Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru

Vol.17 Ch.313 GENESIS Opening

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Masked Karate Killer Vol.01 Ch.002 Joining the Karate Club Vol.01 Ch.003 Versus Judo Yakuza 1 Vol.01 Ch.004 Versus Judo Yakuza 2 Vol.01 Ch.005 Karate Bar Vol.01 Ch.006 Mini Skirt Tae Kwan Do Vol.01 Ch.007 Versus Tae Kwan Do Giant 1 Vol.01 Ch.008 Versus Tae Kwan Do Giant 2 Vol.01 Ch.009 First Experience with Proper Training Vol.02 Ch.010 The Hyakubukai Trial Vol.02 Ch.011 The Karate-Do Club and the Second Karate Club Vol.02 Ch.012 Kando Club´s Vice Captain Attacks Vol.02 Ch.013 Kohinata Minoru Counterattacks Vol.02 Ch.014 The Kendo Culb Captain Comes Vol.02 Ch.015 Brothers Fighting in the Rain Vol.02 Ch.016 Kohinata Minoru's Declaration Of War Vol.02 Ch.017 Kohinata Minoru's Training Announcement Vol.02 Ch.018 Crash Course, Bloody Makiwara Vol.02 Ch.019 early morning fight practice Vol.02 Ch.020 playing with fire. a face off with mutou! Vol.03 Ch.021 The Day of the Match Vol.03 Ch.022 Versus the Kendo Club Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.023 Versus the Kendo Club Part 2 Vol.03 Ch.024 Versus the Kendo Club Part 3 Vol.03 Ch.025 Versus the Kendo Club Part 4 Vol.03 Ch.026 Conclusion Vol.03 Ch.027 Real Sword Fight, Mutou Vs Mamiya Vol.03 Ch.028 Ishu Shiai, Naginata Vs Kendo Vol.03 Ch.029 Compromise Vol.03 Ch.030 Promotion Exam Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.031 Promotion Examination Part 2 Vol.04 Ch.032 Pervert Vale Tudo Part I Vol.04 Ch.033 Pervert Vale Tudo Part II Vol.04 Ch.034 Pervert Vale Tudo Part III Vol.04 Ch.035 Pervert Masked Man Part 1 Vol.04 Ch.036 Pervert Masked Man Part 2 Vol.04 Ch.037 Pervert Masked Man Part 3 Vol.04 Ch.038 Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Vol.04 Ch.039 Showdown! Mutou vs Pedro Part 1 Vol.04 Ch.040 Showdown! Mutou vs Pedro Part 2 Vol.04 Ch.041 The Birthplace of Karate Vol.04 Ch.042 Disembarkation on Ryukyu Vol.05 Ch.043 The Melancholy of Hayama Vol.05 Ch.044 The Legendary Master Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.045 The Legendary Master Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.046 Modern Karate vs Ryukyuan Karate Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.047 Modern Karate vs Ryukyuan Karate Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.048 Haruka-san has Arrived Vol.05 Ch.049 The Incident at Shuri Castle Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.050 The Incident at Shure Castle Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.051 Kata and Real Combat Vol.05 Ch.052 The Beach Couple Vol.05 Ch.053 Final Practice at the Okinawan Training Camp Vol.06 