Love Lucky

Vol.07 Ch.063 Our brand new start (END)

Vol.01 Ch.001 I Want You To Be "Love Lucky" Vol.01 Ch.002 Don't Make This A Dream ... Vol.01 Ch.003 Goddess of Luck Vol.01 Ch.004 Within Reach ... Vol.01 Ch.005 It's Okay, Right?! Vol.01 Ch.006 Celebration The First Night Vol.01 Ch.007 With You As You Are Now ... Vol.01 Ch.008 "Love Lucky" Together Vol.02 Ch.009 We'll never divorce! Vol.02 Ch.010 Recognize this Marriage!! Vol.02 Ch.011 Heaven and Earth Vol.02 Ch.012 A terrible Date Vol.02 Ch.013 There are various ... celebrities Vol.02 Ch.014 It's always different ... Vol.02 Ch.015 Please continue touching Vol.02 Ch.016 I hate Outsiders!! Vol.02 Ch.017 Ideal Marriage Vol.03 Ch.018 Fuuta's Omiai!? Vol.03 Ch.019 I'm sorry ... Masayo-san. Vol.03 Ch.020 Kirari-chan's Appeal Vol.03 Ch.021 I have a fever .... Vol.03 Ch.022 Qualifications of a Husband Vol.03 Ch.023 Happy Valentine's Day Vol.03 Ch.024 Honeymoon GO! Vol.03 Ch.025 A date in Hawaii Vol.03 Ch.026 A special person Vol.04 Ch.027 Vol.04 Ch.028 Vol.04 Ch.029 Vol.04 Ch.030 Vol.04 Ch.031 Vol.04 Ch.032 If I don't Support Her... Vol.04 Ch.033 Vol.04 Ch.034 A Real Kiss Vol.04 Ch.035 I Thought It'd Be Okay Vol.04 Ch.036 A Younger Girl Is Better, Right? Vol.05 Ch.037 I Was Really Jealous Vol.05 Ch.038 Fuuta's Hometown Vol.05 Ch.039 Not On A Whim! Vol.05 Ch.040 A Shotgun Wedding!? Vol.05 Ch.041 A Sudden Split Up? Vol.05 Ch.042 I Want To Share... Kirari-san's Luck Vol.05 Ch.043 Because You Are My Husband♡ Vol.05 Ch.044 A Date With Erika-san♫ Vol.05 Ch.045 A Happy Feeling♡ Vol.06 Ch.046 Mixer And Banquet Vol.06 Ch.047 100 Paths Of Love Vol.06 Ch.048 Will... You Quit Your Job? Vol.06 Ch.049 The Dream That Never Came True Vol.06 Ch.050 Ryouko's Love <3 Vol.06 Ch.051 Kirari's Father Vol.06 Ch.052 Father-in-Law Panic Vol.06 Ch.053 I Will Make her Happy Vol.06 Ch.054 Being Too Careless is Dangerous! Vol.07 Ch.055 Caught by an entertainment reporter ! Vol.07 Ch.056 If we wait two months... Vol.07 Ch.057 Let me think about it Vol.07 Ch.058 The one year promise Vol.07 Ch.059 Finally, the big reveal ! Vol.07 Ch.060 Who is Kirari-chan's husband ?! Vol.07 Ch.061 Fuuta-san's child ?! Vol.07 Ch.062 The wedding at last <3 <3 Vol.07 Ch.063 Our brand new start (END)
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Love Lucky contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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