Vol.18 Ch.162 Shiina Nagasawa

Vol.01 Ch.001 Super Elite Vol.01 Ch.002 300 Million Yen Vol.01 Ch.003 Goodbye Akumetsu Vol.01 Ch.004 Happy Youth Vol.01 Ch.005 Fortress of Justice Vol.01 Ch.006 Anti-Evil HQ Vol.01 Ch.007 Deadline Vol.02 Ch.008 The Devil's Temptation Vol.02 Ch.009 Police vs. Delinquents Vol.02 Ch.010 Risk Vol.02 Ch.011 Akumetsu Arrives Vol.02 Ch.012 Outbreak of War Vol.02 Ch.013 Gala Occasion Vol.02 Ch.014 Democracy Vol.02 Ch.015 Reunion Vol.02 Ch.016 Super Power Vol.03 Ch.017 Lock On Vol.03 Ch.018 Unstoppable Vol.03 Ch.019 End and Beginning Vol.03 Ch.020 Leave It to Me Vol.03 Ch.021 Video Start Vol.03 Ch.022 If It Kills You Vol.03 Ch.023 Drink Your Tears Vol.03 Ch.024 Risk Once More Vol.03 Ch.025 It Should be Evil!!! Vol.04 Ch.026 Would You Destroy Vol.04 Ch.027 I Would Vol.04 Ch.028 Destiny Vol.04 Ch.029 Great Escape Vol.04 Ch.030 Just Whose Bank Account is It Vol.04 Ch.031 Shibusawa Attack Vol.04 Ch.032 Pressure Vol.04 Ch.033 Majority Rules Vol.04 Ch.034 Give Your Answer, Prime Minister Vol.05 Ch.035 Influence Vol.05 Ch.036 Excusable Murder Vol.05 Ch.037 Debt Vol.05 Ch.038 Influence Vol.05 Ch.039 School Blockade Vol.05 Ch.040 A Clue Vol.05 Ch.041 Agitation Vol.05 Ch.042 Unforgivable Vol.05 Ch.043 House Search Vol.06 Ch.044 Effort Vol.06 Ch.045 Members of the Diet Vol.06 Ch.046 Real vs. Fake Vol.06 Ch.047 Death of Akumetsu Vol.06 Ch.048 Reaction Vol.06 Ch.049 Bet Your Life on That Name Vol.06 Ch.050 The Just Killer Vol.06 Ch.051 Utter Scum Vol.06 Ch.052 Scramble Vol.07 Ch.053 Unseen Countdown Vol.07 Ch.054 Even Here Vol.07 Ch.055 GO GO Shiratori Vol.07 Ch.056 Viewer Polls Vol.07 Ch.057 Tsuruta Festival Vol.07 Ch.058 Guest Appearance Vol.07 Ch.059 Hoooo! Vol.07 Ch.060 Terror! Vol.07 Ch.061 Akumetsu's True Motive Vol.08 Ch.062 If I Don't Do It Vol.08 Ch.063 Accomplice Vol.08 Ch.064 Manifesto Vol.08 Ch.065 AH Vol.08 Ch.066 A Logical Number? Vol.08 Ch.067 Let's Go!! Vol.08 Ch.068 Birth Of #2 Vol.08 Ch.069 Perish Peacefully, And Then... Vol.08 Ch.070 Many Lives for One Vol.09 Ch.071 Between Life and Death Vol.09 Ch.072 Next Target Vol.09 Ch.073 Gutter Scum Vol.09 Ch.074 What the Diet Members Accomplish Vol.09 Ch.075 Mary's Melancholy Vol.09 Ch.076 Decisive, Show Race Then? Vol.09 Ch.077 Countdown to Bankruptcy Vol.09 Ch.078 Greatest Evil Fisher in Japan Vol.09 Ch.079 Life Musins's by Everyone Until the Morn! Vol.10 Ch.080 The Corpse Speaks Vol.10 Ch.081 Paranoia and One's Future Vol.10 Ch.082 Expectations Vol.10 Ch.083 The Man Called Fukumoto's Best Vol.10 Ch.084 Unification Vol.10 Ch.085 Dead End? Vol.10 Ch.086 Miracle Run Vol.10 Ch.087 Post Victory Vol.10 Ch.088 The Real Issue Vol.11 Ch.089 I Won't Allow It ! Vol.11 Ch.090 Change Vol.11 Ch.091 Accompanying Evil To Hell Vol.11 Ch.092 Darkness Vol.11 Ch.093 Crime And Punishment Of Post-War Japan Vol.11 Ch.094 I'm Alive Here Vol.11 Ch.095 Cherished Longing Vol.11 Ch.096 The Greatest Failure Vol.11 Ch.097 Responsibility Vol.12 Ch.098 Vol.12 Ch.099 Blood Vol.12 Ch.100 Reminiscence Vol.12 Ch.101 Shou And Katsuragi Vol.12 Ch.102 Life Cut Short Vol.12 Ch.103 Fate Vol.12 Ch.104 Disappearance Vol.12 Ch.105 Into The Unknown Vol.12 Ch.106 The Shou Conclave Vol.13 Ch.107 Hiroshi Jinguuji Vol.13 Ch.108 Human Clones Vol.13 Ch.109 Resurrection Vol.13 Ch.110 Half A Year Later Vol.13 Ch.111 Perfect One Vol.13 Ch.112 A Final Wish Vol.13 Ch.113 Communal Feelings Vol.13 Ch.114 Awaken Vol.13 Ch.115 Final Submission Vol.14 Ch.116 Shou Vertica Vol.14 Ch.117 Change The World Vol.14 Ch.118 This Instant Vol.14 Ch.119 As Ubermensch Vol.14 Ch.120 Wedding Celebration Vol.14 Ch.121 Pension Vol.14 Ch.122 God of Metal! Vol.14 Ch.123 The Public Welfare Area Vol.14 Ch.124 A Strange Model Vol.15 Ch.125 Akumetsu Fire! Vol.15 Ch.126 Encore Vol.15 Ch.127 Great Unraveling Scroll Vol.15 Ch.128 National Traitors Vol.15 Ch.129 Those Responsible Vol.15 Ch.130 Up To You Vol.15 Ch.131 Infiltration Vol.15 Ch.132 Degradation Vol.15 Ch.133 What Is "Evil"? Vol.16 Ch.134 Chance Vol.16 Ch.135 Postwar Vol.16 Ch.136 Yuji Kitagami Vol.16 Ch.137 The Real Dirt Vol.16 Ch.138 Sparring Vol.16 Ch.139 System Vol.16 Ch.140 Confession Vol.16 Ch.141 True or Not Vol.16 Ch.142 Trap Vol.17 Ch.143 Mediator Vol.17 Ch.144 Surface And Underbelly Vol.17 Ch.145 Patriotism Vol.17 Ch.146 Like Cats? Vol.17 Ch.147 Documentary Vol.17 Ch.148 The Final Struggle Vol.17 Ch.149 Weakness Vol.17 Ch.150 Gunfire Vol.17 Ch.151 Removal Vol.17 Ch.152 Announcement Room Vol.18 Ch.153 Infiltration Vol.18 Ch.154 300 Meters Below Vol.18 Ch.155 Feed Vol.18 Ch.156 Preemptive Revenge Vol.18 Ch.157 Friends Vol.18 Ch.158 Reality Vol.18 Ch.159 1120 Vol.18 Ch.160 Explosion Vol.18 Ch.161 Plan E Vol.18 Ch.162 Shiina Nagasawa
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