Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Ch.196.9 Special Thank You

Ch.001 Let's Ask Her Out! Ch.002 Let's follow Her! Ch.003 Let's Eat Lunch! Ch.004 Let's Visit a Sick Person! Ch.005 Let's Listen to the Class Earnestly! Ch.006 Let's Compare the Heights! Ch.007 Let's All Forget this! Ch.007.5 Omake Ch.008 Let's Find a Solution to Her Tanning Problem! Ch.009 Let's think about his childhood friend! v.1 Ch.010 Let's go to an Amusement park! Ch.011 The Wolfman Is Coming to Visit!! Ch.012 A Wolfwoman has come! Ch.013 Let's Calm Down! Ch.014 Let's make Curry! Ch.015 Let's Verify it! Ch.016 Let's become an Adult! Ch.016.5 Omake Ch.017 Let us form a contract of friendship! Ch.018 Let's learn how to swim! Ch.019 I'm gonna be able to swim! Ch.020 Let's go on a test of courage! Ch.021 Let's Worry! Ch.022 Let's talk like men! Ch.023 Let's go to a cake buffet! Ch.024 Let's find the glasses! Ch.025 Let's become feminine! Ch.025.5 Omake Ch.026 Just Accept It! Ch.027 It's Wrong! Ch.028 Let's Go Grab 'Em Limited Editions! Ch.029 Let's Ride the Brand New Car! Ch.030 Get to Know Father! Ch.031 Sleep over at the Shirigami House Ch.032 Stay Over at Shiragami's House! Ch.033 See you! Ch.034 Let's Fix that Misunderstanding! Ch.034.5 Omake Ch.035 Let's Talk About the Future Ch.036 Let's Confront! Ch.037 Let's Join in on Sports Day Ch.038 Let's Go for the MVP Ch.039 Let's Go for the MVP 2 Ch.040 Let's investigate the Seven Mysteries! Ch.041 Let's think about whether this is the future or not! Ch.042 Let’s face it properly!! Ch.043 Let's make a decision! Ch.043.5 Omake Ch.044 Let's go attend Cooking class! Ch.045 Let's support them!! Ch.046 Let's stop the confession! Ch.047 Let's go confess! Ch.048 Let's Woo Someone! Ch.049 Let's worry in the right way! Ch.050 Let's Support them this time! Ch.051 Let's save Earth! Ch.052 Let's go to Rin's House! (Underdog Scans) Ch.052.5 Omake Ch.053 Let's go meet your admired person! Ch.054 Let's have a Snow Battle! Ch.055 We're Lost! Ch.056 Let's visit the sick! Ch.057 Let's make him nosebleed! Ch.058 Let's spend the new year with the Shiragamis'! Ch.059 Let's grant wishes! Ch.060 Let's let a demon play around with us! Ch.061 Let's Reminisce Ch.061.5 Extra Ch.062 Let's Play with An Angel's Feathers! Ch.063 Let's celebrate a birthday! Ch.064 Let's get out of a slump! Ch.065 Let's be mistaken! Ch.066 Let's Decieve! Ch.067 Let's do some courting! Ch.068 Let's figure out our friends' love lives! Ch.069 Let's Produce A Date Ch.070 Let's give an answer! Ch.070.5 Extra Ch.071 Let's give an answer!! Ch.072 Let's encourage! Ch.073 Let's Go to Maid Cafe! Ch.074 Let's compete! Ch.075 Let's Go On the School Trip Ch.076 Let's Enjoy the School Trip Ch.077 Let's Surpass the Charismatic Pervert! Ch.078 "Let's Go to the Tropics!" Ch.079 Operation Confession! Ch.079.5 Omake Ch.080 Let's Convey our Feelings! Ch.081 Let's try to stop him! Ch.082 Let's make her spit it out! Ch.083 Let's solve the missunderstanding! Ch.084 Let's cheer him up! Ch.085 Let's tell her! Ch.086 Let's confess! Ch.087 Let's Talk Openly! Ch.088 Let's watch the president work! Ch.088.5 Omake Ch.089 Let's polish ourselves! Ch.090 Let's Say Good Bye! Ch.091 Let's Go Flower Viewing! Ch.092 Let's become seniors! Ch.093 Let's keep up the act! Ch.094 Let's keep up the act!! Ch.095 Let's have a family discussion! Ch.096 Let's take back what we said! Ch.097 Let's show our gratitude! Ch.097.1 Omake Ch.098 Let's play dodgeball! Ch.099 Let's talk like usual! Ch.100 Let's go on a date! Ch.101 Let's go on a date!! Ch.102 Let's listen to the students' concerns! Ch.103 Let's train! Ch.104 Let's do an interview! Ch.105 Let's fall in love! Ch.106 Let's be chased by two crazy girls! Ch.106.5 Omake Ch.107 Let's see the dentist! Ch.108 Ch.109 Let's take back our pride! Ch.110 Let's think about our future! Ch.111 Let's become a superhero! Ch.112 Let's play videogames! Ch.113 Let's panic! Ch.114 Let's study! Ch.115 Let's fret! Ch.115.5 Omake Ch.115.9 SPECIAL Ch.116 Let's make curry! Ch.117 Let's become a teacher! Ch.118 Let's confirm it!