Ch.096 Fortress

Ch.001 Start! Ch.002 The Boundary Line Ch.003 Real Ch.004 The Heavy Reality Ch.005 Trap… Ch.006 Survival Ch.007 The Boy Ch.008 Disillusion Ch.009 World Ranker Ch.010 Action Time Ch.011 Hazy Ch.012 Exhaustion Ch.013 Prelude Ch.014 The Blood of a High School Girl Ch.014.5 Battle Strategy Lecture Session 1 Radar Chapter Ch.015 Bloodlust Ch.016 Endearing Trap Ch.017 Gazes of Darkness Ch.018 Assault Ch.019 Betrayal Ch.020 Night of The Sacrifice Ch.021 The Sea Breeze Ch.022 Limits Ch.022.5 Author's Rant Ch.023 Dim Reality Ch.024 Rule Violation Ch.025 Hunter Ch.026 The One Being Hunted Ch.027 The Virtual Bride Ch.028 The Great Ruin Ch.029 Fluctuation Ch.030 Close Call Ch.031 No Turning Back Ch.032 Episode Himiko 1 Ch.033 Episode Himiko 2 Ch.034 Episode Himiko 3 Ch.035 Restart Ch.036 The Ghost in White Ch.037 Law of the Island Ch.038 Intensifying Front Line Ch.039 The Strongest Players Ch.040 Karma Ch.041 High Level Ch.041.5 Gravity Angel Ch.042 Old Pal Ch.043 Real Intention Ch.044 Natural Law Ch.045 The Two Sacrifices Ch.046 Revive Ch.047 Prelude to a Fall Ch.048 Air Ch.049 Farewell Ch.050 Legami Ch.051 Squadra Ch.052 Investigation Ch.053 Sadist Ch.054 Conspiracy Ch.055 Chaos Ch.056 Naked Queen Ch.057 Rescue Ch.058 Willpower Ch.059 Shared fate Ch.060 Ceremony Ch.061 Deathmatch Ch.062 Struggle Ch.063 Endless Sacrifice Ch.064 Fantasy Ch.065 Underground Revelations Ch.066 The Other Side of the Island Ch.067 7 Suspects Ch.068 Unseen Enemy Ch.069 Spirit Power Ch.070 True Culprit Ch.071 Killing Intent Ch.072 Cursed Ch.073 Dying Curse Ch.074 Underwater Ch.075 Hacker of Justice Ch.076 New Rules Ch.077 Rule Changes Ch.078 Instability Ch.079 Will to Live • Death Wish Ch.080 Selfishness (A) Ch.081 Selfishness (B) Ch.082 Game Brain Ch.083 Slave Ch.084 EPISODE ODA (1) Ch.085 EPISODE ODA (2) Ch.086 EPISODE ODA (3) Ch.087 FINAL MISSION Ch.088 Insurance Files Ch.089 Counterattack Begins Ch.090 Ch.091 Grim Reaper Ch.092 Devil's Poem Ch.093 Ch.094 A Place to Die Ch.095 The Weight of a Life Ch.096 Fortress Ch.097 Ch.098 Ch.099 Ch.100 Ch.101 Ch.104
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