vol.08 Ch.067 Yamamoto Takeshi vs Joushima Ken Vol.08 Ch.068 Bianchi vs M.M. Vol.08 Ch.069 Birds & Twins Vol.08 Ch.070 Contact Vol.09 Ch.071 The Fake Mukuro Vol.09 Ch.072 Sawada Tsunayoshi vs the Fake Mukuro Vol.09 Ch.073 Break in !! Vol.09 Ch.074 Mind Control Vol.09 Ch.075 Skill Vol.09 Ch.076 The Forbidden Bullet Vol.09 Ch.077 My Students Vol.09 Ch.078 New Item Vol.09 Ch.079 Blood of the Vongola Vol.10 Ch.080 The Flame of Dying Will Vol.10 Ch.081 The End And The Aftermath Vol.10 Ch.082 The Foreboding Of A Coming Storm Vol.10 Ch.083 The Purpose of the Boy Vol.10 Ch.084 Half Vangola Rings Vol.10 Ch.085 Sawada Iemitsu Vol.10 Ch.086 Their Individual, Home tutors Vol.10 Ch.087 Start The Lesson! Vol.10 Ch.088 What Wasn't Seen Vol.10 Ch.089 Controlling The Dying Will Vol.11 Ch.090 Varia's Footsteps Vol.11 Ch.091 The Guardian of Thunder Vol.11 Ch.092 The Encounter Vol.11 Ch.093 Before The Battle Vol.11 Ch.094 Sasagawa Ryohei vs Lussuria Vol.11 Ch.095 Ryohei's Right Vol.11 Ch.096 The Whereabouts of the Ring of The Sun Vol.11 Ch.097 Lambo vs Leviathan Vol.11 Ch.098 Lambo, 20 Years Later Vol.11 Ch.098.1 Extra Vol.12 Ch.099 Xansus Smile Vol.12 Ch.100 Prince The Ripper Vol.12 Ch.101 Belphegor Vs Gokudera Hayato Vol.12 Ch.102 Genius Knife Vol.12 Ch.103 Surging Attacks Vol.12 Ch.104 Conclusion Vol.12 Ch.105 Hibari Return Vol.12 Ch.106 Yamamoto's Choice Vol.12 Ch.107 Yamamoto Takeshi vs Superbi Squalo Vol.12 Ch.107.1 Extra Vol.13 Ch.108 Shigure Souen Style Vol.13 Ch.109 The Role of The Guardian of Rain Vol.13 Ch.110 8th Form Pouring Rain Vol.13 Ch.111 The Outcome of the Rain Battle Vol.13 Ch.112 The Guardian of Mist Vol.13 Ch.113 Chrome's Attack Vol.13 Ch.114 Chrome Dokuro Vs Mammon Vol.13 Ch.115 Nagi Vol.13 Ch.116 Mukuro is Here! Vol.14 Ch.117 3 wins 3 losses Vol.14 Ch.118 The Last Guardian's Battle Vol.14 Ch.119 Hibari kyouya vs Gola Mosca Vol.14 Ch.120 Hibari kyouya vs Xanxus Vol.14 Ch.121 Gola Mosca Vol.14 Ch.122 Xanxus' Scheme Vol.14 Ch.123 Tsuna's Decision Vol.14 Ch.124 Summons Vol.14 Ch.125 The Sky Battle Vol.15 Ch.126 Sawada Tsunayoshi vs Xanxus Vol.15 Ch.127 Guardians Revived! Vol.15 Ch.128 Fierce Battle Vol.15 Ch.129 Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough Vol.15 Ch.130 Revised Vol.15 Ch.131 Fury Vol.15 Ch.132 First Edition Zero Point Breakthrough Vol.15 Ch.133 Blood of Vongola II Vol.15 Ch.134 Variabile X Vol.16 Ch.135 Party Vol.16 Ch.136 The Missing Reborn Vol.16 Ch.137 The World, 10 Years Later Vol.16 Ch.138 The Battle, 10 Years Later Vol.16 Ch.139 Camping Out Vol.16 Ch.140 The Secret Base Vol.16 Ch.141 Byakuran Vol.16 Ch.142 Reunion Vol.16 Ch.143 Determination Vol.17 Ch.144 The Power of the Rings Vol.17 Ch.145 Irie Shouichi Part 2 