Ch.054 Pedro's Night of Passion Vol.06 Ch.055 The Search for the Offender at Akamine's Vol.06 Ch.056 Dangerous Eileen Vol.06 Ch.057 The Underground Fight Club Vol.06 Ch.058 Kohi the Karate Kid Vol.06 Ch.059 Blood Stained Karate Spirit Vol.06 Ch.060 Death Matchi Kevin Kohinata (Part 1) Vol.06 Ch.061 Death Match! Kevin Vs. Kohinata 2 Vol.06 Ch.062 Death Match! Kevin Vs. Kohinata (part 3) Vol.06 Ch.063 Death Match! Kevin Vs. Kohinata (part 4) Vol.06 Ch.064 Intent to Kill Vol.07 Ch.065 Trauma Vol.07 Ch.066 Farewell, Okinawa Vol.07 Ch.067 Enter the Ninja Vol.07 Ch.068 One Member Ninjutsu Club Vol.07 Ch.069 Kasumi Saizou's Secret Vol.07 Ch.070 Shinobi's Killing Intent Vol.07 Ch.071 Ninja Assassin Vol.07 Ch.072 Armed Battle! Karate vs. Ninja Part 1 Vol.07 Ch.073 Armed Battle! Karate vs. Ninja Part 2 Vol.07 Ch.074 Captain's Determination Vol.07 Ch.075 The Night Before the Preliminary Round Vol.08 Ch.076 Ryuu Oosugi Vol.08 Ch.077 The First Battle Vol.08 Ch.078 An Action Star's Real Strength Vol.08 Ch.079 Mamiya's Weakness Vol.08 Ch.080 Champion Candidate Teranishi Takafumi Vol.08 Ch.081 The Sworn Way of Karate Vol.08 Ch.082 A Terrifying Blow Vol.08 Ch.083 The Soul of a Wild Beast Transmitted Vol.08 Ch.084 The Winner and the Loser Vol.08 Ch.085 The Semifinal's Hidden Agenda Vol.08 Ch.086 The Director's Plot Vol.09 Ch.087 Genius Martial Artist's Blood Vol.09 Ch.088 The Legendary Stance vs. the Spinning Elbow Vol.09 Ch.089 The Blazing Final Fight (1) Vol.09 Ch.090 The Blazing Final Fight (2) Vol.09 Ch.091 The Blazing Final Fight (3) Vol.09 Ch.092 The Blazing Final Fight (4) Vol.09 Ch.093 Get Drunk on the Sweet Sake of Victory Vol.09 Ch.094 The Night of Passionate Youths Vol.09 Ch.095 Challenge to the Middle Weight Champion Vol.09 Ch.096 Ibuki Raving Mad Vol.10 Ch.097 The Man Who Beat Back a Beast Vol.10 Ch.098 The Truth About Karate-ka Ibuki Satoru (1) Vol.10 Ch.099 The Truth About Karate-ka Ibuki Satoru (2) Vol.10 Ch.100 As A Karate-ka Vol.10 Ch.101 Ibuki Kengo vs Kohinata Minoru (1) Vol.10 Ch.102 Ibuki Kengo vs Kohinata Minoru (2) Vol.10 Ch.103 Ibuki Kengo vs Kohinata Minoru (3) Vol.10 Ch.104 Ibuki Kengo vs Kohinata Minoru (4) Vol.10 Ch.105 Ibuki Kengo vs Kohinata Minoru (5) Vol.10 Ch.106 Counterattack Vol.10 Ch.107 Out of the Club Vol.10 Ch.108 The Road Towards Becoming a Pro Vol.10 Ch.109 The Strongest Assassin Vol.10 Ch.110 The Strongest Karate-ka in Japan Vol.10 Ch.111 The Pressure of the National Tournament Vol.10 Ch.112 All Fighters Gather Vol.10 Ch.113 The Real Strenth of Last Year's Champion Vol.10 Ch.114 The Nationals of the Rival Warlords Vol.10 Ch.115 Bruised Man with the Face of Terror (1) Vol.10 Ch.116 Bruised Man with the