Dragon Drive

Vol.14 Ch.057 Last Turn -- Dragon Drive {End}

Vol.01 Ch.001 D-Break!! Vol.01 Ch.002 Dive!! Vol.01 Ch.003 Revenge Vol.01 Ch.004 Awakening Vol.02 Ch.005 A Seal is Solved Vol.02 Ch.006 Another World Vol.02 Ch.007 A Successor Vol.02 Ch.008 Dragonic Heaven Vol.03 Ch.009 A Tool or A Comrade? Vol.03 Ch.010 Pride Vol.03 Ch.011 Believe Vol.03 Ch.012 It Seems To Be Itself Vol.04 Ch.013 Hero Vol.04 Ch.014 Tomorrow Vol.04 Ch.015 The Same Thought Vol.04 Ch.016 Gate Vol.05 Ch.017 Mission Vol.05 Ch.018 Promise Vol.05 Ch.019 Hysteric Rose Vol.05 Ch.020 Auction Vol.06 Ch.021 Lie Vol.06 Ch.022 Power Vol.06 Ch.023 Guan-Coo Vol.06 Ch.024 Hope Vol.07 Ch.025 ShinSaber Vol.07 Ch.026 Decisive Battle Vol.07 Ch.027 Counterattack Vol.07 Ch.028 Dragon Cycle Vol.08 Ch.029 Infinity Vol.08 Ch.030 1st Turn -- Excitement Vol.08 Ch.031 2nd Turn -- Obsession Vol.08 Ch.032 3rd Turn -- The Beginning Vol.09 Ch.033 4th Turn -- Rival Vol.09 Ch.034 5th Turn -- Awakening Vol.09 Ch.035 6th Turn -- Pride Vol.09 Ch.036 7th Turn -- Reshuffle Vol.10 Ch.037 8th Turn -- Departure Vol.10 Ch.038 9th Turn -- Komei Vol.10 Ch.039 10th Turn -- Scale Vol.10 Ch.040 11th Turn -- Direction Vol.11 Ch.041 12th Turn -- God of Death Vol.11 Ch.042 13th Turn -- In Front of Your Eyes Vol.11 Ch.043 14th Turn -- Trust Vol.11 Ch.044 15th Turn -- Raizo Vol.12 Ch.045 16th Turn -- Neko Vol.12 Ch.046 17th Turn -- Promise Vol.12 Ch.047 18th Turn -- Counterattack Vol.12 Ch.048 19th Turn -- Change Vol.13 Ch.049 20th Turn -- Friends Vol.13 Ch.050 21st Turn -- Fusion Vol.13 Ch.051 22nd Turn -- Hate Vol.13 Ch.052 23rd Turn -- Reunion Vol.13 Ch.052.5 ~Omake~ Vol.14 Ch.053 24th Turn -- Wait Vol.14 Ch.054 25th Turn -- Trust Vol.14 Ch.055 26th Turn -- Together Vol.14 Ch.056 27th Turn -- Spirit Vol.14 Ch.057 Last Turn -- Dragon Drive {End}
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