Vol.17 Ch.146 Lal Mirch Vol.17 Ch.147 The Red and Blue Flames Vol.17 Ch.148 Wave Energy. Ring. Box Vol.17 Ch.149 Double Trouble Vol.17 Ch.150 Lying in Wait Vol.17 Ch.151 Versus Gamma Vol.17 Ch.152 Combination Vol.17 Ch.153 Torture Vol.18 Ch.154 Hibari Kyouya vs Gamma Vol.18 Ch.155 Return Vol.18 Ch.156 Meeting Up Vol.18 Ch.157 Trial Vol.18 Ch.158 Succession Vol.18 Ch.159 Version V.R Vol.18 Ch.160 The Mystery Of The Boxes Vol.18 Ch.161 7^3 (Tre-Ni-Sette) Vol.18 Ch.162 The Past Vol.18 Ch.163 Chrome Dokuro V Glo Xinia Vol.18 Ch.164 Mukuro and Chrome Vol.19 Ch.165 Rokudou Mukuro Vs Glo Xinia Vol.19 Ch.166 Sasagawa Ryohei, Ten Years Later Vol.19 Ch.167 The Entrusted Decision Vol.19 Ch.168 Leonardo Lippi Vol.19 Ch.169 Rokudou Mukuro Vs Byakuran Vol.19 Ch.170 Weapon Vol.19 Ch.171 Dream Vol.19 Ch.172 Threat Vol.19 Ch.173 From The Second Sword Emperor Vol.19 Ch.174 The Day Before the Decisive Battle? Vol.20 Ch.175 Night Assault Vol.20 Ch.176 Raid Vol.20 Ch.176.1 Reborn vs Evil Hitmen Special Chapter Vol.20 Ch.177 Sawada Tsunayoshi vs Dendro Chilum Vol.20 Ch.178 Fate Vol.20 Ch.179 Lal Mirch VS Ginger Bread Vol.20 Ch.180 Regret Vol.20 Ch.181 Decoy Vol.20 Ch.182 Sawada Tsunayoshi Vs Strau Moscas Vol.20 Ch.183 King Vol.20 Ch.184 Flight Vol.20 Ch.185 Conclusion Vol.21 Ch.186 VS Baishana Vol.21 Ch.187 Captive Vol.21 Ch.188 Sasagawa Ryouhei vs Baishana Vol.21 Ch.189 Melone Base Vol.21 Ch.190 Vs Gamma Vol.21 Ch.191 Sasagawa Ryohei vs. Gamma Vol.21 Ch.192 Sistema C.A.I. Vol.21 Ch.193 Gokudera Hayato vs Gamma Vol.21 Ch.194 Sistema C.A.I. 2 Vol.21 Ch.194.2 Vol.21 Ch.195 URI Vol.22 Ch.196 Uni and Gamma Vol.22 Ch.197 The Gesso and the Giglio Nero Vol.22 Ch.198 Swordsman Genkishi Vol.22 Ch.199 Yamamoto Takeshi vs Genkishi Vol.22 Ch.200 Mist Vol.22 Ch.201 Intruders Vol.22 Ch.202 Round Device Vol.22 Ch.203 Hibari Kyoya vs Phantom Knight Vol.22 Ch.204 Needle Sphere Form Reversed Vol.22 Ch.205 Awakening (Fixed) Vol.23 Ch.206 Discipline Vol.23 Ch.207 A Mechanic's Will Vol.23 Ch.208 The Completed X Burner Vol.23 Ch.209 The Ring Flames Vol.23 Ch.210 Berserk Vol.23 Ch.211 Rush Vol.23 Ch.212 Final Defense Block Vol.23 Ch.213 Sawada Tsunayoshi VS Genkishi Vol.23 Ch.214 The Unexpected Vol.23 Ch.215 Loyalty Vol.24 Ch.216 Hell Ring Vol.24 Ch.217 Hyper Explosion Vol.24 Ch.218 Arrival Vol.24 Ch.219 The Truth Vol.24 Ch.220 We Are Varia!! Vol.24 Ch.221 An Impossible Event Vol.24 Ch.222 Belphegor and Rasiel Vol.24 Ch.223 Opened Boxes Vol.24 Ch.224 XANXUS VS Rasiel Vol.24 Ch.225 Mix-Breed Vol.24 Ch.226 Xanxus's Flame Vol.25 Ch.227 Real Vol.25 Ch.228 Real Six Funeral Wreaths Vol.25 Ch.229 Return Vol.25 Ch.230 Rest Vol.25 Ch.231 Charging Vol.25 Ch.232 Choice Vol.25 Ch.233 Motorbike Vol.25 