Face of Terror (2) Vol.10 Ch.117 First Match of the Open Weight Class Vol.10 Ch.118 The Center of Attention Karate vs Sumo Vol.10 Ch.119 Bubudai Captain's Sorrowful Determination Vol.10 Ch.120 The Results of Training in the Mountains Vol.12 Ch.121 Meeting Japan's Strongest Vol.12 Ch.122 The Trump Card Vol.12 Ch.123 Karate Girl Haruka's Blighted Love Vol.12 Ch.124 Clash!! Hamada vs Ryuu (1) Vol.12 Ch.125 Clash!! Hamada vs Ryuu (2) Vol.12 Ch.126 Undefeated Child Prodigy Vol.12 Ch.127 Kohinata vs VT Karate (1) Vol.12 Ch.128 Kohinata vs VT Karate (2) Vol.12 Ch.129 The Man to Stir Up the Open Weight Class Vol.12 Ch.130 Captain Minami's Monster Hunt Vol.12 Ch.131 Monster Bertrand's Weakness Vol.12 Ch.132 The Disappeared Mushroom Power Vol.12 Ch.133 Enraged Bertrand Vol.12 Ch.134 Captain's Soul Shall Not Die Vol.12 Ch.135 The Time a Man Wagers His Fists Vol.12 Ch.136 Fresh Blood Semi-Final (1) Vol.12 Ch.137 Fresh Blood Semi-Final (2) Vol.12 Ch.138 Fresh Blood Semi-Final (3) Vol.12 Ch.139 Fresh Blood Semi-Final (4) Vol.12 Ch.140 Fresh Blood Semi-Final (5) Vol.12 Ch.141 The Answer Is in the Chudan Zuki Vol.13 Ch.142 Both Rivals Determination in One Blow Vol.14 Ch.143 The Man to Surpass Mutou Vol.14 Ch.144 For Whom the Fist Is Clenched Vol.14 Ch.145 The Former Champion's Spirit Vol.14 Ch.146 Old Soldier's Parting Gift Vol.14 Ch.147 Now to the Stage of the Final Vol.14 Ch.148 Champion vs Green Belt (1) Vol.14 Ch.149 Champion vs Green Belt (2) Vol.14 Ch.150 Champion vs Green Belt (3) Vol.14 Ch.151 Kohinata Minoru's Weakness Vol.14 Ch.152 Tenacious Punching Match Vol.14 Ch.153 The Light Weight Final Match Is Concluded Vol.14 Ch.154 The Enthusiasm for the Final Fight Vol.14 Ch.155 Japan's Strongest Showdown (1) Vol.14 Ch.156 Japan's Strongest Showdown (2) Vol.14 Ch.157 Japan's Strongest Showdown (3) Vol.14 Ch.158 Japan's Strongest Showdown (4) Vol.14 Ch.159 Japan's Strongest Showdown (5) Vol.14 Ch.160 Japan's Strongest Showdown (6) Vol.14 Ch.161 Awakened Satomi Vol.15 Ch.162 The One Who Remains Standing To the End Vol.16 Ch.163 The Conclusion of the Punching Match Vol.16 Ch.164 After the Party Vol.16 Ch.165 The Karate Club Adrift Vol.16 Ch.166 Kaburagi-ryu Karate Reborn Vol.16 Ch.167 Not All Quiet On the Employment Front (1) Vol.16 Ch.168 Not All Quiet On the Employment Front (2) Vol.16 Ch.169 Not All Quiet On the Employment Front (3) Vol.16 Ch.170 Combat Porn Actor Rebellion Vol.16 Ch.171 Game of Karate and the Big Boss Vol.16 Ch.172 Generation Change Vol.16 Ch.173 VT Karate Tournament Vol.17 Ch.174 Fated Opponent Vol.17 Ch.175 Ibuki Comes Home Vol.17 Ch.176 The Evil Karate Practitioners of Shiryu-kan Vol.17 Ch.177 The Wall Before MMA Vol.17 Ch.178 