Battle Royale

Ch.119 Hope

Ch.001 The Worst Game In History Ch.002 Best Friend Ch.003 Shinji Mimura Ch.004 The Oath Ch.005 Other Side Of The Door Ch.006 Yoshio Akamatsu Ch.007 Trust Ch.008 Mitsuko Souma Ch.009 Kazuo Kiryama Pt. 1 Ch.010 Kazuo Kiriyama Pt.2 Ch.011 Treasure Ch.012 Those Who Come Forth Ch.013 Shogo Kawada Ch.014 Nightmare Ch.015 Conditions Ch.016 The Right Thing To Do Ch.017 Past Ch.018 Odds Ch.019 Problem Child Ch.020 Acceptance Ch.021 Forfeiture Ch.022 Battle Plan Ch.023 The Ultimate Team Ch.024 Takako Chigusa Ch.025 Honor Ch.026 Bond Ch.027 Respect and Affection Ch.028 Insanity Ch.029 The Right Answer Ch.030 Persuasion Ch.031 Everybody's Thoughts Ch.032 Secret Weapon Ch.033 Rouse Ch.034 Last Man Standing Ch.035 Trap Ch.036 Thrist Ch.037 Existence Ch.038 Set Up Ch.039 Anxiety Ch.040 Sworn Friend Ch.041 Flower of Courage Ch.042 Parting Ch.043 Raid Ch.044 Hard Change Ch.045 Rescue Ch.046 Encounter Ch.047 Departure Ch.048 Bug Ch.049 Firing Ch.050 Demolition Ch.051 Team Ch.052 Versus Ch.053 Explosion Ch.054 Bond Ch.055 Trajectory Ch.056 Sixth Sense Ch.057 Unfortunate Ch.058 Liars Ch.059 Soap Opera Ch.060 Allure Ch.061 Sorceress and Bullet Ch.062 Split Personalities Ch.063 Traumatic Games Ch.064 The Well Ch.065 Toshinori Oda Ch.066 Surviving Ch.067 From Afar Ch.068 Confession Ch.069 Doubt Ch.070 Crevice Ch.071 Collapse Ch.072 Yuko Sakaki Ch.073 Wish Ch.074 Reparation Ch.075 Funeral Ch.076 Rain Ch.077 Bleak Reunion Ch.078 Message Ch.079 Faith Ch.080 Encounter Ch.081 Tidings of Happiness Ch.082 Limits Ch.083 The Devil's Tactics Ch.084 Truth and Untruth Ch.085 Proposal Ch.086 Violent Fist Ch.087 Devil of Nothingness Ch.088 Despair Ch.089 Awakening Ch.090 Transcendental Ch.091 Copy Ch.092 Inversion Ch.093 Promise Ch.094 Incubation Ch.095 Reason Ch.096 Closed Off Future Ch.097 Natural Born Killers Ch.098 Magic Ch.099 When The Gun Points Ch.100 The Identity of the Heart Ch.101 Rejection Ch.102 Going Home Ch.103 The Thinking Heart Ch.104 The Right Path Ch.105 The Final Battle Ch.106 Death Race Ch.107 The Pursuit Ch.108 Magician Ch.109 Hit Ch.110 God's Child Ch.111 Wishes Ch.112 Cause and Effect Ch.113 Destiny Ch.114 Determination Ch.115 One's Last Moment Ch.116 Deception Ch.117 Inference Ch.118 Counterattack Ch.119 Hope
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