Ch.580 Wilted Flower

Ch.001 There is no evil in those with a natural perm Ch.002 Owner should take care of their pets until the end. Ch.003 Be aware that jump magazine my come out on saturdays. Ch.004 One that looks good at firt sight is no good at all Ch.005 Make friends that will call each other by nicknames forever. Ch.006 If you guys have time to be terrorist take Pero for a walk. Ch.007 The diference between toughness and vengeance is paper thin! Ch.008 The diference between strength and perseverance is paper thin! Ch.009 A Good Fight Should Do Ch.010 When you're tired, eat sour stuff Ch.011 Crappy Dumplings aren't Dumplings at all, Asshole! Ch.012 Kogyaru of Japan! Obey your Curfew! Ch.013 Only dirty things are born in the washroom! Ch.014 If you're going to cosplay, put your heart into it! Ch.015 Guys have an inexplicable "Touch a frog to be a true man" rule. Ch.016 If you think about it, doesn't life get longer when you're old!? Scary!! Ch.017 Even if you're not drunk, act like you are and pull off your supervisor's toupee. Ch.018 A man would order marlin first! Ch.019 Idols would do about the same thing you guys would. Ch.020 The owner and his pet look alike. Ch.021 Kids' Annoyance Factor is Proportional to the Length of Their Hair Ch.022 Stress Makes You Bald, But Its Stressful to Avoid Stress, so You End Up Stressed Out Anyway, so In the End There's Nothing You Can Do Ch.023 All you gotta do is wash yer armpits, only your armpits. Ch.024 Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time Ch.025 You probably think that you are cute, being cute all the time. Ch.026 When on a trip, even if you forget the pants, dont forget the uno. Ch.027 When you're bothered, smile, just smile. Ch.028 Yes, our family is really the best. Ch.029 Do you really think you can study for the exam while listening to music?! Just cut it out already! Ch.030 Troubles aren't caused by bad people, they're caused by overjoyed people. Ch.031 A father and son are similar only in the bad things. Ch.032 Why is the sea water salty, you ask? Probably because you city dwellers do your business while swimming, dammit!! Ch.033 Be careful of belt conveyers. Ch.034 Guys with big complexes also have big jobs to do. Ch.035 Don't get confused! There's something called 'cooling off', you know! Ch.036 Don't be embarassed and raise your hands all at once while you say it! Ch.037 I'm done being reckless Ch.038 Okamas are keen to both the idiocy of men and the unfairness of women! Ch.039 Anyone making a cute face is definitely hiding something! Ch.040 Misunderstanding concerning marriages are things that continue through your entire life Ch.041 Is there really nothing as delicious as matsutake? Everyone needs to ponder this once. Ch.042 Grab Your Dreams with Your Fists. Ch.043 All men are romantic idealists Ch.044 There are some things that even a sword can't cut Ch.045 Why won't good things happen to me, but bad things continuosly do? Ch.046 The more delicious something is, if you get poisoned by it, it's usually really bad Ch.047 You must watch television and read newspapers carefully Ch.048 People with a Lot of Cuts on Their Calves are also Very Talkative Ch.049 Once you've used an automatic toilet, you can't get used to the other toilets! Ch.050 The Unimportant hings are the Hardest to Forget. Ch.051 Life moves like a conveyor belt. Ch.052 A park belongs to kids. Ch.053 Can bells get rid of all your troubles? Best to rely on yourself! Ch.054 It's rude to get people's names wrong. Ch.055 A Ramen Shop with Too Much Variety on its Menu Won't Have Good Business. Ch.056 Eating Ice Cream in the Winter is Pretty Good Too. Ch.057 What's the "BonBon" in Whiskey BonBons? Ch.058 You Have to Plan to Have Kids. Ch.059 Knock Before Going to the Bathroom. Ch.060 You Can't Get Anything from Just a Movie Title. Ch.061 If You Pee at a Worm, It'll Grow! Ch.062 At Most You'd Only be Together for 20 Years, So as a Daughter You Must Take Care of Your Father. Ch.063 Just Go and Beat Up Your Daughter's