The Eve's Night of Passion Vol.17 Ch.179 Karate Shoukoushi vs. Muay Thai Boy (1) Vol.17 Ch.180 Karate Shoukoushi vs. Muay Thai Boy (2) Vol.17 Ch.181 That Man's Teacher Vol.17 Ch.182 One Week Before the Tournament Vol.17 Ch.183 Reunion With a Battle Friend Vol.17 Ch.184 Just Before the Decisive Match Vol.17 Ch.185 TEAM Reinan Deploys Vol.17 Ch.186 The Fight with 26 cm Difference Vol.17 Ch.187 Heated Battle! Imai vs Mamiya (1) Vol.17 Ch.188 Heated Battle! Imai vs Mamiya (2) Vol.17 Ch.189 Heated Battle! Imai vs Mamiya (3) Vol.17 Ch.190 Secret Sword Night Mist Revealed Vol.17 Ch.191 Useless Tenacious Resistance Vol.17 Ch.192 Hayama's Debut Fight (1) Vol.17 Ch.193 Hayama's Debut Fight (2) Vol.17 Ch.194 The Scream of Someone Close Vol.17 Ch.195 Aim for the Counter Vol.17 Ch.196 Awakened Talent Vol.17 Ch.197 The Mastery of Tachibana Special Vol.17 Ch.198 Shiryuukan's Secret Boss Vol.17 Ch.199 Fight Without Eye Contact Vol.17 Ch.200 New Star vs Brazilian Ninja Vol.17 Ch.201 The Strength of a Genius Jiu-Jitsu-ka Vol.17 Ch.202 Foreign Shinobi Successor Vol.17 Ch.203 What the Ninjas Fight Over Vol.17 Ch.204 Bloody Battle! Japan vs Brazil Ninja Showdown (1) Vol.17 Ch.205 Bloody Battle! Japan vs Brazil Ninja Showdown (2) Vol.17 Ch.206 Death-Resigned Final Mystery Vol.17 Ch.207 The Illusionary Taishou Fight Vol.17 Ch.208 The Fated Taishou Fight (1) Vol.17 Ch.209 The Fated Taishou Fight (2) Vol.17 Ch.210 The Fated Taishou Fight (3) Vol.17 Ch.211 The Fated Taishou Fight (4) Vol.17 Ch.212 The Reason for That Difference Vol.17 Ch.213 Victory That Is Exceptional Vol.17 Ch.214 A Ramen Chef and a Champion Vol.17 Ch.215 Minami's Pro Debut Fight Vol.17 Ch.216 Impregnable Defense Vol.17 Ch.217 Karateka's Gedan Vol.17 Ch.218 The Leg That Spans the Rainbow Vol.17 Ch.219 Crumbling Fortress Vol.17 Ch.220 Wondrous Gedan Vol.17 Ch.221 Fierce Attack In The Final Round Vol.17 Ch.222 While in Severe Pain Vol.17 Ch.223 At the End of the Death Fight Vol.17 Ch.224 Gains From Fighting Vol.17 Ch.225 European Champion vs Ex Muay Thai Champion Vol.17 Ch.226 In Order to Aim for the Top Vol.17 Ch.227 Blazing Send-off Party Vol.17 Ch.228 Promotion Exam (1) Vol.17 Ch.229 Promotion Exam (2) Vol.17 Ch.230 Promotion Exam (3) Vol.17 Ch.231 Promotion Exam (4) Vol.17 Ch.232 Promotion Exam (5) Vol.17 Ch.233 Soul of a Karate-ka Vol.17 Ch.234 Kohinata's Karate Vol.17 Ch.235 The Beast Makes His Move Vol.17 Ch.236 Beast Enters the Fray Vol.17 Ch.237 Earning the Black Belt Vol.17 Ch.238 Open Sparring Vol.17 Ch.239 New Star of Karate World Vol.17 Ch.240 New Members Wanted Vol.17 Ch.241 Invitation from the Big League Vol.17 Ch.242 Captain Mamiya's Zeal Vol.17 Ch.243 Hard Gay vs Blondie