Vol.09 Ch.094 One and Only Family

Vol.01 Ch.001 Here She Comes! She's Crazy For Dogs! Vol.01 Ch.002 I'll Do My Best (for now) Vol.01 Ch.003 Which One Tastes The Best? Vol.01 Ch.004 To Save That Puppy... Vol.01 Ch.005 A Dog Comes Calling All By Itself? Vol.01 Ch.006 What The Dog Taught Me Vol.01 Ch.007 For This Little Life... Vol.01 Ch.008 The Mysterious Power Of The Dog-Crazy Girl! Vol.02 Ch.009 Suguri's First "Sale"?! Vol.02 Ch.010 An Idol Just For Me Vol.02 Ch.011 Makin Money?! Vol.02 Ch.012 Co-Star With An Idol! Vol.02 Ch.013 Even The Crusts Are Fluffy Vol.02 Ch.014 Chew On This?! Vol.02 Ch.015 The 31st Miracle! Vol.02 Ch.016 The Best "Encounter" Vol.02 Ch.017 Help...!! Vol.02 Ch.018 Touched It For A Whole Minute!! Vol.02 Ch.019 A Good Owner, But... Vol.03 Ch.000 Vol.04 Ch.000 Vol.05 Ch.042 A Walk with Lupin Vol.05 Ch.043 Damsel in Distress?! Vol.05 Ch.044 Her First Errand Vol.05 Ch.045 Crazy for Henry! Vol.05 Ch.046 Suguri's Decision Vol.05 Ch.047 Staring Contest! Vol.05 Ch.048 Play on Instinct! Vol.05 Ch.049 Food from the Same Pot Vol.05 Ch.050 The Day Before the Showdown Vol.05 Ch.051 The Bond Between Them Vol.05 Ch.052 Which Pair Wins? Vol.06 Ch.053 A "Poor Little Thing" Vol.06 Ch.054 Forbidden Love Vol.06 Ch.055 Cute Little Baby Vol.06 Ch.056 Duel on a Moonlit Night Vol.06 Ch.057 Ruff Ruff! Dig Here! Vol.06 Ch.058 Danger is Dangerous! Vol.06 Ch.059 The Threesome Vol.06 Ch.060 Stop the Fight... Vol.06 Ch.061 Promoting Lupin Vol.06 Ch.062 Just as Czerny Says Vol.06 Ch.063 Scared of Muffin?! Vol.07 Ch.064 Missing Dog Vol.07 Ch.065 Going After the Doggie!! Vol.07 Ch.066 The Celebrity Doggie Vol.07 Ch.067 School Days with the Doggie (Heaven) Vol.07 Ch.068 Scissorhands Vol.07 Ch.069 Frozen Peach Vol.07 Ch.070 Trouble Peach Vol.07 Ch.071 Painful Peach Vol.07 Ch.072 Black Peach Vol.07 Ch.073 Black Mel Vol.07 Ch.074 Goodbye Vol.07 Ch.075 House Call Volunteer Vol.08 Ch.076 Rumble Rumble Vol.08 Ch.077 Separation Vol.08 Ch.078 Satsuma-age Vol.08 Ch.079 Lupin and Satsuma Vol.08 Ch.080 Natsuko Vol.08 Ch.081 PSG Vol.08 Ch.082 Rummaging Through the Trash Vol.08 Ch.083 DIVE! Vol.08 Ch.084 Let's Go Home Vol.08 Ch.085 Welcome, Baby Boomers Vol.08 Ch.086 Woofles Day Off Vol.09 Ch.087 Nakatani Heartland Vol.09 Ch.088 Walking "Stuffed Animals" and Men's Dreams Vol.09 Ch.089 The Secret Dog Run Vol.09 Ch.090 The Little Angel Vol.09 Ch.091 Big News Vol.09 Ch.092 Hello, Puppy Vol.09 Ch.093 The First Pee Vol.09 Ch.094 One and Only Family Vol.09 Ch.095 Invisible Bond Vol.09 Ch.096 I Want One More Vol.09 Ch.097 Dog Photo Exhibit Vol.10 Ch.098 Zidane's Diet Plan Part 1 Vol.10 Ch.099 Zidane's Diet Plan Part 2 Vol.10 Ch.100 Legend of Little Lupin Vol.10 Ch.101 Target Vol.10 Ch.102 Rookie Vol.10 Ch.103 Wind of Seniority Vol.10 Ch.104 Indescribable