Boyfriend First. Ch.064 Character Designs Should be so Clear that Readers will Know Automatically who they are from just the Panel Background. Ch.065 You Shouldn't Judge People by Their Looks. Ch.066 Will Cherries Grow Up to Become Sakura Trees? Ch.067 "M" is for "No More Enemies". Ch.068 The Moon Knows Everything. Ch.069 Your Mother is Busy, Too. Stop Complaining about the Dinner Menu Ch.070 A Life Without Gambling Is Like Sushi Without Wasabi Ch.071 Stop Drinking Sake when You're Feeling Good Ch.072 Walk Your Dog at a Moderate Speed Ch.073 One Bark is Worth a Million Songs Ch.074 Cabaret Clubs are for Ages 20 and Up Ch.075 Those Who are Alike will Fight Ch.076 Don't Lose at Anything You Do. Ch.077 Milk Should Be Served at Body Temperature Ch.078 The Maid Saw Everything Ch.079 If You Want to See Someone, Make an Appointment First Ch.080 Always Show Up for a Date 30 Minutes Early Ch.081 If You Go To Sleep with the Fan On, You'll Get a Stomachache, So Be Careful Ch.082 Like a Haunted House, Life is Filled with Horrors Ch.083 Rhinoceros Beetles Teach Boys that Life is Precious Ch.084 Even an Inch-Long Insect Has a Soul Ch.085 Even on the Net, Use at Least a Minimum of Courtesy Ch.086 You don't need a guidebook for love Ch.087 Life Is Constantly Moving. Ch.088 My Ideal Girlfriend is Truly Minami-chan, Hideaki Sorachi. Ch.089 Store bought Croquettes sure are popular. Ch.090 Bad Things Always Seem To Happen All At Once Ch.091 People Go Crazy When There's A Full Moon Ch.092 Don't leave your umbrella at home Ch.093 Only bad guys and retards like height Ch.094 The sun must rise Ch.095 Bugs that live in darkness love the light Ch.096 Polish a sword with patience Ch.097 Save for a rainy day Ch.098 To deceive another is to deceive oneself. Ch.099 The person who insists on saying "There is no such thing as Santa Claus" is really the one who whishes the most for Santa Claus to come. Ch.100 Nabemono is a reflection of life. Ch.101 Be careful of the captain for a day, Frau Rottenmaier! Ch.102 Because I am me. Ch.103 Only children get excited when they see the snow. Ch.104 All mothers are the same Ch.105 Too Much Kaki-pi Is Bad For You Ch.106 When Eating He Doesn't Make A Crunching Sound Ch.107 Flower stores and cake stores are the weaknesses of men and girls. Ch.108 Nmaibo Unexpectedly Makes You Full Ch.109 Dango Over Flowers Ch.110 All You Can Do Now is Suffer Silently and Cook Red Bean Rice! Ch.111 Watch the Sakata Family Drama Over Dinner at 7pm, Tuesday Evenings! Ch.112 Yesterday's Enemy is Somehow Today's Enemy as Well. Ch.113 Handle Breakable Items with Care. Ch.114 Either Blood or Bandages... I'm Envious of How Cool It Looks! Ch.115 Those Who Show a Strong Preference in Food Respond to People with Equal Directness. Ch.116 You Shouldn't Pick Things Up Just Because You're Feeling Upset. Ch.117 Do It Before You've Done It. Ch.118 Four Heads Are Better than One Ch.119 Every Word Has Its Opposite. Ch.120 Everyone Makes Mistakes Ch.121 When A Guy Who Wears Glasses Suddenly Removes Them, It Feels Like Part Of Them Is Missing Ch.122 Everyone Cares About Someone Ch.123 Woman's Best Makeup Is Her Smile Ch.124 The next week's preview in Jump is unreliable. Ch.125 Go with "Might" Driving. Ch.126 A Dog's Meatball Smells Quite Pleasant Ch.127 If You Don't Set A Timer To Automaticaly Turn Off Your Air Conditioning, Then You'll Probably Catch A Cold You Go To Sleep Ch.128 Luck Has Nothing To Do With People's Social Status. Ch.129 When You're Too Absorbed in Counting Sheep, You End Up Not Sleeping Well Ch.130 If You Eat Too Much Spicy Food, You'll Get Hemorrhoids Ch.131 Men Are Troublesome Ch.132 German Suplex Any Woman Who Asks, "Which Is More Important, Me or Your Work?" Ch.133 The Best Place to Hide a Tree Is in a Forest Ch.134 A Manga Artist Is a Pro when He Has Built Up a Backlog of Manuscripts Ch.135 Every Man Has a Hard-Boiled Egg for a Heart Ch.136 Even a Villain Could Be Somebody's Daddy Ch.137 A Hard-Boiled Egg Doesn't Get Crushed Ch.138 You Can Get Almost Anything You Want