Vol.17 Ch.244 Feelings For Blondes Vol.17 Ch.245 Toward the Fight Vol.17 Ch.246 The Place You Belong Vol.17 Ch.247 Rulers Yet Unknown Vol.17 Ch.248 Learn From Hamada Vol.17 Ch.249 The Stern 9-Time Champion Vol.17 Ch.250 Drinking and Karate and A Man and a Woman Vol.17 Ch.251 Martial Arts Catch Phrase Vol.17 Ch.252 Admonishment Right Before the Fight Vol.17 Ch.253 Kohinata's Jitters Vol.17 Ch.254 The Battle of Dominators(fixed) Vol.17 Ch.255 Enter Karate Shoukoushi Vol.17 Ch.256 Furious Shoukoushi Vol.17 Ch.257 A Big Upset Close at Hand Vol.17 Ch.258 The Cowed Tiger Vol.17 Ch.259 Champion's Technique Vol.17 Ch.260 Baptism by Elbow Vol.17 Ch.261 Total Inferiority Vol.17 Ch.262 To the Limit of Your Strength Vol.17 Ch.263 Calm and Composed Final Round Vol.17 Ch.264 The Final Wager Vol.17 Ch.265 Entreaty to God Vol.17 Ch.266 The Meaning of Defeat Vol.17 Ch.267 The Link Between Warriors Vol.17 Ch.268 Two Champions Face Off Vol.17 Ch.269 Right and Right Vol.17 Ch.270 Aniya's Teachings Vol.17 Ch.271 The World of Super Heavyweights Vol.17 Ch.272 Cut in Two Vol.17 Ch.273 Blood Spattered Debut Vol.17 Ch.274 Against the Backdrop of the Big Stage Vol.17 Ch.275 The Karate Shoukoushi Effect Vol.17 Ch.276 The New Powers Vol.17 Ch.277 Karate vs. Yankee (Fixed) Vol.17 Ch.278 The Road to Ami For Vol.17 Ch.279 The Men at the Top Vol.17 Ch.280 All Out! Hamada vs Ibuki Vol.17 Ch.281 Spicy Finishing Move Vol.17 Ch.282 Cool Martial Artist Blues Vol.17 Ch.283 Tomb Front Oath Vol.17 Ch.284 The Fight to Determine Japan's New Ace Vol.17 Ch.285 A Lesson in Tenacity Vol.17 Ch.286 Showdown at the Top Vol.17 Ch.287 Confirming Who's Champion Vol.17 Ch.288 Preparing for the Heat Vol.17 Ch.289 Hence a Strong Man Vol.17 Ch.290 Amends to the Deceased Vol.17 Ch.291 Narrowing the Distance Vol.17 Ch.292 The Truth behind Shrimp Chili Vol.17 Ch.293 To the Top Vol.17 Ch.294 Humiliation Vol.17 Ch.295 All Alone in the Ring Vol.17 Ch.296 Feelings That Won't Die Vol.17 Ch.297 Retirement Fight Vol.17 Ch.298 Die to Live Vol.17 Ch.299 New Power Rises Vol.17 Ch.300 Okinawa Again Vol.17 Ch.301 Separation Vol.17 Ch.302 Grasp the Truth Vol.17 Ch.303 Speak of Minami Vol.17 Ch.304 Mistake Vol.17 Ch.305 Dream Chaser Vol.17 Ch.306 The Top Candidate to Win Vol.17 Ch.307 The Founder's Teachings Vol.17 Ch.308 Teacher and Student Meeting Vol.17 Ch.309 Mai Penrai's Special Training Vol.17 Ch.310 Dark Horse Vol.17 Ch.311 First Match Opponent Vol.17 Ch.312 Ferocious Training on the Eve Vol.17 Ch.313 GENESIS Opening Vol.17 Ch.314 The First Fight of the Tournament Vol.17 Ch.315 Taciturn Landmine Expert Vol.17 Ch.316 Landmine Explosion Vol.17 Ch.317 Across the Minefield Vol.17 Ch.318 The Signal to