/Omake 13 Ch.119 Let's ask for advice! Ch.120 Let's ask for advice!! Ch.121 Let's eat some Nagashi Soumen! Ch.122 Let's catch rhinoceros beetles! Ch.123 Let's charm someone! Ch.124 Let's change the future! Ch.124.5 Omake Ch.125 Shishido Shiho① Ch.126 Shishido Shihoâ‘¡ Ch.127 Shishido Shihoâ‘¢ Ch.128 Shishido Shihoâ‘£ Ch.129 Let's watch a hero show! Ch.130 Let's go to the sea! Ch.131 Let's go to the sea!! Ch.132 Let's learn the truth! Ch.133 Let's seduce someone! Ch.133.5 Omake Ch.134 Let's worry!! Ch.135 Let's catch a good deal! Ch.136 Let's keep our promise! Ch.137 Let's prove them wrong! Ch.138 Let's not have any regrets! Ch.139 Koumoto-Sensei and Sakurada-Sanâ‘  Ch.140 Koumoto-Sensei and Sakurada-Sanâ‘¡ Ch.141 Koumoto-Sensei and Sakurada-Sanâ‘¢ Ch.142 Koumoto-Sensei and Sakurada-Sanâ‘£ Ch.142.5 Omake Ch.143 Let's get Koumoto-Sensei Back! Ch.144 Let's get along with our classmates! Ch.145 Akemi Mikan and Kuromine Asahi Ch.146 Okada Kanade and Akemi Mikanâ‘  LQ Ch.147 Okada Kanade and Akemi Mikanâ‘¡ LQ Ch.148 Okada Kanade and Akemi Mikanâ‘¢ LQ Ch.149 Okada Kanade and Akemi Mikanâ‘£ LQ Ch.150 Kuromine Asahi, Okada Kanade, and Akemi Mikan Ch.151 Let's bake sweet potatoes! Ch.151.5 Omake Ch.152 Let's suck blood! Ch.153 Koumoto Akane Ch.154 Let's ease the pain!! Ch.155 Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa① Ch.156 Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa② Ch.157 Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa③ LQ Ch.158 Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa④ Ch.159 Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa⑤ Ch.160 Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa⑥ Ch.160.5 Omake Ch.161 Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa⑦ Ch.162 Let's meet again! Ch.163 Ch.164 Let's be pursued! Ch.165 Let's be devils! LQ Ch.166 Let's be self-conscious! LQ Ch.167 Let's find a present! LQ Ch.168 Let's celebrate a birthday!! LQ Ch.169 Let's promise! LQ Ch.169.5 Omake Ch.170 [Title Redacted] Ch.171 Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Ch.172 Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Ch.173 Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Ch.174 Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Ch.175 Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Ch.176 Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Ch.177 Ch.178 THis TIme... LQ Ch.178.5 Omake Ch.179 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi? LQ Ch.180 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi? LQ Ch.181 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi③ LQ Ch.182 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi? LQ Ch.183 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi? LQ Ch.184 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi? LQ Ch.185 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi? LQ Ch.186 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi? LQ Ch.187 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi? LQ Ch.187.5 Omake Ch.188 Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi? LQ Ch.189 The Truth Is, I... Ch.190 Let's have a christmas party! Ch.191 Let's return to the future! LQ Ch.192 Let's watch the first sunrise! LQ Ch.193 Ch.194 Ch.195 Let's Graduate!! Ch.196 Let's graduate!!! (End) Ch.196.5 Omake Ch.196.9 Special Thank You
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