at Loft Ch.139 A Blind Date Is Fun Until Just Before It Starts Ch.140 Please Cooperate in Separating the Trash Ch.141 There Are No Save Points in Real Life Ch.142 Nothing Can Compete with a Woman's Tears Ch.143 Too Much Cute Is Creepy Ch.144 Western Songs Are Hard to Learn Ch.145 People Who Say They're Doing It for the Sake of Another Are Mostly Doing It for Themselves Ch.146 Some Data Cannot Be Deleted Ch.147 Only One Hour of Video Games per Day Ch.148 Don't Spend Your Whole Day Off Playing Video Games Ch.149 Life and Video Games Are Full of Bugs Ch.150 Disasters Com in Threes Ch.151 Even Heroes Have Problems Ch.152 Try to See People's Good Points Instead of the Bad Ch.153 When You're on a Train, Hold On to the Straps with Both Hands Ch.154 Men, Be Dorks Ch.155 Love Conquers All Ch.156 If You Want to Lose Weight, Move Ch.157 If You Want to Lose Weight, Don't Eat Ch.158 What's Happened Lately Has Various Uses For What Happens Next Ch.159 Rules are made to be broken Ch.160 An Otaku Talks Too Much Ch.161 I want to watch anime Ch.162 The Difference Between Strengths And Weaknesses Is Only A Thin Line Ch.163 Uniforms are 20 percent better Ch.164 Don't play on the railroad tracks Ch.165 The Schemer is Caught In His Own Scheme Ch.166 Important things are hard to see Ch.167 You should listen to what others say Ch.168 Everything is captured time Ch.169 Unlikable Things Are Adorable Ch.170 Ignorance is bliss(fixed) Ch.171 If you're a man, don't give up. Ch.172 I hate myself when I forget the vinyl umbrella even when there's a 100% chance of rain Ch.173 Life is an exam Ch.174 The Best Part of Summer Vacation Is Before It Begins Ch.175 It's Important to Spend a Little Time Alone Ch.176 Age Brings Wisdom Ch.177 Going Strong Despite Your Age Ch.178 When the Kids' Summer Vacation Begins, Adults Get Excited Too Ch.179 Beauty Is Like a Summer Fruit Ch.180 Go Straight Even If You're Bent with Age Ch.181 Men can gaze upon the moon alone if they're drinking sake Ch.182 Flowers grow on dead trees Ch.183 Ch.184 Ch.185 Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid Ch.186 Return The Things You Borrowed Ch.187 Plates taken the first time can't be returned Ch.188 The Shinsengumi's horrible toilet incident Ch.189 To a novice, a Phillips and a flathead are equally as splendid Ch.190 The power of imagination is best between two people Ch.191 Parameters in real life and games are directly inversed Ch.192 Always, Be a Screwdriver in Your Heart Ch.193 If you have broken free from gaol before, it is not gaolbreaking? Ch.194 Everyone Is an Escapee of a Gaol Called "Myself" Ch.195 Let's have a chat about the past Ch.196 Before going on a trip, there are various arguments Ch.197 Silver and the good for nothing of His Highness Ch.198 The line under your briefs is absolutely inescapable Ch.199 It sure is fun to draw in the deformed style Ch.200 Oh, it's Chapter 200 now? Don't worry about it. Ch.201 Rest for a ghost is at their discretion Ch.202 A cigarette box with only two cigarettes in it smells a lot like a guy who walks into a room with the scent of horse dung. Ch.203 There are some things words cannot express Ch.204 That Face Has Been Decided On!! Ch.205 There are things you won't understand without meeting each other Ch.206 There are things you won't understand even if you met each other Ch.207 Be careful of what you pick up and eat Ch.208 Cat owners and dog owners never see eye to eye Ch.209 Need energy? Leave it to booze Ch.210 Always put your wallet in your back pocket Ch.211 Pretty roses can come from the thorniest of bushes Ch.212 Beware of guys who use umbrellas on sunny days Ch.213 Using two page spreads is so Jump-like Ch.214 Business transactions come before struggles to the death Ch.215 It's dangerous to interrupt a fight Ch.216 There are plenty of guys who think that "little breasts are pretty breasts", Rambo isn't reckless and "buddy" and "ah, a wart" don't sound the same Ch.217 Life's All About Choosing The Right Footing Ch.218 Only Mommy Can Stop Siblings From