Hyaku Monogatari

Ch.090 Living With A Badger

Ch.001 The Soul Swallower Ch.002 The Face on the Paper Screen Ch.003 The Otter by the Bridge Ch.004 Toriya Kiyomon Ch.005 The Tanuki Monk Ch.006 The Grave Polisher Ch.007 The Eel Horror Ch.008 A Grotesque Family Ch.009 The Strange Thing in the Rain Ch.010 The Kazuhara Family Vault Ch.011 Oshichi Ch.012 The Mysterious Method of Kapitan Ch.013 The Nun's Confession Story Ch.014 14-15 Two Tales of Birth Monsters Ch.016 The Man Who Saw a Shadow Ch.017 The Woman With Only A Face Ch.018 The Shape of His Dead Wife Ch.019 19-21 Things That Block Paths Ch.022 Inside the Chest Ch.023 23-24 Eating Human Flesh -- The Maiden's Kiss Ch.025 25-26 Two Eerie Tales About a Snake and a Dragon Ch.027 Becoming a Tengu Ch.028 Emissary from the Underworld Ch.029 The Beauty in the Snow Ch.030 A Bon Festival Tale Ch.031 Lord Morinomimasaka's Estate Ch.032 The Running Woman Ch.033 Vol.1 Ch.33-34 Tales of Two Eerie Things Ch.035 The Well of Stars Ch.036 The Sake Jar Ch.037 The Head that Fell Off Ch.039 Ch38-39Two Tales of Small Oni Ch.040 The Tale of the Ubume Ch.041 Swallowed Up by Hell Ch.042 Dream Traveling Ch.043 The Human Mushroom Ch.046 Ch.44-46 Three Eerie Tales of Dark Nights Ch.047 The Thing in the Pillow Ch.048 48-49 Two Stories About Beasts Who Transform into Humans Ch.050 Ch.050-052 - Three Signs of Passing Ch.053 Two Wives Ch.054 The Cat and the Old Woman Ch.055 Ch.055-056 - Two Tales of Dislikes Ch.057 Ch 57-58 Two Tales of Miraculous Sages Ch.059 Soul Summoning Ch.060 The Voice in the Stomach Ch.061 The Wolf's Eyebrows Ch.062 Two Eerie Tales of Hands62-63 Ch.064 The Carp Wife Ch.065 The Woman in the Scroll Ch.066 Konoha Village Ch.067 67-68 Two Tales of the Dead Ch.069 A Soul at Play Ch.070 The Self-Mummified Monk Ch.071 Reunion in the Bamboo Ch.072 72-73 - Two Strange Tales of Black Hair Ch.074 74-75 - Two Tales of Visiting Presences Ch.076 76-77 Two Tales of Strange Fish Ch.078 An Evil Dream Ch.079 Another Person's Face Ch.080 80-81 Two Eerie Tales of Long Rains Ch.082 The Spider Ascetic Ch.083 83-85 Three Tales of Eerie Feet Ch.086 The Duck Man Ch.087 87-89 Three Tales of Mermaids Ch.090 Living With A Badger
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Hyaku Monogatari contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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