Ch.065 Please make us happy, okay? [end]

Ch.001 My Body Has Been Attached to a Goddess Ch.002 Can I Punch You? Ch.003 The Thing about Kissing Ch.004 Too Closely Attached Ch.005 Please Separate Ch.006 We'll Never Separate Again Ch.007 WANT TO TAKE A BATH ? Ch.008 For Yasuke-san Ch.009 I Want You to Gaze upon Me Ch.010 Read Online Ch.011 It's Finally My Turn Ch.012 I Can Do This Because I Like You Ch.013 Please also hold my hand Ch.014 Can't Be Helped to be Exposed Ch.015 Because of Yasuke-san Ch.016 I Want to Be by Orihime's Side Ch.017 There're So Many Soft Things!! Ch.018 I Want to Fall in Love Ch.019 I Also Want to Be Beside You Ch.020 Ugh...I Can't Hold Back Anymore Ch.021 I Will Also Work Ch.022 Because It Won't Do If I'm Not There Ch.023 Ask for More! Ch.024 Do You Like Panties? Ch.025 Seeing things as they really are Ch.026 Indulge me Ch.027 I'll Say It to You Properly Ch.028 Please,Ask Me For Anything Ch.028.5 Read Online Ch.029 Definitely Don't Look Ch.030 He's A Baby Ch.031 I want to become the heroine Ch.032 It's A Make-Up Exam Ch.033 In the unusual atmosphere Ch.034 Having become quite beautiful Ch.035 Forced to Live As A Girl Ch.036 Can We Go On A Date? Ch.037 It must have been since that moment Ch.038 I'm Izanagi Ch.039 May I ask you something? Ch.040 I Want to Be With You Ch.041 I am a god Ch.041.5 It’s a secret! Ch.041.6 Side Story Yasuke's World Ch.042 Please Make Me Your Disciple! Ch.043 I'm Going to Be Akari-san Ch.044 Read Online Ch.045 I Just Did What I Had to Ch.046 Why don't me do something fun? Ch.047 I‘m Gonna Be An Adult Ch.048 I‘m Sorry Ch.049 I Humbly Thank You Ch.050 Getting The Wrong Idea Ch.051 Ch.052 I Will Contect You Ch.053 Just A Gorilla Ch.054 Happy Birthday Ch.055 All Alone From Now On Ch.056 It Seems He's A Girl Ch.057 I'll Make Sure You Have A Good Time Ch.058 I've Always Known Ch.059 Let's Enjoy the Festival! Ch.060 I'm sure they'll be back soon Ch.061 There's Something I Need To Talk To You About Ch.062 It Wasn't An Illusion Ch.063 Pom Poko Poko Pom Pom Poko Pom Ch.064 I Don't Know How Many Years That'll Take... Ch.065 Please make us happy, okay? [end]
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