Fighting Ch.219 People Who Say 'I'm Really Getting Angry' Are In Fact Not Angry At 'All Ch.220 It's the supervillain types who have the best smiles Ch.221 There is no night without dawn Ch.222 Those who stand on four legs are beasts, while those who stand on two legs, guts and glory, are men Ch.223 Don't draw confidence from bedtime stories Ch.224 Women who turn tricks are not to be trusted Ch.225 Burning a perm doesn't change it Ch.226 Spread your arms wide enough and they'll fade into the distance Ch.227 Various people bring about various bonds Ch.228 Booze tastes a bit different during the day Ch.229 All adults are all children's instructors Ch.230 You gotta get up and make your own crib Ch.231 Gossip born in the barber shop is among the world's most pointless Ch.232 Heavenly beings' superiors are the ones who created topknots Ch.233 Zippers should be undone with care Ch.234 Bad guys sleep more often Ch.235 When your half eaten popsicle starts sliding down the stick, that's when jerks come around hoping for a share Ch.236 Usually birthday gatherings turn into unwanted reunions Ch.237 Sleep helps a child grow Ch.238 It takes ubtle amounts onf courage to sneak into a shopping cart Ch.239 Guys need a battlefield to feel complete Ch.240 Be sure to take your infected friends to a hospital Ch.241 When in a cardboard box, one bad apple ruins the bunch Ch.242 From a foreigner's perspective, you're the foreigner. From an alien's perspective, you're the alien. Ch.243 Look as many times as you want, it's still the Laputa Ch.244 Love often becomes cruelty Ch.245 Even a black boat looks flashy when it sinks Ch.246 There's loads of dirt under the willow tree Ch.247 Smooth polygons smooth out a person's heart Ch.248 A person's body is a microuniverse Ch.249 There are always two guysd in a party of warriors that essencially do teh same thing Ch.250 Idiots lead idiots Ch.251 And into the legend... Ch.252 It all depends on how you use the "Carrot and Stick" method Ch.253 When a person is trapped, a door in oneself is opened Ch.254 It's bad luck to see a spider at night Ch.255 Get caught up in the spider's web, and you'll be hard pressed to escape Ch.256 Beautiful people get boring after 3 minutes, ugly people you can live with forever Ch.257 A single thread is flammable at its base Ch.258 Instead of leaving before students, teachers should leave together with them Ch.259 There's hell to pay when a lazy guy gets angry Ch.260 Important things are usually the heaviest Ch.261 When the time comes, pay back what you owe Ch.262 Be forewarned, booze and women don't mix Ch.263 Going to the dentist only gets harder with age Ch.264 The bigger the areola is, the bigger a person can be Ch.265 Character Polls and The Like are Crap Ch.266 Character popularity polls should burn in hell until they're ash/ So Long buddy.... Ch.267 Thing Like Character Polls Should Be Ground Up Into A Tofu Like Substance Ch.268 Things like character polls are.... Ch.269 It's only a superstition that bees stings go away when you piss on them. In reality it's just a great way to get germs, so be careful! Ch.270 Watch Out For Death Flags. Ch.271 There Are Things That No Matter How Dirty They Are, Have To Be Exposed Ch.272 Say So Long Once The Flag Sways Ch.273 Radio Physical Fitness Shows Are How Boys And Girls Build Stable Social Relationships Ch.274 Stick With Your Observation Diaries Until The Very End Ch.275 When Looking For Something. Try Thinking From It's Point Of View Ch.276 Look Behind You Shimura' Actually Means Watch Your Back, Shimura's Coming!! Ch.277 Living freely isn't crazy, it's just by your own rules. Ch.278 Drag Idiots by Their Tails Ch.279 Kabuki cho Alleycat blues Ch.280 Cooking is Willpower. Ch.281 Am I Stupid In Thinking Of 'Sazae-San' When I Hear The Word 'Leviathan'? Ch.282 Even Rain Is Never Ending Ch.283 The Expectations For A Movie Are Proportionate To The Height Of The Seating In The Theater. Ch.284 Not Even Losing To Wind. Ch.285 Not Even Losing To Storms. Ch.286 Not Even Losing