666 Satan

Ch.076 Final Chapter "Jio Freed"

Ch.001 Friends Ch.002 Dream 1 Ch.003 Dreams 2 Ch.004 5-Part O-Parts Ch.005 lone wolf Ch.006 Fang Ch.007 The City of Fog Ch.008 The Resistance Ch.009 The Crimson Magician Ch.010 Escape Ch.011 Power of The Ancient People Ch.012 The Three Tests Ch.013 Chilin Appears!? Ch.014 2 versus 1 Ch.015 black batman Ch.016 Mekisis starting! Ch.017 The Power Of GOD Ch.018 The road full of hardships Ch.019 everyone's Thoughts Ch.020 THE FINAL BATTLE Ch.021 The Hearts Become One Ch.022 Contract With The Devil Ch.023 The Old Enemy Ch.024 The Blue Sky Ch.025 The Legend Of The Spirit Ch.026 Kabbalah Ch.027 Dad,Mom Ch.028 ORUSH Ch.029 The Two Who Are Bound To Fate Ch.030 The Kabbalah's Angelic Recipe Ch.031 The OlymPiad Preliminaries Begins Ch.032 The Chosen Two Ch.033 MysteriousBird - Roc Bird Ch.034 Olympia Final Stage Starts! Ch.035 Promise Ch.036 Definitely's Volume Ch.037 The Real Monster Ch.038 The Real Monster (2) Ch.039 The Bird In A Cage Ch.040 Heart and Shape Ch.041 Ch.042 Ch.043 Theory of The World Ch.044 The Big Bang Ch.045 Ch.046 Evil King Icaros Ch.047 Heart Ch.048 Kaballah's Devil Ch.049 Ch.050 1 Hit Ch.051 Light and Dark Ch.052 The key of Solomon Ch.053 Bonds Ch.054 Ancient People Ch.055 Ch.056 New Member Ch.057 Break In! Ch.058 Ch.059 Magic Trick Ch.060 Miko's Truth Ch.061 Ch.062 Full Moon Ch.063 Ch.064 Zenom's Headquarters Ch.065 The Ruin's Traps Ch.066 Heart Ch.067 Brothers Face Off! Memories of Scars! Ch.068 Father's Thoughts Ch.069 Life Ch.070 The heart of a woman Ch.071 Devil's Summon Ch.072 Two Battles Ch.073 Zenom Ch.074 Pinky Swear Ch.075 Armageddon Ch.076 Final Chapter "Jio Freed"
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series 666 Satan contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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