Battle Through the Heavens

Ch.207 Ruler Training

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Demonic Ape Ch.138 MeetingThe Little Queen Again Ch.139 Fighting Against Bai Cheng Ch.140 Return of the King Ch.141 Heavenly Demonic Armor Ch.142 Power Ranking #1 Ch.143 Black Demon Ch.144 The Death God in the Desert Ch.145 Ch.146 Ch.147 Ch.148 Ch.149 Ch.150 Goodess Ch.151 Ch.152 Essence Flame's Rebellion Ch.153 Ch.154 Ch.155 Ch.156 Raging Flames Ch.157 Earth's Core Ch.158 Brothers Ch.159 Declaration of War Ch.160 Defeated Half Dou Emperor (Fixed) Ch.161 Pinnacle of a Dou King Ch.162 Xiao Sect's Auction Ch.163 Charge! Ch.164 The Horn's Rebellion Ch.165 Devil Ch.166 Wedding Ch.167 Relationship Between Master and Disciple Ch.168 Eating the Devil Fruit Ch.169 Reuniting with Yan Ran Ch.170 Pain Ch.171 Stuck Between Love and Hatred Ch.172 Parting For A Long and A Short Awhile Ch.173 Poisoned Ch.174 Level Up Ch.175 The Empire Crisis Ch.176 3 Mu Lan Elders Ch.177 Blade Light, Sword Reflection Ch.178 Luo Tian Ch.179 Will of an Old Friend Ch.180 Crisis of Poison Ch.181 Joint Alliance Ch.182 Fixed Ch.183 Ch.184 Entering Rising Cloud Ch.185 Battle With the Myriad Scorpions Ch.186 Stepping on Xie Shan Ch.187 Blood Scorpion Demon King Ch.188 The Overturning Ocean Seal Ch.189 Spot of The Poisonous Devil Ch.190 Ch.191 Ch.192 Ch.193 Ch.194 Ch.195 Ch.196 Elder Ying Shan Ch.197 Ch.198 Encircling Ying Shan Ch.199 Zombie Ch.200 Ch.201 Ch.202 Ch.203 Ch.204 Ch.205 Alarming Strength Ch.206 Qian Bai Two Elders Ch.207 Ruler Training Ch.208 Tian Huo Zun Contender Ch.209 Ch.209.1 Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together (1) Ch.209.2 Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together (2) Ch.209.3 Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together (3) Ch.210 Ch.210.1 Ch.210.2 Ch.210.3 Ch.211 Evil Spirit Ch.212 Ch.213 Ch.214 Ch.215 Ch.216 Ch.217 Ch.218 Ch.219 The Central Plains Ch.220 Ch.221 Ch.222 Ch.223 Ch.224 Ch.225 Ch.226 Ch.227 The Great Thunderstorm Ch.228 Ch.229 Fight and Flee Ch.230 Warrior Illusionary Body Ch.231 The King of the Jungle Ch.232 Beautiful Image Ch.233 Ch.234 Ch.235 Ch.235.1 Ch.235.2 Ch.235.3 Ch.236 Ch.236.1 Ch.237 Ch.238 Ch.239 Ch.240 Excellent Physique and Manners Ch.241 Ch.242 Ch.243 Ch.244 Ch.245 Tang Huo Er Ch.246 Ch.247 Ch.248 Ch.249 Ch.250 Ch.251 Ch.252 Ch.253 Ch.254 Ch.255 Ch.256 Ch.257 Ch.258 Ch.259 Ch.260 Ice Mirror Reflection Ch.261 Ch.262 Xiao Clan's Ancient Tomb Ch.263 Ch.264 Ch.265 Ch.266.1 The Holy Pill City Ch.266.2 The Holy Pill City (Part 2) Ch.267 Ch.267.1 The Secret of the Copper Plate Ch.267.2 The Secret of the Copper Plate (Part 2) Ch.268 Ch.269 Ch.270 Ch.271 Ch.272 Ch.273 Ch.274 Ch.275 Ch.276 Ch.277 Ch.278 Ch.279 Ch.280 Ch.281 An Irresistible Force Ch.282 Ch.283 Ch.284 Ch.285 Ch.286 Ch.287 Ch.288 Ch.289 Ch.290 Ch.291 Ch.292 Ch.293 Ch.294 Ch.295 Ch.296 Ch.297 Ch.298 Escaping Souls Ch.299 Ch.300 Little Tian Zuns Ch.301 The Opponent Gains the Upper Hand Ch.302 Ch.303 Ch.304 Ch.305 Ch.306 Ch.307 Ch.308 Ch.309 Ch.310 Ch.311 Ch.312 Ch.313
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