To Meteorites. Ch.287 Not Even Losing To Heretical Demons. Ch.288 Not Even Letting Time Destroy Our Smiles. Ch.289 Even I Wish To Become Something Beautiful And Strong.... Ch.290 The Red on Santa is probably blood. Ch.291 What Santa Delivers Is Not Limited To Presents Ch.292 All Mankind Is Santa Ch.293 Think About Balance In Your Meals Ch.294 Do New Years Cards with Calligraphy Pens Ch.295 Cocoa Over Hearts Ch.296 The poster board store's poster girl has enough trouble with two place cards. Ch.297 Outrageous cities are full of gathering places for yahoo type guys. Ch.298 Trash that will mix together will stink Ch.299 When Were Odagiri Joe's Hairdo And Shenmue's Continuation Sales Decided? Ch.300 Ghosts Aren't The Only Ones Who Go Crazy In Graveyards Ch.301 It's a youngsters responsibility to watch over the elderly until death, and the elder's job to watch over the young as they live Ch.302 The Chains Of Men Ch.303 Bonds that can't be cut by 30 volumes' worth of enemies Ch.304 Town of iron Ch.305 When an old man and a young girl get together, all kinds of creativity abound Ch.306 Stubborn, Shameless, Forceful, Flexible Ch.307 Battle Of The Monkey Lords Ch.308 The Pipe and the Jitte Ch.309 Humbled to Meet Your Acquaintance Ch.310 This wonderful world is full of bastards Ch.311 Odd? or even? Ch.312 Difficult to Command Super Secret Techniques Won't Work Ch.313 We Are All Soldiers in the War Against Fate... Ch.314 Jugem Ch.315 Names and Natures Often Match Ch.316 It's Surprising the People You Meet for the First Time at a Funeral Ch.317 You Should Watch the Ukon Tea Twice When Possible Ch.318 Glasses Are a Part of the Soul Ch.319 Z~~ Ch.320 Annihilation VS Lethal Strike Ch.321 There Are Things That You Can't See, Even with Glasses On Ch.322 Twice, Three Times That There Are Ch.323 You Can't Say Pool Without Porori Ch.324 People Grow Up So Much During Summer Vacation Ch.325 Everyone Seems So Grown Up after Winter Vacation Ch.326 Right after Goldenweek Ends, if You Can See It, You Can See It Ch.327 Candles Are a Bit Exciting Aren't They? Ch.328 A Crab's Pincers Can Snap Bonds Too Ch.329 An Old Guy's Home Situation Is Usually Pretty Tough Ch.330 The Old Man Is Surprisingly Soft Heart Ch.331 Even Adults Can Learn a Lot From Field Trips Ch.332 To Be Honest, I Don't Have a Single Memory of Having a Observational Study at a Factory Ch.333 Everyone Has Committed the Sin of Borrowing Without Returning Ch.334 In the Public Baths, Our Bodies and Souls Are Naked Ch.334.5 Bankara-san Ga Tooru Ch.335 It Is the Same If It Is Camila, Vidal Sassoon or Timotel as Long as You Clean Your Back Ch.336 Even a New Years Party Has Things You Should Never Forget Ch.337 It'll Be Okay~ Ch.338 Beware of the Housewife Next Door Ch.339 People Are Able to Live by Forgetting Some Things Ch.340 Sure, Prison Break Season Two Is Still More of the Same, but It's only Cause They've Got to Break Out of the Rotting Prison Known as Society That the Ch.341 Everyone Wears Pajamas Ch.342 I'll Cast You into the Punishment Chamber Ch.343 Red and Blue Ecstasy Ch.344 I Daresay, May I Come Skiing with You? Ch.345 Even When One Puts the Utmost Effort into Creating Snow Domes, the Next Day Some Brat Will Break Them Ch.346 We Can't Take a Company Vacation There!! Ch.347 Love Has No Pluses or Minuses Ch.348 Love Is an Illusion Ch.349 Love Is Not Something to Take, but Something One Receives Ch.350 The Wide World Is Riddled with Love Ch.351 Thinking of a Title for This Thing That Sounds Like a Text Message Subject Was a Pain in the Ass Ch.352 Out of Range Messenger Ch.353 The end of a picture story show and a show of dreams. Ch.354 A forgotten guy will come at the time he is least remembered Ch.355 Space Bururun Taizaki Ch.356 If you're a man, try the cockpit at least once Ch.357 A Senryouhako is just a trash bin Ch.358 Empty Star Ch.359 Business Transactions are Fierce Battles Ch.360 Don't say Sayonaraion Ch.360.5 Remember There are Crossovers like Alien VS Predator Ch.361 Draw Your Life on the Canvas We Call