Denpa Kyoushi

Ch.120 The Final Battle...Begins!!

Ch.001 I Became a Teacher Ch.002 The Rules of Society Ch.003 The Scheme of a Extremely Beautiful Chairman Ch.004 The Best Student Council President Ch.005 The Prestige of A Maid Ch.006 The Maid of Maids Ch.007 Ichou Academy's Monster Ch.008 The Day the Alien is Born Ch.009 The 'Game' Showdown Ch.010 Player Nanami Seijuurou Ch.011 An Interesting Sight Ch.012 The Secret of a Perfect Beauty Ch.013 The Troubles of a Perfect Beauty Ch.014 You and I Are Both... Ch.015 A Normal Voice Ch.016 Toaru Maid No... Ch.017 Self -proclaimed Number 1 Girl Ch.018 Truant Student Tenjouin Kisaki? Ch.019 Kisaki-sensei's Surveillance Materials Ch.020 Kisaki's Office Ch.021 The Reunion Ch.022 Fun Times Ch.023 The Mysterious One-Day Intern Student Ch.024 "Interesting" Is... Ch.025 My Motto Ch.026 Routine Buster Ch.027 The Auditing Girl Ch.028 What Kuramochi Madoka Wants to Do Ch.029 A Real Price Tag Ch.030 My Fiance is a King? Ch.031 The World Ruler vs. The Hall of Famer Ch.032 The Location of the Ultimate Decision Ch.033 Special People Ch.034 Girls In Game Kingdom Ch.035 Araki Koutarou the Truant Ch.036 Partner Ch.037 Confession Ch.038 The Outside World Ch.039 Surprise Guest Ch.040 Don't Disgrace Yourself Ch.041 Brother's Day Off Ch.042 SCARY... Ch.043 The Ghost Girl Reads Manga!? Ch.044 The Ghost Girl's True Wish Ch.045 The Effects of His First Day of School Ch.046 It's a Secret Ch.047 The "Teacher Killer's" True Identity Ch.048 Kagamin-Channel Ch.049 Virtual Makina Ch.050 Case x Kagami Junichirou Ch.051 Test in Akiba Ch.052 The Aspiration of Being a Miko Ch.053 An ADW Teacher's Summer Vacation Plans Ch.054 Street Girl Ch.055 Another Girl Ch.056 A Sister's Feelings Ch.057 My Stage Ch.058 The Twins' Secret Ch.059 Audition Ch.060 The Heroes of Justice Ch.061 The Heores' Punishment Ch.062 Limit - Our Starting Point Ch.063 Kagami's Lifeline Ch.064 Audition Ch.065 Option's Special Training Camp Ch.066 Recapture Ch.067 The Summer Sea and a Girl's Love Ch.068 Just an ordinary... Ch.069 Having something you want to do... Ch.070 Bonus Stage Ch.071 The Long-Awaited Comiket Ch.072 The Mysteries of Hiragi Academy Ch.073 The Assassin from the Main Branch Ch.074 Hiiragi Arisu's method of teaching Ch.075 Kagami's Gamble Ch.076 Mukyou Reiko Ver. 2 Ch.077 Victor Ch.078 Remake Ch.079 The Mysterious KS Girl Ch.080 The Strongest Character Ch.081 Election Battle Ch.082 The "Godly Five" Final Election Ch.083 Group War... Outbreak! Ch.084 First Match...! Ch.085 “High School Student" Debut Ch.086 The Rookie Ch.087 Be my Child... Ch.088 Ichou's Dormitory! Ch.089 Farm Work Again Ch.090 A Slow Person Ch.091 My Life's Resilience Ch.092 The Real Fun Ch.093 The Secret Basement Room Ch.094 The Guy Who's Too Trashy Ch.095 A Day Run On Seduction Ch.096 Man of Victory Ch.097 The Best Co-Star Ch.098 Another Pair of Siblings Ch.099 The Strongest Pair of Siblings Ch.100 A Battle Among the Leader "Pairs"(Fixed) Ch.101 Your Own Will Ch.102 The Red Shooting Star Ch.103 The Kingdom for Two of Us Ch.104 Draw Ch.105 Scout Ch.106 A Magical Girl's Love Ch.107 The Desired Magical Girl Ch.108 How to Release Special Magic Ch.109 I'll Make You Become My Ideal Form... Ch.110 The Utopia for Both of Them Ch.111 My Only...(Fixed) Ch.112 Put An End Ch.113 Real Wish Ch.114 Just Lines Ch.115 The Day Brother Fell Ch.116 Leaders' Comference Commences Ch.117 Black Core's Leader, Tokisaka Ch.118 Tokisaka's Determination Ch.119 Aizawa Kaito's Pride Ch.120 The Final Battle...Begins!! Ch.121 Conscious of Sin Ch.122 Aizawa's Method Ch.123 Electric Dragon King Ch.124 The Way to Play Shougi Ch.125 Traitor Ch.126 A Full-Force Battle Ch.127 Official Scene Ch.128 The Best Opponent Ch.129 The End of the War Ch.130 Game Clear Ch.131 Messenger Ch.132 The Bad Ending Route of Life Ch.133 Boss Character Ch.134 A Simple Game Ch.135 Defense is the Greatest... Ch.136 Even If You Say You Hate It Ch.136.1 Rank Classification The Battle of Hidden Skills Ch.137 YD Students! Ch.138 Something Equal to Life Ch.139 Close Combat Ch.140 Every Bet Ch.141 The Right Answer Ch.142 Why Are We Here? Ch.143 Suzune's Feelings Ch.144 Ch.145 Ch.146 Ch.147 Ch.148 Ch.149 Ch.150 Ch.151
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