L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties

Ch.015.1 The Pale Young Man (1)

Ch.001.1 Divine Beginning Ch.001.2 Divine Beginning (2) Ch.001.3 Divine Beginning (3) Ch.002.1 First Encounter (1) Ch.002.2 First Encounter (2) Ch.002.3 First Encounter (3) Ch.003.1 Ch.003.2 Ch.003.3 Ch.003.4 Ch.004 Ch.004.1 A Disciple's Beginning (2) Ch.004.2 A Disciple's Beginning (3) Ch.004.3 A Disciple's Beginning (4) Ch.005 The Disciple's Principle Ch.005.1 The Disciple's Principle (1) Ch.005.2 The Disciple's Principle (2) Ch.005.3 Ch.006 Slaughtering Noble Lord Ch.006.1 Slaughtering Noble Lord (1) Ch.006.2 Slaughtering Noble Lord (2) Ch.007 Bloody Slaughter Ch.007.1 Bloody Slaughter (1) Ch.007.2 Bloody Slaughter (2) Ch.008 Bloody Night Ch.008.1 Bloody Night (1) Ch.008.2 Bloody Night (2) Ch.009 County Owner Ch.009.1 County Owner (1) Ch.009.2 County Owner (2) Ch.009.3 County Owner (3) Ch.010 Grave of Souls Ch.010.1 Grave of Souls (1) Ch.010.2 Grave of Souls (2) Ch.011 Frightened Soul Ch.011.1 Frightened Soul (1) Ch.011.2 Frightened Soul (2) Ch.012 Chess Pieces Ch.012.1 Chess Pieces (1) Ch.012.2 Chess Peices (2) Ch.013 Demon Summoning Ch.013.1 Demon Summoning(1) Ch.013.2 Demon Summoning (2) Ch.014 Ch.014.1 Cracks In A Narrow Road Ch.014.2 Ch.014.3 Ch.014.4 Cracks In A Narrow Road Ch.015 The Pale Young Man Ch.015.1 The Pale Young Man (1) Ch.015.2 Ch.016 Butterfly of Departed Spirit Ch.016.1 Butterfly Of The Departed Spirit Ch.016.2 Ch.017 Ch.017.1 Ch.018 Ch.018.1 Gift (1) Ch.018.2 Ch.019 Ch.019.1 Prequel (1) The Golden Noble Lord (1) Ch.019.2 Heir Ch.019.3 Ch.019.4 Ch.020 Ch.020.1 Ch.021 Ghosts in the Mountains Ch.021.1 Ch.022 Hongyin Ch.022.1 Ch.022.2 Ch.022.3 Ch.023 Ch.023.1 Ch.024 Ch.024.1 Ch.024.2 Ch.024.3 Ch.024.4 Ch.024.5 Ch.024.6 Prequel 2 Apostles of Silver (3) Ch.024.7 Ch.024.8 Ch.024.9 Ch.025 Ch.025.1 Ch.025.2 Ch.025.3 Ch.025.4 Ch.025.5 Ch.025.6 Ch.025.7 Ch.026 Ch.026.1 Ch.026.2 Ch.027 Ch.027.1 Ch.027.2 Ch.027.3 Ch.027.4 Ch.028 Ch.028.1 Ch.029 Ch.029.1 Ch.030 Ch.030.1 Ch.031 Ch.031.1 Ch.032 Ch.032.1 Ch.032.2 Ch.032.3 Ch.032.4 Ch.032.5 Ch.033 Ch.033.1 Ch.033.2 Ch.033.3 Ch.034 Ch.034.1 Ch.034.2 Ch.035
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