Manga Ch.362 When Asked if I'm a CoroCoro Sort of Guy or a BonBon Sort of Guy, I ... Ch.363 Written in Alphabetical Notation, All of Mankind Are Hosts Ch.364 Women Like Vegeta, Men Like Piccolo Ch.365 Check it Out!! Ch.366 It May be Painful to Have an Unsuccessful Sibling, but Even if They ... Ch.367 The Thorns Entwined in the Cogs Ch.368 Baragaki (Thorn Brat) and Baragaki (Rose Brat) Ch.369 Festival of the No-Good Brats Ch.370 Letter From a Baragaki Ch.371 Madaodog Millionaire Ch.372 Nobody with a Straight Perm is a Bad Guy Ch.373 Nobody with a Straight Perm is a Bad Guy; 2 Ch.374 Gold or Silver Ch.375 Kin-san's Kin**** Ch.376 Writing 'Friend' and Reading it as 'Enemy' Ch.377 Writing 'Enemy' and Reading it as 'Friend' Ch.378 Steel Memories Ch.379 A Protagonist Is Ch.380 Mantama Ch.381 Presents Should be Gotten Early Ch.382 Otoshidama's Compatibility with Dirty Jokes is Outstanding Ch.383 When You're Sleeping Under a Kotatsu, Be Careful You Don't Cook Your ***tama Ch.384 Observational Love Begins with Observation Ch.385 In the End, Parents Don't Like Anyone the Kid Brings Home Ch.386 Prostitute on the Other Foot Ch.387 Eww! Not You, Old Man!! Ch.388 In the Palace, I Daresay!! Ch.389 Sleepovers are Where You Get Pranked by the Guys that Go to Sleep First Ch.390 "Country Seizing" is Kinda More Exciting to Write than "Country Taking" Ch.391 Five Fingers Ch.392 The Sun and The Moon Ch.393 Purge Ch.394 Enemies That Fate Brought Together Ch.395 Paradise and Hell Ch.396 Vow Ch.397 Samurai's Country Ch.398 Two Demons Ch.399 Unsinking Moon Ch.400 One Editor Is Enough Ch.401 Dog Food Has Less Taste than it Appears to Ch.402 Dog Food Makes for a Surprisingly Good Snack to go with Alcohol Ch.403 The Sound of a Thing Called a Beam Shoots Through All People Ch.404 A Laughing Gate Invites Misfortune Ch.405 Two Aniki's Ch.406 Each Person's Dignity Ch.407 We Don't Want 'em, You Bastard Ch.408 Shin-boy and Hajime-nii Ch.409 Doctrine of the Beam Saber Style Ch.410 Booze, Gasoline, Smiles, and Tears Ch.411 A Begirama Summer Ch.412 Amen Ch.413 Jesus Ch.414 Fool!! Ch.415 Being a Leader is Tough Ch.416 Dudes with Huge Nostrils also Have Huge Imaginations Ch.417 Rather than Memorizing Years, You Should Burn Human Beings into Your Memory Ch.418 Mirrors Show Both Beauty and Ugliness Exactly as They Are Ch.419 Set the Heart Aflame Ch.420 The Stairway of Adulthood Isn't Something You Only Go Up Ch.421 Romantic Love and Paternal Affection Ch.422 Bald Dad, Gray Haired Dad, and Four-Eyed Dad Ch.423 No One is Interested in License Photos Ch.424 3000 Leagues in Search of Scabbard Ch.425 Total Sadist VS Total Sadist Ch.426 Fools and Katana Need Nice Handling Ch.427 Realistically, Spiral Turds Have a Maximum of Two Full Twists Ch.428 Most Powerful Sword VS Worst Dull Blade Ch.429 Invisible Scabbard Ch.430 The Difference Between Godly Games and Shitty Games is Paper Thin Ch.431 A Bowl of Ramen Ch.432 One Crust of Bread Ch.433 One Family Ch.434 Fashionable Is Something that Disappears the Moment It Is Put into Words Ch.435 All Answers are in the Field Ch.436 New Sentai Sentais Seem to Start Out as Things You Could Never Appro... Ch.437 9 + 1 = Yagyuu Jyuubee Ch.438 I Believe I Can Both Be Beautiful And Manga Ch.439 When You Forget About Calories Is When They Come Back Ch.440 Affection, Heartache, Manliness and Femininity Ch.441 10-1= Ch.442 The G-Pen is a Capricious, the Maru-Pen is Stubborn Ch.443 Mommy's Bentou are Always Too Cold and Somewhat Squashed Ch.444 Sunglasses of Life and Death Ch.445 Snot Diamond Ch.446 Wash Your Hands Before Handshakes Ch.447 Diamonds Cannot be Scratched Ch.448 Chapters of the Chosen Bitches Ch.449 Mettle of An Idol Ch.450 Human Life Lasts only 50 years, Contrast Human Life with Life of Get... Ch.451 Human Life Lasts only 50 years, Contrast Human Life with Life of Get... Ch.452 It's Hard to Enter a Reunion Party When You Get There Late Ch.453 At Reunions, Memories You Don't Want to Remember Reawaken, Too Ch.454 A Reunion Party of Onis and Shadows Ch.455 You