Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san

Ch.086 When Preparing Dinner

Ch.001 The Cute Kitchen in Kyoto Ch.002 The Caterer is 16 Years Old Ch.003 A Day in the Life of Kiyo-chan Ch.004 Kiyo-chan Goes to the Capital (Part 1) Ch.005 Kiyo-chan Goes to the Capital (Part 2) Ch.006 Going Shopping Ch.007 Homemade Curry Ch.008 Snowy Morning Ch.008.5 Omake Ch.009 Kiyo-chan and Suu-chan Ch.010 A Special Meal For A Special Day Ch.011 Secret Dinner Plan Ch.012 Something For A Sleepless Night Ch.013 My Resolve Ch.014 Watching The Same Snow Ch.015 Morning For A Maiko-in-training Ch.016 What I Want To Eat Ch.017 The Apprentice’s Night Ch.018 Day of the Debut Ch.019 Food for Times of Worry Ch.020 Ticket of Dreams Ch.021 What Day is Today? Ch.022 Bearer of News Ch.023 Christmas in the Kagai Ch.024 New Year's Eve at the Kagai Ch.025 Homecoming, Day 1 Ch.026 First Shrine Visit Ch.027 Kyoto, Once More Ch.028 First Day of Work Ch.029 Opening Ceremony Ch.030 White Dove Ch.031 A Cozy Lunchtime Ch.032 Making the Rounds Ch.033 For A Cold... Ch.034 Kiyo-chan’s First Dish Ch.035 Pushing for the Goal Ch.036 Even Back Then, Even Now Ch.037 Suu-chan in High Spirits Ch.038 Bean Throwing Festival Ch.039 A Drink to Bring Out Your Best Ch.040 This One, Please Ch.041 Chocolate for Everyone Ch.042 Momohana Watches the House Ch.043 A Desperate Girl and Her Sister Ch.044 A Freezing Day Ch.047 Kiyo-chan’s Favorite Ch.048 What Suu-chan Wish For Ch.049 Everyone's Favorite Ch.050 Day-off Gyoza Ch.051 Suu-chan's Day off Ch.052 Suu-chan's Day off, Part 002 Ch.053 Times are Changing Ch.054 Speaking of that Day... Ch.055 New Apprentice Girl Ch.056 Blooming in an alleyway, its beauty unknown... Ch.057 How to address your nee-san Ch.058 Basket-carrying Face Ch.059 If I Were to Describe Her... Ch.060 Kiyo-chan's Cake Ch.061 Kiyo-chan's Cake, Part 2 Ch.062 Lucky and Unlucky Ch.063 A Familiar Sight Ch.064 The Apprentice's Hair Ch.065 Changing Seasons Ch.066 Good Medicine Ch.067 A Food I Can’t Recall Ch.068 Things I Don't Want to Forget Ch.069 Taste Like a Reward Ch.070 Backstage Memories Ch.071 Ch.072 Care Package Ch.073 Fly Ch.077 Feet-Washing at Home Ch.083 Premium XX Day Ch.084 To Mother Back Home Ch.085 A Longtime Nag Ch.086 When Preparing Dinner Ch.087 Midnight Happiness Ch.088 The Ideal Bowl Ch.089 Keeping the Same Face Ch.090 Delivery for Three Meals a Day Ch.091
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