Counterattack Vol.17 Ch.319 Ojima's True Nature Vol.17 Ch.320 Unwavering Spirit Vol.17 Ch.321 As a Kickboxer Vol.17 Ch.322 The End of the Exchange Vol.17 Ch.323 Pro Wrestling vs Kickboxing Vol.17 Ch.324 Enter the Favorite Vol.17 Ch.325 The Mongol Invasion Vol.17 Ch.326 Good Field of View Vol.17 Ch.327 What One Must Do Vol.17 Ch.328 Abruptly Changed Squinty Eyes Vol.17 Ch.329 The Strategy Unfolds Vol.17 Ch.330 Elbow and Blood Vol.17 Ch.331 The Theory of Bleeding Vol.32 Ch.033 Vol.32 Ch.332 Divine Wind Has Come Vol.32 Ch.333 A Hero Is Born Vol.32 Ch.334 Shinobi's Investigation Vol.32 Ch.335 Pro Wrestling Fool Vol.32 Ch.336 The Outstanding Talent That Got Away Vol.32 Ch.337 Pro Wrestling Style Vol.32 Ch.338 Provocative Lock-up Vol.32 Ch.339 The Shocking Gedan Vol.32 Ch.340 Infuriated Shoukoushi Vol.32 Ch.341 Pro Wrestling Hero Vol.32 Ch.342 Breaking Heart Vol.32 Ch.343 One Remaining Attack Vol.32 Ch.344 The Final Wager Vol.32 Ch.345 Critical Hit Vol.32 Ch.346 The Backing For Victory Vol.32 Ch.347 Showdown Between Secret Weapons Vol.32 Ch.348 The One To Inherit K.O.S. Vol.32 Ch.349 The Maid Plan Vol.32 Ch.350 Mosquito That Floats in the Ring Vol.32 Ch.351 Puzzled Mosquito Vol.32 Ch.352 More Than a Butterfly, More Than a Bee Vol.32 Ch.353 The One To Inherit Clumsiness Vol.32 Ch.354 Karate-do of Memory Vol.32 Ch.355 Countdown Vol.32 Ch.356 The Plan is Executed Vol.32 Ch.357 The Lost Kick Vol.32 Ch.358 Secrets Of The Art To The Rescue Vol.32 Ch.359 The Rock That Won't Collapse Vol.32 Ch.360 Match at the Limit Vol.32 Ch.361 Resolve to Die Vol.32 Ch.362 Iai Draw Vol.32 Ch.363 The Elbow To The Final Vol.32 Ch.364 Same School Showdown Vol.32 Ch.365 The Troubled Cheering Squad Vol.32 Ch.366 The Attractive and the Plain Vol.32 Ch.367 To the Promised Place Vol.32 Ch.368 Minami's True Strength Vol.32 Ch.369 The Man Who Knows Kohinata Vol.32 Ch.370 Shoukoushi Who Can't Jump Vol.32 Ch.371 The Way Forward to a Counterattack Vol.32 Ch.372 The Unknown Field of View Vol.32 Ch.373 Shadow Clone Technique Vol.32 Ch.374 The Fraying Strings Vol.32 Ch.375 Drawn Out Resolve Vol.32 Ch.376 What Remains Vol.32 Ch.377 The Extent Of Strength Vol.32 Ch.378 Down Vol.32 Ch.379 The Winner And The Loser Vol.32 Ch.380 The Next Step Vol.32 Ch.381 Strategy Meeting Vol.32 Ch.382 Minami's Decision Vol.32 Ch.383 The Tallest Mountain Vol.32 Ch.384 Fighter and Trainer Vol.32 Ch.385 The Wall Before Opening the Dojo Vol.32 Ch.386 Pushing Forwards Vol.32 Ch.387 Ibuki's Growth Vol.32 Ch.388 Takahashi's Pride Vol.32 Ch.389 World Tournament Opening Vol.32 Ch.390 Certain Kill Vol.32 Ch.391 Ripped Vol.32 Ch.392 Special Menu Vol.32 Ch.393 Main Event Vol.32 Ch.394 Guerilla Warfare Vol.32 