Ch.234 MONSTER Vol.25 Ch.235 Study Time, Start! Begin the Pursuit of Knowledge Vol.25 Ch.236 Boycott Vol.25 Ch.237 Confession Vol.26 Ch.238 Changing Vol.26 Ch.239 The Day Of The Showdown Vol.26 Ch.240 Ticket Vol.26 Ch.241 Choice Begins! Vol.26 Ch.242 Target Rule Vol.26 Ch.243 The Battle Begins! Vol.26 Ch.244 Tsuna's Box weapon Vol.26 Ch.245 Yamamoto Takeshi vs. Saru Vol.26 Ch.246 Yamamoto's Vongola Box Vol.26 Ch.247 Rematch Vol.27 Ch.248 The End Of Genkishi Vol.27 Ch.249 Dark Clouds Vol.27 Ch.250 Resistance Vol.27 Ch.251 Choice Finale Vol.27 Ch.252 The Phalaenopsis Vol.27 Ch.253 The Phalaenopsis Paradox 2 Vol.27 Ch.254 Uni's Arrival Vol.27 Ch.255 Decision Vol.27 Ch.256 Desire Vol.27 Ch.257 Namimori Vol.27 Ch.258 Escape Vol.28 Ch.259 Uncle Kawahira Vol.28 Ch.260 Releasing the Box of Carnage Vol.28 Ch.261 Handcuff Vol.28 Ch.262 Reunion Vol.28 Ch.263 Connection Vol.28 Ch.264 Eve Vol.28 Ch.265 Dawn Vol.28 Ch.266 Right Arm Vol.28 Ch.267 Collision Vol.28 Ch.268 Single Strike Vol.29 Ch.269 Round 1 Vol.29 Ch.270 Predicament Vol.29 Ch.271 Kokuyou Comes Together Vol.29 Ch.272 Ghost Vol.29 Ch.273 Absorption Vol.29 Ch.274 The Way Of The Flame Vol.29 Ch.275 Sawada Tsunayoshi Vs Byakuran Vol.29 Ch.276 Resonance Vol.29 Ch.277 Misfortune Vol.29 Ch.278 Sea, Shellfish, and Rainbow Vol.30 Ch.279 When The Rainbow Fades Vol.30 Ch.280 The Last Blow Vol.30 Ch.281 The Remaining Vol.30 Ch.282 Farewell, Future Vol.30 Ch.283 Shimon Middle School Vol.30 Ch.284 Transfer Students Vol.30 Ch.285 Gathering Vol.30 Ch.286 Empathy Vol.30 Ch.287 Urgent Call Vol.30 Ch.288 Bodyguard Vol.31 Ch.289 Tension Vol.31 Ch.290 Communication Vol.31 Ch.291 Ninth Vol.31 Ch.292 Consultation Vol.31 Ch.293 Misunderstandings Vol.31 Ch.294 Decision Vol.31 Ch.295 Inheritance Ceremony Vol.31 Ch.296 The Culprit Vol.31 Ch.297 Blood Vol.31 Ch.298 Overpowered Vol.31 Ch.299 Talbot Vol.31 Ch.300 Upgrade Vol.31 Ch.301 Resolution Vol.31 Ch.302 The Pursuit Vol.31 Ch.303 The Battle Begins Vol.31 Ch.304 Sasagawa Ryohei vs. Aoba Koyo Vol.31 Ch.305 Vongola Gear of the Sun Vol.31 Ch.306 Eye Vol.31 Ch.307 Limit Vol.31 Ch.308 The Key Vol.31 Ch.309 Chrome Dokuro and Katou Julie Vol.31 Ch.310 Lambo! Lambo! Lambo! Vol.31 Ch.311 Lambo vs. Rauji Ooyama Vol.31 Ch.312 Lambo's Feelings Vol.31 Ch.313 Nii-chan Vol.31 Ch.314 For Who Vol.31 Ch.315 Hayato Gokudera vs. Shitt P! Vol.31 Ch.316 Tears Vol.31 Ch.317 Enma's Anger Vol.31 Ch.318 The Other Side of the Mist Vol.31 Ch.319 Dark Shadow Vol.31 Ch.320 Hibari, Incoming! Vol.31 Ch.321 Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki Vol.31 Ch.322 Hibari vs. 500 Vol.31 Ch.323 Small Animal Vol.31 Ch.324 Treachary Vol.31 Ch.325 Opposition Vol.31 Ch.326 Reality Vol.31 Ch.327 Beseech