Daiya no A - Act II

Ch.094 Comeback

Ch.001 Beyond the Dream Ch.002 Limelight Ch.003 Overflow Ch.004 Ch.005 Baseball Godsend Ch.006 Spring Snow Ch.007 Concord Ch.008 Bystander Ch.009 The day it all begins Ch.010 Change Ch.011 Sunshine of Spring Ch.012 Meeting Ch.013 The Player Worth Seeing Ch.014 Go Straight Ch.015 Ch.016 Ch.017 Sparks Ch.018 Little by Little Ch.019 The Place They Are Aiming For Ch.020 The Amount of Frustration Ch.021 Open Spots Ch.022 Adrenaline Shot Ch.023 Development Ch.024 Caution! Do Not Mix! Ch.025 Battle X Battle Ch.026 The Me of the Past Ch.027 Ch.028 Ch.029 Ex[ectations or Aspirations? Ch.030 At the End of the Gaze Ch.031 The Other Places' Aces Ch.032 Playing Catch Ch.033 Selfishness Ch.034 Inside the Heart Ch.035 The Triangle Ch.036 The Numbers Ch.037 Batting First Ch.038 The First Inning's Offense and Defense Ch.039 Trend Ch.040 Stance Ch.041 Those Shouldering the Responsibility Ch.042 What Are You Doing? Ch.043 Interception Ch.044 The Energetic Guy On Base Ch.045 Inevitable Ch.046 Only After You Have Won Ch.047 Groundless Pride Ch.048 Still Immature Ch.049 3Months Ch.050 We Can't Lose EIther Ch.051 I Like That... Look Better Ch.052 I Want to Check It for Myself Ch.053 Rite of Passage [TDX] Ch.054 It Will Work Ch.055 Aggressive Stand Ch.056 Assertiveness Ch.057 Teachings Ch.058 Swing Ch.059 There's No Time Ch.060 For Whom Ch.061 Shuffle Ch.062 Real Practice Ch.063 Designated Ch.064 Rivals Ch.065 Idling Ch.066 One Pitch, One Second Ch.067 The Time Ch.068 Who? Ch.069 Favorable Ch.070 Ch.071 Fruitles's'ly Ch.072 Ch.073 Individual Strength and the Shape of the Team Ch.074 Sprout Ch.075 Under the Same Flag Ch.076 The Way Home Ch.077 Golden Age Ch.078 The Note Ch.079 Sights on Major League Ch.080 Morning Activities Ch.081 Resolute Ch.082 I'm not Stopping Ch.083 Bloom of Youth Ch.084 You Have Me Ch.085 Salute Ch.086 Ch.087 Something of An Oath Ch.088 Seventeens Ch.089 Ch.090 Ch.091 Ch.092 Ch.093 To Each Their Own Ch.094 Comeback Ch.095 Ch.096 Heat Transfer Ch.097 Tall Wall Ch.098 Team Assembled Ch.099 Ch.100 Ch.101 Ch.102 Ch.103 Ch.104 Ch.105 Because He's Awesome Ch.106 Mei Narumiya Ch.107 The Tyrant of the Mound Ch.108 Take It Back Ch.109 Readiness to Support Ch.110 Ch.111 Ch.112 Ch.113 Ch.114 Ch.115 Ch.116 Ch.117 This is Where He Stands Ch.118 Ch.119 Ch.120 Ch.121 Ch.122 Ch.123 Ch.124 Ch.125 Ch.126 Ch.127 Ch.128 Ch.129 Ch.130 Ch.131 Ch.132 Borderline Ch.133 Ch.135 Ch.136 Ch.137 Ch.138 Ch.139 Ch.140 Ch.141 Ch.142 Ch.143 Ch.144 Ch.145 Ch.146 Ch.147 Passionately Ch.148 Ch.149 Ch.150 Ch.151 Ch.152 Ch.153 Ch.154 Ch.155 Ch.156 Ch.157 Ch.158 Ch.159 Ch.160 Ch.161 Ch.162 Ch.163 Ch.164 Shine the Light Ch.165 Ch.166 Ch.167 Ch.168 Last-Ditch Efford Ch.169 Ch.170 Over and Over Ch.171 Ch.172 Ch.173 Ch.174 Ch.175 Ch.176 Round 2 Ch.177 Ch.178 Ch.179 Light and Dark Ch.180 Ch.181 The Us of Last Year Ch.182 Ch.183 Ch.184 Ch.185 Ch.186 Ch.187 The Path of the Winner Ch.188 Ch.189 Ch.190 Ch.191 Ch.192 Amount of Experience Ch.193 Ch.194 Not Yet! Ch.195 Ch.196 Alive and Well Ch.197 Ch.198 Ch.199 Our Tomorrow Ch.200 Ch.201 Ch.202 Ch.203 Mentor Chris Ch.204 Ch.205 Ch.206 Something Awesome Ch.207 Ch.208 I Want to Shut Them All Up Ch.209 Scream Ch.210 Ch.211 Ch.212 Ch.213 Ch.214 Ch.215 Ch.216 Ch.217 Ch.218 Ch.219 Ch.220 Presentation Ch.221 Ch.222 Ch.223 Ch.224 Ch.225 Ch.226 Ch.227 Ch.228 Ch.229 Ch.230 The Record
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