Smell..?! Vol.10 Ch.105 Pre-installed?! Vol.10 Ch.106 Dog That Keeps Growling Vol.10 Ch.107 The Neighbor's Yard Is Greener Vol.10 Ch.108 For A Pet Vol.11 Ch.109 Parting Vol.11 Ch.110 A Rude Customer Vol.11 Ch.111 Merger Negotiation..? Vol.11 Ch.112 Telling Me Now..? Vol.11 Ch.113 The Guy Stuck in Between Vol.11 Ch.114 Fifth Grade Classroom 3 Vol.11 Ch.115 What's K-9? Vol.11 Ch.116 If You Are Going to Do It Give It Your Best! Vol.11 Ch.117 Black Ship Vol.11 Ch.118 Can I Jump This? Vol.11 Ch.119 Ready to Go! Vol.12 Ch.120 Dream Collaboration Vol.12 Ch.121 Lupin's Talent Vol.12 Ch.122 Fast-Approaching Rival! Vol.12 Ch.123 Yasmin's Dance! Vol.12 Ch.124 Suguri's Dance! Vol.12 Ch.125 Chitose's Dance! Vol.12 Ch.126 Eyes of the Heart Vol.12 Ch.127 Fly Ball Challenge! Vol.12 Ch.128 What's Wrong with Czerny? Vol.12 Ch.129 Hospitalization Vol.12 Ch.130 A Scary Dream Vol.13 Ch.131 Why..?! Vol.13 Ch.132 Pet Loss Vol.13 Ch.133 No Dog Talk Vol.13 Ch.134 Thank You Vol.13 Ch.135 Powerless Vol.13 Ch.136 A New Partner Vol.13 Ch.137 Goodbye, Czerny-chan Vol.13 Ch.138 Let's Make a Photo Book Vol.13 Ch.139 Voice-over Go! Vol.13 Ch.140 More Than Friends Vol.13 Ch.141 Let's Go on a Trip with Our Doggies Vol.14 Ch.142 Unexpected Guest Vol.14 Ch.143 A Pro Water Rescuer, But... Vol.14 Ch.144 When I Was Young Vol.14 Ch.145 Don't Tell Suguri Vol.14 Ch.146 I Want Babies! Vol.14 Ch.147 Lupin's Bride?! Vol.14 Ch.148 Assignment Vol.14 Ch.149 Hinomaru-kun Vol.14 Ch.150 Operation Find A Foster Home! Vol.14 Ch.151 Foster Home Candidate Vol.14 Ch.151.5 Story of Little Lupin Thief Dog Goes Wild! Vol.15 Ch.021 Vol.15 Ch.022 Vol.15 Ch.023 Vol.15 Ch.024 Vol.15 Ch.025 Vol.15 Ch.026 Vol.15 Ch.027 Vol.15 Ch.028 Vol.15 Ch.029 Vol.15 Ch.030 Vol.15 Ch.032 Vol.15 Ch.033 Vol.15 Ch.034 Vol.15 Ch.035 Vol.15 Ch.036 Vol.15 Ch.037 Vol.15 Ch.038 Vol.15 Ch.039 Vol.15 Ch.040 Vol.15 Ch.041 Vol.15 Ch.151.1 Vol.15 Ch.152 Hinomaru's Destiny Vol.15 Ch.153 Hinomaru's Family (Tentative) Vol.15 Ch.154 Time's Up for the Foster Home Search Vol.15 Ch.155 Ten Promises to Your Dog Vol.15 Ch.156 Kinda like a Date Vol.15 Ch.157 Going Home to Visit Mom Vol.15 Ch.158 An Emotional Reunion?! Vol.15 Ch.159 Cheer Up, Father... Vol.15 Ch.160 The Truth After 14 Years Vol.15 Ch.161 The Eyes Say Just as Much as the Mouth?! Vol.15 Ch.162 Proposal After 14 Years?! Vol.15 Ch.163 Vol.15 Ch.164 Vol.15 Ch.165 Vol.15 Ch.166 Vol.15 Ch.167 Vol.15 Ch.168 Vol.15 Ch.169 Vol.15 Ch.170 Vol.15 Ch.171 Vol.15 Ch.172 Serina Wants a Baby Soon! Vol.15 Ch.173 Serina Never Wanted to be a Dog Mom! Vol.15 Ch.174 Serina The Primadonna Vol.15 Ch.175 Will Serina Take Milk Back? Vol.15 Ch.176 Vol.15 Ch.177 Vol.15 Ch.178 Vol.15 Ch.179 Vol.15 Ch.180 Vol.15 Ch.181 Vol.15 Ch.182 Vol.15 Ch.183
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