Vol.31 Ch.328 The Enemy Who Must Be Defeated Vol.31 Ch.329 Awakening Complete Vol.31 Ch.330 Reunion Vol.31 Ch.331 New Cambio Forma Vol.31 Ch.332 Tsuna's Pride Vol.31 Ch.333 Oath (Fixed) Vol.31 Ch.334 Rokudou Mukuro vs. Daemon Spade Vol.31 Ch.335 Phenomenon Vol.31 Ch.336 Daemon's Rebirth Vol.31 Ch.337 Daemon's Power Vol.31 Ch.338 Kyoya Hibari vs. Daemon Spade Vol.31 Ch.339 Completely No Good Duo Vol.31 Ch.340 Enma's Decision Vol.31 Ch.341 Conflicted Vol.31 Ch.342 Direction Vol.31 Ch.343 The Oath Vol.31 Ch.344 Trump Card Vol.31 Ch.345 Eternal Elena Vol.31 Ch.346 And Smile... Vol.31 Ch.347 Mammon and the New Battle Force Vol.31 Ch.348 Mammon and the New Battle Force, Part 2 Vol.32 Ch.349 Unexpected Problem Vol.32 Ch.350 Nightmare Vol.32 Ch.351 Request Vol.32 Ch.352 Proposal Vol.32 Ch.353 The Representatives Vol.32 Ch.354 Verde and Mukuro Vol.32 Ch.355 Yuni, Gamma and Byakuran Vol.32 Ch.356 The Rules of the Battles of the Representatives Vol.32 Ch.357 Dad's Coming Home Vol.32 Ch.358 Eve of War Vol.32 Ch.359 The Starting Day Vol.32 Ch.360 Sawada Tsunayoshi vs. Sawada Iemitsu Vol.32 Ch.361 Present Vol.32 Ch.362 Cure for the Curse Vol.32 Ch.363 The Threat Team Vol.32 Ch.364 The Second Day Vol.32 Ch.365 Uni's Premonition Vol.32 Ch.366 The Second Day of Battle Begins Vol.32 Ch.367 A Single Strike Vol.32 Ch.368 The Second Arrow Vol.32 Ch.369 Rematch Vol.32 Ch.370 Lesson Vol.32 Ch.371 Unique Vol.32 Ch.372 Fong's Power Vol.32 Ch.373 Fon vs. Mammon Vol.32 Ch.374 Hibari Kyoya vs. Xanxus Vol.32 Ch.375 Appearance Vol.32 Ch.376 A New Force Vol.32 Ch.377 Assault from the Darkness Vol.32 Ch.378 Surprise Attack Vol.32 Ch.379 Damage Vol.39 Ch.380 Day 3 Vol.39 Ch.381 Teamed Combat! Vol.39 Ch.382 The Power of the Vindice Vol.39 Ch.383 Flames of Determination Vol.39 Ch.384 Those Who Watch the Battle Vol.39 Ch.385 Invitation Vol.39 Ch.386 The Fated Day and the Representative War Vol.39 Ch.387 Reborn's Concern Vol.39 Ch.388 Predicament Vol.39 Ch.389 Tsuna Moves Vol.39 Ch.390 Home Tutor Disqualification Vol.39 Ch.391 Grand Convention Vol.39 Ch.392 Before The Showdown Vol.39 Ch.393 Tsuna's Persuasion Vol.39 Ch.394 The Day of the Clash Vol.39 Ch.395 Crush Them One by One! Vol.39 Ch.396 Allied Team Vol.39 Ch.397 Vongola Strength Vol.39 Ch.398 Vs. Jager Vol.39 Ch.399 Predicament Vol.39 Ch.400 Overwhelming Vol.39 Ch.401 Sawada Tsunayoshi vs. Jager Vol.39 Ch.402 Curse-Released Battle Vol.39 Ch.403 The Ultimate Dying Will Vol.39 Ch.404 The Last Fist Vol.39 Ch.405 The Past and Future of the 7^3 Vol.39 Ch.406 The Course of the Curse Vol.39 Ch.407 The Final Decision Vol.39 Ch.408 The Final Determination Vol.39 Ch.409 Ciao ciao!(End)
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