Ch.395 Strategy Vol.32 Ch.396 Blooshed Vol.32 Ch.397 The Champion's True Nature Vol.32 Ch.398 The Sneering Champion Vol.32 Ch.399 The Trump Card Vol.32 Ch.400 On the Eve of the Dojo Opening Vol.32 Ch.401 Sparring With Not A Step Back Vol.32 Ch.402 A New Player Plots in Secret Vol.32 Ch.403 About The Future Vol.32 Ch.404 Show That You're a Man Vol.32 Ch.405 Promise Vol.32 Ch.406 Kohinata's Next Opponent Vol.32 Ch.407 Temptation from the Devil Vol.32 Ch.408 Suspicion Vol.32 Ch.409 The Target of the Conspiracy Vol.32 Ch.410 Fighters Challenge Vol.32 Ch.411 To the Comeback Ring Vol.32 Ch.412 Ex-Champion's Body Vol.32 Ch.413 Copy Tactics Vol.32 Ch.414 The True Meaning of the Imitation Vol.32 Ch.415 Turbulent Atmosphere Vol.32 Ch.416 Kohinata Clone Vol.32 Ch.417 Underhanded Poison Fang Vol.32 Ch.418 Gloating Pig Vol.32 Ch.419 Wild Beast Released Vol.32 Ch.420 Inside the Flow Vol.32 Ch.421 Fixation on Victory Vol.32 Ch.422 The Devil's Fist Vol.32 Ch.423 The Righteous Fist Vol.32 Ch.424 The Talent Has Blossomed Vol.32 Ch.425 The Clash of Wills Vol.32 Ch.426 Transmit the Fighting Spirit Vol.32 Ch.427 The Man Called Ogata Tomoharu Vol.32 Ch.428 The Unshakeable Tiger Vol.32 Ch.429 The Champion's Style Vol.32 Ch.430 Premonition of a Fierce Battle Vol.32 Ch.431 A Day in the Life of a Certain Martial Artist Vol.32 Ch.432 The Black Ship Invasion Vol.32 Ch.433 The Decisive Battle Commences Vol.32 Ch.434 The Haughty Man Vol.32 Ch.435 MMA Fighter Vol.32 Ch.436 Lights Out Vol.32 Ch.437 The Inextinguishable Flame Vol.32 Ch.438 The Strategist's Advice Vol.32 Ch.439 Perry's Tell Vol.32 Ch.440 Attrition Tactic Vol.32 Ch.441 Minami's Sacrifice Move Vol.32 Ch.442 A Momentary Path to Victory Vol.32 Ch.443 The Man Who Won't Run Vol.32 Ch.444 The Unaccustomed Color Vol.32 Ch.445 Vol.32 Ch.446 Vol.45 Ch.447 The True... Vol.45 Ch.448 No Regrets Vol.45 Ch.449 I'll Surpass Him Vol.45 Ch.450 Vol.45 Ch.451 Vol.45 Ch.452 Vol.45 Ch.453 Vol.45 Ch.454 Vol.45 Ch.455 Vol.45 Ch.456 Vol.45 Ch.457 Vol.45 Ch.459 Vol.45 Ch.460 Vol.45 Ch.461 Vol.45 Ch.462 Vol.45 Ch.463 Vol.45 Ch.464 Vol.45 Ch.465 Vol.45 Ch.466 Vol.45 Ch.468 Vol.45 Ch.469 Vol.45 Ch.470 Vol.45 Ch.471 Vol.45 Ch.472 Vol.45 Ch.473 Vol.45 Ch.474 Vol.45 Ch.475 Vol.45 Ch.476 Vol.45 Ch.477 Vol.45 Ch.478 Vol.45 Ch.479 Vol.45 Ch.480 Vol.45 Ch.481 Vol.45 Ch.482 Vol.45 Ch.483 Vol.45 Ch.484 Vol.45 Ch.485 Vol.45 Ch.486 Vol.45 Ch.487 Not Bad Vol.45 Ch.488 Vol.45 Ch.489 Come Kick Me Vol.45 Ch.490 Vol.45 Ch.491 Vol.45 Ch.492 Vol.45 Ch.493 Vol.45 Ch.494 Vol.45 Ch.495 Confusion Vol.45 Ch.496 Vol.45 Ch.497 Vol.45 Ch.498 Vol.45 Ch.499 Vol.45 Ch.500 Vol.45 Ch.501 Vol.45 Ch.502
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