Hide Erotic Books But You Don't Hide(fixed)) Ch.456 The Phoenix Will Always Rise Again Ch.457 Making Light of Early Plot Elements is Fatal Ch.458 Feigned Illnesses are the Source of All Kinds of Diseases Ch.459 Saying Goodbye Is Easy Ch.460 Love Is A Roach Motel Ch.461 Hide Your Face Without Hiding Your Heart Ch.462 Not A Damn Thing Happened in Summer 2013 Ch.463 Characters that Show Up Wearing All White Will End Up Dead, Covered ... Ch.464 Morning and Night Shinigami Ch.465 An Oni Or A Human? Ch.466 Hijikata Disappeared at the End of the Mayonnaise Line Ch.467 Okita Also Disappeared, at the End of the Total Sadist Line Ch.468 Ikeda Yaemo Ch.469 Farewell, Shinigami Ch.470 I'm Mayoler and He's Sweet Tooth Ch.471 I'll Be V Shape and He'll Be Natural Perm Ch.472 I'm the Right Ball and He's the Left Ball Ch.473 I'm Unqualified to be a Leader and He's Also Unqualified to be a Leader Ch.474 I'm Eyeglasses and He's Sunglasses Ch.475 I'm a Leader and You're Also a Leader Ch.476 I'm Yorozuya and He's Shinsengumi Ch.477 Always Open Bags Like They Have 50 Million in Them Ch.478 Stick a Barf Bag in your Handbag, Too Ch.479 True Merchant Ch.480 Always Open Bags as if They Have Rocks Inside Ch.481 Essay Manga are Easy to Draw Ch.482 The Kanji for Thief are Quite Evil Ch.483 Two Monkeys Ch.484 Pauses Never Happen at Good Times Ch.485 There is Trash that Even a Matsuibou Cannot Get Rid of Ch.486 There are Two Types of Humans in the World, Those that Shout Special... Ch.487 An ID Photo is Proof of the Harshness of Reality Ch.488 Afros of Life and Death Ch.489 Afros of Love and Hate Ch.490 Afros of Justice and Betrayal Ch.491 A Furou and A F-ro Ch.492 Smoke Rises in Places Without Love Ch.493 The Heavens Do Not Make Beautiful Women Better Than Ugly Women Ch.494 Beast Trash Ch.495 Eternal Flower Ch.496 In Both Spring and Winter Ch.497 Strike While the Iron and the Evil King are Hot(fixed) Ch.498 Oil Rain Ch.499 Glasses are Part of the Heart Ch.500 Does Everyone Really See the Same World? Ch.501 Guardian Spirits are a Part of the Body, Too Ch.502 Shoguns of Light and Shadow Ch.503 A Horse From A Gourd Ch.504 A Shogun's Duty and a Shinobi's Duty Ch.505 Villains and Policemen Ch.506 Shinobi Country Ch.507 Steel Peashooter Ch.508 Soul of the Shinobi Ch.509 Proof (Scar) Ch.510 Samurai And Shinobi Ch.511 The Last 5 People Ch.512 Request Ch.513 Place to Go Back To Ch.514 Those that Protect All Ch.515 Battle to Take a Country and Quarrel Between Siblings Ch.516 Two Good-For-Nothings Ch.517 Each One's Samurai Ch.518 Fist Ch.519 Enemies Ch.520 Sakata Gintoki of Shouka Sonjuku Ch.521 After the War, the Crow Caws Ch.521.5 Extra Ch.522 The Disciples of Shouyou Ch.523 Resistance Ch.524 Farewell, Pal Ch.525 3 Sake Cups Ch.526 The Day the Demon Cried Ch.527 New Ones and Old Ones Ch.528 Heroes Show Up Late Ch.529 Forgotten Thing Ch.530 The Shogun and the Villains (Joui Patriots) Ch.531 Jailbreak Ch.532 Festival Ch.533 Stray Dogs Ch.534 Iron Rules of Surveillance Ch.535 Shinsengumi Kyokuchuu Hatto Article 47 Ch.536 Two Generals Ch.537 'That Name is...' Ch.538 True Path Ch.539 Undelivered Email Ch.540 Villain Ch.541 Star of Freedom Ch.542 Shinigami Ch.543 Signal Fire Ch.544 Memories of the Sword Ch.545 Karma Ch.546 Last Address Ch.547 Mistake Ch.548 Something Forgotten Ch.549 Nobume Ch.550 Farewell Shinsengumi Ch.551 Farewell Shinsengumi (Latter Part) Ch.552 The Monster and the Monster's Child Ch.553 The Kiheitai's Final Day Ch.554 Ryuumyaku Ch.555 Request for Leave of Absence Ch.556 Worthless Thing Ch.557 The No-Good Brats From That Era Ch.558 Hometown Ch.559 Scent Ch.560 Final Blade Ch.561 Warrior's Song Ch.562 The Noble Youth of Madness Ch.563 Runaway Kotarou Ch.564 Zura Ch.565 Toys Ch.566 Two Fools Ch.567 Peak Ch.568 Sky Ship Ch.569 The Swordsman's Moment Ch.570 Pit of the Stomach (Abyss of the Innards) Ch.571 Manjuus and Breakfast Ch.572 Place of Death Ch.573 10 Years Ch.574 Path Ch.575 Old Friends and New Friends Ch.576 Two Male Beasts Ch.577 Crybaby Ch.578 Frog in a Well Ch.579 Kouan's Master Ch.580 Wilted Flower Ch.581 Lost Rabbit Ch.582 Crystal Ch.583 Right Arm Ch.584 Strongest Ch.585 Delete Ch.586 Bottom Ch.587 Damn Idiot Ch.588 Blue Planet Ch.589 Siblings Ch.590 First Disciple Ch.591 Blood and Soul Ch.592 Complaining Ch.593 The Two Utsuros Ch.594 Release Ch.595 Hope Ch.596 Even if a Natural Perm Gets Limp and Bent, It'll Eventually Spring B... Ch.597 Even if a Natural Perm Gets Limp and Bent, It'll Eventually Spring B... Ch.598 Everyone has a Terminal Between Their Legs Ch.599 Don't go Overboard with Seasoning Ch.600 Your Abs Won't be Ripped but Your Ass Will Be Ch.601 If You Skip Reading Jump for One Week, Then Make Sure You Read Closely Ch.602 Delinquent Kids Have Long Hair Going Down the Backs of Their Necks Ch.603 Ninjas and Idiots like High Places Ch.604 The Difference Between Tenacious and Obstinate is Paper Thin Ch.605 When You Wear a Headband, You Look Ready to Take an Exam Ch.606 People that Lecture Others About Not Smoking Can't Give it up Themse... Ch.607 The T in T-Shirt is the T in Tamashii (Soul) Ch.608 Jump Comes Out on Monday, Magazine and Sunday Come Out on Wednesday Ch.609 Old Men Etch Things They Can't Forget Into Their Wrinkles Ch.610 A Machine That's Learned to be Useless is Called a Piece of Junk (Or... Ch.611 There's Nothing as Depressing as a Bossy Person that Likes Festivals Ch.612 We are a Part of the Universe, We are the Universe Itself Ch.613 Men Must Live Not Long or Thick, but Hard Ch.614 The Second Son Tends to get Forgotten About Ch.615 You Should Treasure Everything that has 'Ball' in the Name Ch.616 Dirty is a Fine Color, Too Ch.617 Onis are Weak to Small Things like Issun-Boushi Ch.618 Logs can be Weapons, Houses, or even a Mode of Transport; They're Pr... Ch.619 When You're Playing Tag, the Faster the Person Who's It is, the More... Ch.620 Don't Be Early or Late Ch.621 Watch Out for the 7 Times Tables Ch.622 The Candy Given to you By Your Elders is Special Ch.623 When You Tell Old Stories of Your Heroic Exploits, it Makes People D... Ch.624 Feet Have Fingers, Too Ch.625 Instead of Thinking About Gambling as Betting Money, Let's Systemati... Ch.626 How Much Inflation Has There Been With Jump? Ch.627 Peace and Destruction are Two Sides of the Same Coin Ch.628 When You Can't Get the Lid off a Jam Jar, Try Gripping it Tight with... Ch.629 Logic is Essential to Solving Mysteries Ch.630 Bushido is Found One Second Before Death Ch.631 Sometimes You Just Have to Give Up Ch.632 Those That Do Good Things While Doing Bad Things Ch.633 The Difference Between a Gadabout and a Sage is Paper Thin Ch.634 Rabbits Jump High on Moonlit Nights Ch.635 To Put It Nicely, It's Vintage. To Put it Badly, It's Trash. Ch.636 Even Without Qigong Breathing, It Gets Hard Ch.637 Be Careful of Scattering Too Many Flags Ch.638 Healthy Teeth Have Pretty Teeth Marks Ch.639 Hell is More Close By Than Heaven Ch.640 To Make Interesting an Otherwise Boring World Ch.641 Heroes are Created by People Ch.642 Ch.643 Ch.644 Ch.645 Ch.646 The One Bolder Than Despair Ch.647 Beyond the Dream Ch.648 The True Battlefield Ch.649 The Many Kings Ch.650 Be Careful You Don't Drink Too Much Dom Perignon Ch.651 When You Need a Hand, Ask A Beast With Paw Pads Ch.652 The Planet of the End of the World and the Beginning of a Family Ch.653 Two Swords Ch.654 Ch.655 It's Hard to See the Bottom From the Sky, but it's Easy to See the S... Ch.656 Ch.657 Dogs Love their Pack Ch.658 A Creature That Just Barks Ch.659 Hold Onto Trump Cards Ch.660 Say Something Nice About Your Old Man Once in a While Ch.661 The Beginning of the End Ch.662 Ch.663 Ch.664 Guard Dog Ch.665 Flame of Life Ch.666 The Creatures Called Humans Ch.667 Undying and Unyielding Ch.668 Ch.669 Ch.670 Ch.671 Ch.672 Ch.673 Ch.674 Ch.675 Ch.676 Ch.677 Ch.678 Ch.679 Ch.680 Ch.681 Ch.682 Ch.683 Ch.684 Ch.685 Ch.686 Ch.687 Ch.688 Ch.689 Ch.690 Ch.691 Ch.692 Ch.693 Ch.694 Ch.695 Ch.696 Ch.697 Ch.698 Ch.699 Ch.700 Ch.701 Ch.702 Fate Ch.703 Ch.704 Ch.704.1
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